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hi Phyllis here from southern frugal comm I wanted to do a little video concerning the Clippers to tell you what kind works the best and where they can be bought and how to care for them so I'm going to turn the camera down now and show you what comes with the Clippers I use wall Clippers and this is the ProSeries rechargeable and you can get these at Walmart now if the price now is forty nine ninety seven and when I bought these they were thirty nine probably $39.99 but anyway of course the price has gone up a little bit they are rechargeable and we still have the same batteries in it that were in it originally now in the kit you will get a charger right here and you get a little brush for cleaning the blades and a little blade cover for when you're storing them you want to clip that on so that the blades don't get damaged you'll get a pair of scissors the comb and these guard blades you know these are used more for my poodles but if you've got some other kind of dog like a Yorkie or or even a cocker spaniel they have to be trimmed just not as often as Tootles do so you might find these different sizes useful now the one that I use when I'm cutting my husband's hair is usually this one which is a purple one and then this one just around the bottom edge and back of his neck and I use a little smaller one now the Clipper blades will come right off and the way you do that is just take a hold of them and just pull them like that and they come off and see these have got a lot of hair there and so I'm just going to clean that off a little bit and then because I use the same Clippers on my husband's hair and now all three poodles because when I first got these we just had one poodle now we've got three so the other thing that you'll need is just regular rubbing alcohol and we'll pour that into a little dish and just put my clipper blades down in it and kind of move them around a little bit and just so juicing Exilim and kind of clean some of the old oil and some of the hair out of them then I'm going to make sure that I drive thoroughly now you do not want to put your clipper blade in any kind of water because that'll cause them to rust but this alcohol will dry pretty quick right and you'll want to look inside here and get any hair it's accumulated in there out see some got in there so you want to just clean that out and now I'm going to put my clipper blades back on just hook it in that little slot there and then they just clip right back on there so try a little bit and we'll put them back down in this alcohol solution just barely touching the alcohol and just turn it on just make sure it's thoroughly cleaned now this comes with the Clippers and it's the bristles are kind of really thicker bristles I use an old toothbrush which has got much finer little bristles on it and just do this and while you're trimming your dog you'll want to frequently clean these out and it will make your blades last a lot longer now just like a lot of other things it actually is cheaper to just buy a new clipper that it is to buy clipper blade so you want to take care of the blades if you have to reorder the blades they're going to probably cost you about twenty-five dollars so you want to really take care of your blades now I get this machine oil it's singer machine oil and you can get that also at Walmart or I guess you can I don't know it's been a long time this bottles still probably half full so the oil also works as a a cleaning agent for the blade so what you do is just put you a couple of drops in there running across the blades turn it on get that oil distributed in the blades and then wipe off the excess oil okay now my Clippers ready to go again it I'm going to store it by clipping on the blade guard and that's the way you store it and then when you get it in the box it comes with this little foam rubber thing and I used to just go ahead and wrap it up in that again and store it in my little box now you're going to get these scissors and they are good scissors for cutting hair just don't use them for cutting paper ever and they'll last a very long time of course you get the little comb too and so the only thing extra that you'll need is rubbing alcohol an old toothbrush with fine bristles now you don't want the kind that's got all that rubbery stuff in it just one with fine Bristol Bristol Bristol's bristles and even a a little child's toothbrush would probably work pretty good and the other thing is the singer machine oil now this pack is going to come with a little itty-bitty thing of oil and I can tell you it's not near enough because the Clippers are going to way outlast the oil so you want to go ahead and just get you a bottle of this machine oil and don't just use any kind of oil you need to use machine oil and your clipper blades will last a very very long time now when you're trimming your your dog and especially if your you'll be trimming a poodle these clipper blades get very hot and like I can usually trim maybe to two feet before they get hot and are really warm so what you want to do while you're trimming is just touch them on your arm and see if they feel hot to your skin because you don't want I mean they get hot enough to actually burn the dog so you don't want to you know be running them so long that the blades get hot so just take it and put it on you and see if they feel hot if they do I'll help we'll just tell you what I do I just clip the blade off take it off wrap it in a paper towel and put it in the bottom of the refrigerator for about 10 minutes and it pulls it right off so there you go they just clip right off and now we have the original batteries are still in this clipper and I don't ever run it till it runs all the way down I just you know keep it recharged now it will operate by plugging it in and plugg it into the wall even if your batteries were dead it will still work by plugging it into the wall maybe you probably have to have an extension cord but it'll still work so when you're looking at clipper blades check these out first now another brand is oscar I believe OS ter and I think even a Walmart they've got a Clippers that are are still $39 but they're not like this and you want one that is rechargeable and it's so convenient when you're trimming the dogs to be able to use it like so and when you're trimming hair like when I'm training my husband's hair I've always got a guard on it usually like that and when I'm trimming around his ears or in the back you know I also make sure the blades are hot now when you're trimming your dog and you have got a guard on the blade you don't have to worry so much about them being hot because see that the blade is never going to come in contact with the dog but when you're trimming like the face the feed and around the tail you want to make sure that they don't get hot okay so I hope this will help and your your clippers even paying forty nine ninety seven form at Walmart are going to last a very long time and if you do two haircuts you will have paid for the Clippers and of course to pay for getting dogs grand is I think the cheapest I have found is like thirty nine dollars excuse me thirty eight dollars and that's just to trim them so if you do this yourself you can just save a ton of money so anyway that's it for the wall Clippers and I will see you next time with some more money-saving ideas so see you next time

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  1. Thank you so much for pointing that out about the cleaning the oiling and how hot they get and how to cool them down. You were very clear in your explanation and i love that you told us how to make them last longer and how replacing the blades are more expensive than buying a brand new clipper. Is there no way to seperate the blade from the head because i sharpen my own everything from scisdors to pencil sharpeners to mower blades to clipper blades. Its super easy get a stone a wet stone i got one it is only two or three bucks and lasts forever it is a rectangular shape and is dark gray i squeeze liquid wrench ( a light machine oil) on the stone and whatever edge i am sharpening depending, sometimes i just use water then oil. If i use water i ALWAYS rinse with rubbing alcohol to evaporate any water i might miss and then oil and wipe i always rinse my stone or wash it after sharpening because face it you have fine metal shavings dead skin cells mites of any kind debris that could carry bacteria and you dont want to spread any germs yukky. Thank you for posting i love that you are practical and take good care of your things we also use our clippers on the boys and our family dog after sanitizing well of maybe….maybe not…?

  2. Interesting. Rubbing alcohol instead of the specialty cleaner. Good call. The oil too. I never have luck with batteries so reluctant to buy rechargeable. I'm am looking into buying a $200.00 Clipper plus and extra blade plus guards and tax so close to $300.00. The brand I like is Andis. Of course I'm thinking of going cheap. They say the cheap ones don't last. So haven't decided. Groomers here in Canada are charing me $60 so five DIY cuts by me pays for it.

  3. Phyllis, you are just sweet as you can be! Thanks for taking the time to share this info with us. Where you from? Sounds like Tennessee or Alabama to me. My husband was from Cullman Alabama and his folks were from Paris, Tennessee. Your accent is just darling. I could listen to this video all day! God bless you, darlin, and thanks again!

  4. Hi Phyllis thanks for the Video – We weren't aware the blade came off so easily and managed to get a lot of hair out. Thanks

  5. thanks a lot, that was very helpful and nice of you to do something like this. i will definitely purchase one of those clippers.

  6. You are such a cute lady!!! I have a miniature schnauzer and she is 5 months and even tho the groomer charged me $30 I still want to learn how to do it myself. Thank You for the awesome video.???

  7. i am a barber and alcohol do not do anything as far as disinfecting. If you was to go the cheap route, go to the dollar store and get some disinfectant spay. Alcohol also dries out your blades.

  8. Thank you, Phyllis. I found this so helpful (especially after fighting with changing blades of the Andis AGC). I'm going back to my Wahl. BTW, the going rate for a pet quality dog groom in Northern Virginia is $65. The Wahl clippers paying for themselves is an understatement.

  9. Thank you Phyllis for the very informative, easy to understand and perfectly detailed video! I just purchased clippers for my Cocker Spaniel and wanted to see a demonstration before taking on the task of clipping my dog. She doesn't particularly like going to the groomer and I thought, why not learn to trim her myself. It was a very easy process and the trim is a 6.5 out of 10. Which is pretty good for my first time. I will only get better. She actually slept as I trimmed her, with the clippers. I take this as  a great compliment to my 'trimming skills'. 🙂 Thanks again for the video. I look forward to watching some of your recipe videos! …and of course, I gave you a thumbs up!

  10. Hi phyllis,  how long would you need to recharge the clippers for?   thanks for an informative video.  –  dennis

  11. Hi Phyllis, this was really helpful for me. I don't have much money but i love my dog. thanks for your good advice.

  12. Hi memyres,
    If you're referring to the Wahl lithium-Ion which has a silver top then I can say that's the more expensive model but I would choose that one because the charge will last through trimming the dog and futher without recharging.
    I've recently bought this type from Amazon and I can actually trim two of my poodles without recharging. I still have my old clippers and they work fine but the charge doesn't last as long.. Hope this answers your question. Phyllis

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