Dog Demands Attention and Won’t Let Dad and Mom Workout!

Bailey won’t let dad and mom workout!

100 thoughts on “Dog Demands Attention and Won’t Let Dad and Mom Workout!

  1. Bailey's like, "UM EXCUSE ME…AS LONG AS YOU'RE ON THE FLOOR, LET ME PLAY WITH YOU." "Please? Oh please let join you."

  2. Bailey gets first place in the world as world's most funniest and cuttest dog …love u cutiee bailey baby??????lots of love from India

  3. Well I can see your flexibility…. She is very strong at arms.. But weak at pelvic… Hehehe… In between I love you Bailey

  4. You are very beautiful Bailey……… Your dad and mom are so Lucky bz of you ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️????I love you baiely

  5. Pobresito perrito, sólo quería que lo apapacharan un poquito no más. Jejeje.
    Muy buen video. Bendiciones ????

  6. Sólo me la pasé riendo con Bailey. Verlos es muy divertido. Se nos olvidan las tristezas. Sus vídeos son pequeñas cápsulas de ánimo

  7. That was a fun video! Bailey is undoubtedly hog all the attention ?
    It's also crystal clear he's totally a daddy's boy but loves mom too…

  8. Hahaha, sorry laugh to hard enjoyed watching Bailey so much, I forgot I hard boiled eggs cooking, now it's called hard burned eggs lol, I love you Bailey.

  9. I saw this video this morning and I am still laughing at Bailey antics so adorable bless him he doing a new kind of exercises

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