Dog Brings People To Where His Grandma Collapsed To Save Her Life | Kritter Klub

A dog with a sad face.. Vroom- What’s this sound? Runs like an arrow to that place.. Police..? Ddoong, how are you? I’m good! You got some snacks for me? By the way, could you check something for me, please? I haven’t seen my grandma for days.. I don’t know what happened.. What’s going on..? Police : (A week ago) We were dispatched after hearing that a grandma collapsed at 8:40 am The rescued grandma is Ddoong’s grandma After the grandma was hospitalized Ddoong is home alone.. Where’s my grandma..? Grandma’s relative: The grandma’s daughter called. She said, ‘Aunt, aunt~ Visit the house.’ So I went wearing light clothes to the house, but grandma wasn’t there Upon going to the bottom of the mountain, Ddoong climbed on top of me PD: As soon as she saw auntie? Yes! As if asking to follow her Ddoong roamed the village Policeman: Because the grandma and Ddoong were together 24/7 The locals knew that where Ddoong goes, grandma would be as well Policeman: This is where the grandma threw up What’s left of that day Also.. Policeman: Ddoong was sitting on this side. I found grandma behind the thornbush.. She had her head this way, and was lying down like this Grandma and Ddoong were on their walk as usual Grandma fainted, and couldn’t get up.. Ddoong went down to the village immediately And let people know of the grandma’s location. Policeman: Thanks to Ddoong’s guidance, we were able to find grandma quickly.. And rescue her safely. Local: Ddoong saved her.. Local2: If it wasn’t for Ddoong I would’ve wondered where grandma went.. And looked somewhere else Policeman: Ddoong tried to ride the police car, but we wouldn’t let her And Ddoong who’s left alone.. Waits for grandma without notice.. I wonder if she’s fine by now.. Hope she comes back soon.. Ddoong followed grandma, day and night.. Knows nothing else.. Her grandma is all she has Local1: Her husband.. Passed away from a car accident.. Grandma would remove the lice.. and groom him.. Grandma was like that.. Vroom- Huh? Is grandma coming back? Did grandma swing by.. Oh, it’s not her.. Local3: When a car enters the village, she always checks it out Ddoong walks In front of town hall, where they spent time together Under the shade of the tree where they sat together And.. The road last walked with grandma.. Ddoong is filled with longing for her grandma I believe that she’ll be back soon..! Grandma’s family: Grandma was responsive on the third day, but hasn’t been since Ddoong waits for grandma, today as well… Even if it rains.. As always.. One day, she will walk to that way and hug me again with smile.. Policeman: She’ll recover, and return soon.. Cheer up! PD: Is this what Ddoong’s grandma wore? Grandma’s relative: Yes, I gave it I smell my grandma!! Eek- truly heartbreaking Smelling grandma’s scent in a long time… Grandma’s relative: I should take care of Ddoong.. Ddoong, your grandma will come back to find you Don’t worry, she will be fine, and you will be fine too 🙂

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