Dog Days of Summer | How to PCS Your Pets

Hi I’m Lieutenant General Mike Dana, deputy
commandant for installations and logistics. I understand that dogs are
a part of the Marine family. Like Molly here. We know PCSing dogs overseas can
be rough, but it doesn’t have to be. Here’s a few things you should know. Pet space is limited, so call your
transportation office as soon as possible. Yeah I’ll hold. Owners are responsible for getting all required
documentation immunizations and DOD forms. I needed that! Pets can get stressed, so make sure
that they exercise before the flight and make sure the kennel fits. Stub nose pets are at risk during
travel, so see a vet before you go. Hi Chesty I know you’re booked a flight to
Hawaii, but the commandant needs you here. Please check the PCs website for details.

14 thoughts on “Dog Days of Summer | How to PCS Your Pets

  1. You make really good videos keep up the good work/I love watching these videos I’m going to be a marine so time for me to learn

  2. Oh I just loved this video. I know it was meant to remind our great U.S. Marines working with dogs, but in all it was a very nice video to add to the middle of the day!! ??❤?

  3. Our Belgian Malnois is Kabar "the Destroyer". I have finally learned not to leave out remote controllers-blue tooth headphones-go fasters-work boots-New Balance sandals-and Costco rotisserie chicken within reach! Semper Fi!

  4. Chesty XIV has better bearing than me. I'm not sure how to feel about this.,
    (Or was that chesty [XIIV]? (I would be totally okay with that.))

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