24 thoughts on “DOG DATA – SIBERIAN HUSKY

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  2. Just a warning to those getting a husky and plan on keeping it within a fence at all times. My relatives had bought a husky puppy and when it got bigger they kept it within the backyard fence. She tried to escape by digging under the fence like this video mentioned is common behavior and she got stuck underneath. They weren't supervising her properly so she didn't make it. If you get a husky or any dog and plan to fence it in, make sure to check on them frequently

  3. Do a video on Alaskan Malamutes.
    My Husky is a amazing guard dog. I had him trained it was hard but he keeps me safe along with my German Shepherd and Alaskan Malamute keep me safe to. Plus i got my Husky and Alaskan Malamute cheap since i live in Alaska my German Shepherd was a bit costly.

  4. I have a 6 month old bitch that fell into my lap a couple of months ago.

    People, listen. I know this is a popular breed and so beautiful you could melt into a puddle. They are compassionate for the sad or hurt and friendly and all that… BUT

    This breed is a MAJOR undertaking. I have had a lot of dogs. Pure and mutt. Very large to very small. Einstein to Spicolli.

    This breed is Dr. Evil and Austin Powers. And while it's constant entertainment because WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? It is relentless. If you give up or give this dog an inch, you lose. And you lose more than the little battle you just had. Stubborn and UNAFRAID to make their disapproval known – whether it's mouthing off or mouthing off while making an attempt on you or your kids…. you can't give them ONE INCH. Not only can they run for miles but they will run OVER YOU for miles.

    If you have a job… Lol
    This dog IS A JOB. I'm a SAHM and at least 1/3 of my day is spent on this dog. I am hell bent to get a bad ass dog out of this. It's one or the other. There are no "okay Huskies". There are either good soldiers or brutal commanders.

    This is the most intelligent and capable dog I have ever had and while I know I will get a good dog out of her, it is WAY more work and supervision than most people can anticipate, accommodate or even have patience and will power to manage. No shit. Lol

    But long live Princess Edie, Duchess of Aston! May her eye liner never run! ?

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