Dog Fetching Ball From Underwater (Slow Motion)

Welcome back to Warped perception this episode
is taking me back at least 2 years to a video that I did of April drinking water in slow
motion the other day I was thinking about that video while watching April participate
in one of her favorite activities which is retrieving items from underwater she actually
goes all the way under water gets the item the ball or whatever you through brings it
back up and brings it to shore it’s pretty impressive but I always wondered how she was
able to find the item once she gets underwater is she using her sense of touch her sense
of smell her whiskers her eyes are her eyes open or closed these are things that I always
wondered look she’s going to do it wow good job April I thought it would be a good idea
to set that up and film it in slow motion to answer some of those questions so that’s
exactly what I’m going to do for this first set up I’m going to keep it simple I’m just
going to use this 20 gallon aquarium fill it with water and that’s going to be enough
to get her whole head inside which I think is the most important because that’s where
all of her senses are that she uses to find the ball under water I’m going to fill this
up let’s do it okay the aquarium is full this is about 12 in deep so I think it’s good enough
I left about an inch around the top I got the ball right here and this is the ball that
I’m going to use April’s ready are you ready April? let’s do it this is going to be test number
one I’m just going to drop the ball in the aquarium and see what April looks like catching
a ball under water in 4k slow motion good girl that was pretty cool you can see in the
high-speed footage how she just held her breath and went completely under the water to get
the ball and I don’t know if she used her whiskers or what to find the ball I think
that she cheated a little bit and she just did it visually she remembered where the ball
was from seeing it from the top of the water she’s already over there taking a break but
I’m going to set this up again this time I want to try to get her to come in from the
side so we can see a side profile as to what she’s doing then I’m going to move on to one
more set up that I have in mind ready April ready? Go get it oh that was good that was good that
was awesome April good job you’re going to got some extra bones for that one good job
that was awesome let’s take a look at that footage this is my last and final set up we got the
glass table in place with the aquarium right here fill it up with water
get a camera underneath and I’m going to have April jump up on top of this table go in the
tank get the ball and film it with the high speed camera that’s the idea I want to see
if we can get an angle where she’s coming towards the camera so we can see like inside
of her mouth I’m going to do the best I can you ready April? Go April get it get it get it oh she did it that looks pretty cool that last shot was a little bit fogged-up but I just shot it
that way anyway because I couldn’t move this into another production day that’s what it
looks like for April to fetch a toy underwater in slow motion and tell me what you think
share your opinion leave a comment hit that like button and if you’re not a subscriber
hit that subscribe button yeah that’s about it I don’t have anything else to say I have
to go remove a swarm of bees from my neighbor’s tree right now so yeah I got to go see you
next time.

65 thoughts on “Dog Fetching Ball From Underwater (Slow Motion)

  1. I've come to the conclusion that dogs are ridiculously aesthetically pleasing. Maybe it's just because they've been our friends for thousands of years? 03:12 and onward is soooo well filmed.

    EDIT: I only just now noticed that in the last clip from below, April has her nostrils closed! I didn't know they could do that! :O

  2. Looks like she shuts her eyes to avoid the splash of going under water but doesn't mind opening them slightly once under the water. I had a GSD once, great dogs!

  3. April's like "why does dad keep making me get my ball from under water, humans are weird but hey, I WANT MY BALL BACK"!!

  4. Awesome video! As always! Very cool footage! I always look forward to when u upload! Cause ik its gunna be a really gd video of something really cool lol!???? its also super cute how excited your daughter got lol! ?

  5. Exceptional. Every part of it! Such a beautiful dog and the choice of music!. YouTube should have a love button instead of just like

  6. In all shot, especially 2nd one, the dog stopped exactly just to bite the item without touching the glass at all. To me that distance coordination is the amazing part

  7. Wow very creative, and excellent footage!!!! Wish I would have the possibilities with such a camera….

  8. Oh we humans are so simple in that dogs eyes, but she is so just gooodmeaning that she does what you ask, pure to see you glad with her. Oh the dog is the most loving from all living species, far above us

  9. That was most excellent! The side shot with her looking at the camera with a layer of water on her head was awesome. Of course anytime you have April the dog as part of your cast that's always a big bonus. Gotta love them dogs!

  10. The aquatic abilities of dogs are very underappreciated. Most dogs are innately better than most people at swimming, even dogs raised in captivity.

  11. Hahah that looked really cute!?
    That music made it even better lol. You, your daughter and your dog are awesome, keep it up!???

  12. Beautiful shots sir!! Would love to see another posted vid of longer shots of April coming out of the water.

  13. Brilliant video, and incredible footage, she is worth her weight in scooby snacks. lol. I would like to see how you collect the Bees. Bees always make great footage too.

  14. Fue un buen vídeo, me gusto mucho el movimiento de la cámara en cámara lenta… Te dejo mi like a tu vídeo 🙂

  15. I don’t know why but I was expecting to see a lot of exhale bubbles through her nose and mouth while she was under water!!! I was surprised to see virtually no bubbles at all??? “BTW” I can’t speak for anyone else, but I LOVE it when you Include April in your videos!!! (Give her a pat on the head for me will ya???)?????

  16. For the underneath shots – Maybe try putting your fish tank ontop of a patch of water, the layer between the glass table and tank will help with clarity! Great video otherwise!

  17. I just watched the way the bubbles interacted with the ball on the first toss, and how amazingly quickly the trail of bubbles disappeared when it hit the bottom of the tank. That was just amazing to see, especiallyon Youtube 0.25x

  18. Fascinating work, you two! Still not quite sure what senses April's using to get exactly to the right place and right depth. Probably a combination of memory and "mouth sense" I'd guess. Really cool imagery!

  19. My dog digs up tennis balls, cans a, and anything else he can find in the lake. He will walk in water up to his shoulders and dig stuff up when he finds something he puts his head under water and picks it up with his mouth.
    It’s crazy to watch

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