Dog Ears – The Best Way to Clean and Remove Hair

hi it's Erica in this video I will demonstrate how to pluck the ear hair in your dog's ears and show you how to clean them a healthy ear should be light pink and have no odor I recommend checking your dog's ears frequently and cleaning them monthly what you will need ear cleaner specifically for dog caught involved and if you're plucking ear powder to grip the dead hair and hemostat if you're finding it difficult to pluck the hair with just your fingers first we are going to pluck the ears not all dogs have ear hair dog hair are usually the ones that need their ears this is to remove the dead hair that is inside their ears which can eventually cause every dog is different so ask your vet what they recommend look inside your dog's ear separate the hair on the outside of the ear canal from the hair that is inside to hear now sprinkle some ear powder inside the ear on the dead hair this will absorb some of the wax and makes it easier to grip the hair just using my fingers I grab small sections of the dead hair and pull it out this hair is dead so it will not hurt the dog and should come out easily continue to pluck the hair in small sections at a time until the ear canal is clear from any hair we are now going to clean the ear put ear cleaner on a cotton ball you don't want the cotton ball drenched with the solution but what enough to remove any wax buildup wipe your cotton balls on the outer part of the dog's beard not too much pressure just enough to wipe and get the gunk off also do not go too deep into the ear canal because this can damage the ear I finished by wiping out the dog's ear with a dry cotton ball if you found that the ear looked red or there was an odor or lots of build-up deep within thick hair make an appointment with your vet these can be signs of an infection I hope you found the stock ear cleaning video helpful please comment below if you have any questions and subscribe to our pretty pets channel to stay up to date on our latest video

20 thoughts on “Dog Ears – The Best Way to Clean and Remove Hair

  1. I was grooming a dog today but the ears were plugged full and matted down into tje ear drum one a ball of fur and ear wax. Any suggestions for removal? It was so impacted a hemostat wouldnt work.

  2. Hi Prixi Pets, there isn't any stock Ear Powder in Amazon. Can you give me more information about this product? Made in .. ? Do it has its own original website?

  3. I suggest using ant oil in afterwards as long the are no oils or any tears in skin as a puppy (or adult) so that after 5 months they don't grow hair

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