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– Bye. Ooh, maybe not willy out. (chomp) Today on the Edgy Veg
I’m going to show you how to make a birthday cake for your dog. A pupcake? That’s more if it’s a cupcake. A birthday cake for your dog’s paw-ty. (laughter) (bright music) Yup, I’m one of those people. James and I decided to
throw a birthday party for our two rescues, Harley and Winston, because it’s the first
year that we had them. Obviously we don’t know when
their actual birthday is, but we just used the
anniversary of their adoption. So they are three this year. Roughly, according to the adoption agency. So this is a vegan, gluten
free, carrot and pumpkin cake. Because your dog, just like
our dogs, deserve the best. (laughter) It’s so over the top. Subscriber of the week this
week is Poppy Pictures. She left some really cute
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media, the links are in the description box below, and you could be subscriber of the week next week. For our dog birthday
party, I just ordered some make your own decorations
on Amazon, it was $20. I’ll leave a link in the
description box below. We got some streamers, and some tassels, and a happy birthday sign. And it, I don’t know,
it took me like an hour to put all of that together. And then we had cake for the dogs and we had a cake for the humans. The key to any great,
successful birthday party, especially a dog birthday party, is drinks for all of the humans. We made pink lemonade pupparitas,
they’re like margaritas, but we stuck pup in the beginning of it. Yup. We invited all of our
friends with dogs and friends without dogs but that love dogs. And it does help if you get
dogs that you already know are going to get along,
so there aren’t any fights at your birthday party,
because we don’t want any tears at this party. We also don’t want dogs
mauling each other. So, we kinda opted to have
dogs of all similar size. Except for our neighbor’s
dog, which is a huge English Mastiff named Penny,
she’s just super docile and loves smaller dogs. This dog birthday cake is
a pumpkin and carrot cake. Dogs actually have a hard
time digesting wheat. Once in a while it’s fine,
but I was a bit concerned about the other dogs
there and I didn’t know what everybody’s dietary
dog restrictions were. Or, dog dietary restrictions. How do I say that in a
way that doesn’t sound like we’re eating the dogs? Dog’s dietary restrictions. So, I opted for oat flour
and brown rice flour, so it’s completely gluten free and easy to digest on their tummy. And actually high in protein as well. The first step to our dog
cake is mixing together all of the dry ingredients. So, I’m using one cup of oat flour, one cup of brown rice flour, one and a half teaspoons of baking soda, one tablespoon of baking powder, and half a teaspoon of cinnamon. You’re gonna mix that all
together and set the bowl aside. In a stand mixer or a large bowl, we’re now going to add all
of our wet ingredients. I’m going to add two
tablespoons of flax seed mixed with six tablespoons of water. And I just let that sit on the counter for about five minutes. And then we are going
to add two tablespoons of either agave or maple syrup. I like to use a natural sugar here, we don’t want a bunch of
sugar in a cake for a dog. The maple syrup or agave
along with the sweetness of the carrot and the pumpkin
is enough sweetness for a dog. They’re not looking for
a human style cupcake. Along with two thirds of a cup
of shredded or grated carrot, which is about one carrot. And half a cup of pumpkin puree, half a cup of apple sauce, and half a cup of peanut butter. Now we’re gonna add half
a cup of almond milk, and we’ll mix that all together. Now that we have our wet
and our dry ingredients, we are slowly going to
add the dry ingredients to the wet ingredients, and mix it along the
way until it’s smooth. I’ve decided to make this a smaller cake, so I’m using a six inch cake pan. I’m going to grease that
with some vegan butter or coconut oil, it’s really up to you. And then, we are going to line
it with some parchment paper. The easiest way I found to line cake tins with parchment paper is
just to use the bottom of your spring form pan and
just use a Sharpie or a pen and just outline it. That way you can just cut it out and pop it in the bottom of your pan. And we’re gonna do the same thing with the side of the cake pan. Again, just take the cake
pan, measure the parchment around it, cut it to size,
and just fit into the pan. Now we’re going to take
our batter and scoop it into the pan and put
it into the oven at 350 for 60 to 80 minutes. Start checking it at 60
minutes with a toothpick or chopsticks if you have that. And if it comes out clean,
take it out of the oven. If it doesn’t, just keep
it in and monitor it in 10 minute intervals until
the toothpick comes out clean. We’re doing this slow and steady
because it is a gluten free cake and they do tend to
crumble and fall apart. But it’s for your dog,
so they don’t really care about the texture, do they? Unless you have a really,
really high end picky dog. Then, I can’t help you. Alright, while the cake is
cooking, we are going to whip up a coconut yogurt and
peanut butter frosting. In the bowl of your stand
mixer, or just a large bowl with a hand beater, we
are going to mix together one cup of coconut yogurt, half a cup of peanut butter. Again, I use natural,
unsweetened peanut butter, my dogs love it. As well as a quarter cup of corn starch, and this is what’s going to
make it look like an icing and kind of keep it firm
and keep it in place. Usually when you make a human
cake you use icing sugar for this, but again, we don’t
want the dogs eating sugar, so we’re going to use corn starch instead. Now just beat that together
until it’s soft and creamy and stick it into your
fridge until you’re ready to ice the cake. Then take the cake out of the oven and let it sit in the pan for 15 minutes. You can let it just cool
in the pan if you want, or after 10 to 15
minutes you can just take the spring form off the side
of the pan and just let it sit on a cooling rack until
it’s completely cooled. When your cake is completely
cooled, we can frost it. Now, you can do this one of two ways. You can just take the cake
as it is and frost the entire outside of the cake, or
you can get super fancy and cut it in half and
then frost the inside. I’m going to flip the cake upside down so it’s a bit straight along the top, and then just frost the entire thing. The more frosting the better,
dogs love this frosting. Alright, now you can just
serve the cake as it is. I’ve decided to put some
treats in the center at the top and some candles to celebrate
their third birthday, yay. But you can decorate it with
anything that’s dog friendly. I mean, if you’re as terrible
at decorating with icing as I am, you can just line
it with, I don’t know like milkbones or whatever treats
you’re giving your dogs. I found that just the simpler the better. They’re a dog at the end of
the day, they’re gonna eat it whether it’s pretty or
whether it’s ugly, who cares? Alright, there you have it, a birthday cake fit for your dog. Let’s see if they like it. ♪ Happy Birthday to you, ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear
Harley and Winston, ♪ ♪ Jack, and Penny, and all the dogs, ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you. ♪ – Will you sneeze on this cake? (cheers) (bright music) I think these guys had so much
fun at their birthday party. I think they loved their birthday cake, and I know that your dog’s
going to love it as well. What did you think, hmm? He never really has much to say. If you don’t know that
James and I are nuts and take things too far on a
regular basis, now you know. ‘Cause this extravagant
birthday party for our dogs, I guess it’s the first and
last time I’m going to do that. We got some pretty funny
looks from our friends about how over the top it was. Alright guys, I wanna know what kind of crazy stuff you do for your dog. Have you thrown your dog a birthday party? Do you buy it crazy outfits on Halloween? Do you buy it crazy outfits
just on a regular basis? I really wanna, you know, make sure that I’m not the only
crazy dog person out there. If you like this video and
you want more dog recipes, give this video a big thumbs up. If you are new here or you
haven’t subscribed yet, please do take the time to
hit that subscribe button, that way you get new videos in
your inbox every single week. And I hope that we see you very soon, bye. So nice to see you. She’s busy, she’ll say
bye in the next video.

100 thoughts on “Dog Friendly Birthday Cake Recipe | Vegan Dog Birthday Cake | Homemade Dog Treats | The Edgy Veg

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  3. I always have celebrated my dogs’ birthdays and have arranged birthday “pawties” for them as well lol once I started doing them and making cakes for my dogs all my friends and family ask me to make cakes for their dogs birthdays too ? don’t worry your not alone I even buy my dogs Christmas presents and make them thanksgiving feasts??

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  6. If you force your dog to eat vegan, you're abusing your animal and I think it's sick.
    Dogs omnivores and cats are carnivorous. It's the way they evolved. Don't kill your pets because you think they need to share your diet.

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    She has special Christmas collars, and a big green hoodie for cold weather. Because she does get cold outside in winter, but also because she looks like a giant pickle in it.

  10. NOTE TO ALL VIEWERS: do NOT replace the sugar with anything else, specifically sugar alcohols. As an industrial chemist who produces large scale sugar alcohols such as xylitol, sorbitol and erythritol any amount will KILL your dog. Don’t make the same mistake as many others have. Also beware when you’re walking down the street is there’s gum and your dog tries to eat it, because many of these guns contain sugar alcohols so as to not rot your teeth and it could kill the dog.

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  12. Why the hell would you rescue a DOG only to force them to go vegan?????? It's an unnatural diet for them! If you're not going to feed your pet it's natural meat diet, then rescue an actual vegan animal!!!!! You really should look at some videos & info on "house rabbits".

    Rabbits are just as affectionate & loving as dogs & just as needing of rescue & they would actually LOVE sharing your lifestyle with you! unlike a dog!

    The only time I ever fought with my rabbit was when I ate meat & he would sniff it & then stomp his feet at me & run off, only to run back a few minutes later & stomp & again DEMAND that I stop eating the meat. I literally on many occasions locked him in another room when I was eating meat to avoid his tantrums (or just eat in the kitchen, where he REFUSED to enter because of the apparent residual smell of meat in there – I couldn't smell it).

    On the other hand, if I was eating non-meat based foods, he'd be in my face demanding I share & trying to grab my plate off me, climbing on furniture to get up to my mouth to pull the food out of it for himself etc etc

    Please think about what pets are suitable for your lifestyle & choose the right one to start with, rather than trying to convert an unsuitable pet to your desires. Dogs befriended humans to HELP HUNT! They STILL have hunting dominated behaviours in everything they do. They're NOT vegan! Rabbits, guinea pigs etc ARE!

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  14. I've got a Harley too! She's going to be 14 this month so she and her brother will def be getting this cake ❤️

  15. I love this channel, but encouraging feeding your pets sugary cake so that you can have fun on their birthday is messed up. They don’t have control over what you feed them, so please be more responsible.

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