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Hey everyone it’s time from Gilligames,
and I just want to talk about the new feature that I’ve been working on for
the last couple of weeks. There’s a new dog that roams wild on the island but if
you catch up to him you can give him some food and start petting him and he
will become loyal to you to do some useful things for you on the island. So
I’m gonna show you how that works. As you’re walking around on the island you will eventually see the dog just running around wildly on its own. It will stop
and bark at you. So what you need to do is take that opportunity to catch up to
him and drop some food on its box here. And what that will do is increase his
loyalty a little bit and the first box at the top will unlock – it will light up
to show that now you can pet the dog. And all of the other boxes below that are
still disabled and greyed out until you get enough loyalty to unlock them. So the
first thing you need to do after feeding the dog is touch the button to pet him,
and then it goes to this petting mode where all you do is just simply rub your
finger on the dog to pet him, and you can see the loyalty increasing as you do
that. And you just do that until it’s high enough. Usually you want to go all
the way to maximum loyalty and then touch the X button to get out of this.
And now you can see all of the other buttons are lit up and available. The
next one that you can do is have the dog follow you around and then after that
you can tell him to stay, which is useful if you want him to stay at your
camp that maybe you have food on the ground. The dog won’t eat the food unless you give it to him so he’ll guard your food from boars that might be wandering in
because if boars are nearby the dog he will bark at him and scare ’em away. And
then finally the last thing here is tell him to go fetch sticks, and he will go
search the whole island for sticks and bring them back to wherever you are. So
even if you’re not near your camp he will bring you the sticks,
so you have to pick them up otherwise they’ll just be left on the ground. He
will not pick up sticks that are already at your camp so you don’t have to worry
about him doing that. So take your sticks that he brings to you, bring them back to
the camp drop them off next to your campfire and they will stay there. So I
hope you guys enjoy this new addition to the game. It’s absolutely free –
everybody gets it, so enjoy! I’ll see you guys next time.

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