39 thoughts on “Dog Food Companies Locked in Lawsuit

  1. How dare you people let the dog food companies poision your dogs and get away with it, what are you waiting for money? How much is your life worth or your kids you greedy worthless fail of a human being.. i dont know whats worse the people that poisoned your dog or the owner that excepts money in return from the attackers. Eye for an eye tooth for tooth.

  2. Purina and Pedigree is shit. It gave my Chihuahua kidney stones. She's on antibiotics. If the antibiotics doesn't work. She might need surgery. The meat by products and corn and wheat meal are poison. I only buy Blue Buffalo wet dog food . It might cost more, but in the long run it's better for your pet.

  3. Purina is the worst, colours, gluten and wheat + other shit in it, made my dog ill, only after I looked at the ingredients did i realize , I switched after 6months, my dog is fine now on a raw food diet. DON'T FEED THIS POISON TO YOUR DOG!

  4. My Dad's friends 2 dogs died from Purina dog treats he bought from the dollar store and he didn't even know they were bad until after his 2 dogs died. He bought a bacteria kit online and dropped it on one of those dog treats and it went from purple to gold.

  5. This food the Purina dog food kill my dog 2 days ago a pomeranian dog and my second dog a doberman was vary sick because you fucking food.

  6. Gave my dog one blue buffalo treat, puked won't come a mile near it. Another blue buffalo one ended up getting my dog diarrhea I'm sticking to pedigree

  7. Here in Australia I think we have the same problems also don't buy any dog food that comes from China when I talk to dog owners all say the same thing a lot of dogs these days are dying of cancer I suspect it's what we feed them?

  8. Know what they are paying for? Crikey, 4 years later and they STILL DON'T KNOW!! They're both toxic garbage. 7 yr raw feeder here. I will NEVER feed or recommend any commercial PF

  9. We just switched to blue Buffalo grain free dog food and my dog is really sick . We where mixing little wet and a little dry ..now we will cook all his food .I think all dog food is Garbage.

  10. I didn’t have much experience with dog food so I got my puppy Pierina puppy chow it was a bad mistake he didn’t want to eat it all and as soon as we got him A good quality food he ate it all up and he is healthyer

  11. We tried Blue Buffalo… two different dogs. They both had non stop diarrhea when they ate it. I know it’s supposed to have better ingredients but I couldn’t have them projectile pooping all the time. Miserable for them and for me when they couldn’t make it outside in time (no fault of my dogs).

  12. Natural recipe, is it bad. Im trying to find healthy dog food… On a budget. Like im sure as hell not paying 40 dollars for 15 lbs.

  13. Blue buffalo has lead a couple of died from it. It was on Instagram
    And nothing is natural when it is in the kibble form they have to process it to make it that way think of it that way

  14. I feed Blue Buffalo Blue's Stew. Purina is trash. Don't make food at home. You won't be able to properly balance it.

  15. i buy this dog food brand that is in the fridge section. it's soft and looks like sausage bits. the only ingredients are vitamins and minerals, along with whole meat (no by products im sure) and veggies, and even chicken liver. its great. the only dog food my doggo will eat

  16. They're both the same then. Why not stick to healthy stuff and good business not just for profit bec it will bite u in the end big time!

  17. i support blue b. purina hates bcuz they are decent and making money. the big corps poison our pets and blame it on china

  18. Both are rubbish! Feeding pets commercial food is just like humans eating pre prepared meals that contains high lvl of salt, colouring, flavouring and etc. Raw food diet is the best take my advice like grain of salt and do your own research.

  19. Considering Purina has fatally poisoned thousands of dogs and cats with their food, causing violent seizures and the animal to vomit blood before collapsing, I would go with Blue Buffalo any day.

  20. I would probably try Blue Buffalo if they would price it for "what it's worth" . Not what they "think it's worth"!

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