DOG DAYS | Official Teaser

what is it about dogs that brings us so much joy Oh see the ridiculous joining a party for my dog no I went to a doggie wedding last weekend and it was like surprisingly emotional maybe it's because dogs are the most adorable creatures in the planet looks so angry and happy at the same time listen to me baby that's all I think whatever it is dogs mean the world to us I wanna help you find your dog catch it you look absolutely beautiful today every spot that you sniff on this entire wall is the same thing just dogs open their hearts to us to love and to be loved and I find that beautiful let me buy you dinner first

22 thoughts on “DOG DAYS | Official Teaser

  1. Don't know and don't care who this finn yall are talking about is, but it's about dogs and has a jackson 5 song so I want to watch it

  2. Everyone is talking about Finn when Gabriella from high school musical two is in the movie?! Excuse me High School Musical is way better than Stranger Things

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