Dog Born With No Legs Has One Hope For Walking | Animal In Crisis EP39

What’s his name? His name is Earllook The youngest cutie pie Earllook Bobae who has a good appetite Curious Baekho And the last one is.. Hello, This is Jjomaeng! At that moment Jjomaeng looks uncomfortable somehow His four legs are not seen.. Approaches his owner while moving his whole body This is how his legs are like Only part of his legs are left 2 days after his birth, The dead skin on his legs were shedding Jjomaeng was born without legs Since their mom left them His younger brother, Earllook, looks after Jjomaeng instead Neighbor : When they were born, I cried because I felt sorry for him PD : But they have grown up so well Neighbor : The owner lady has been taking care of him more than her children She loves him so much That’s why she could raise him until now. Not everyone can raise him like this The owner lays a mat on the floor And puts Jjomaeng on it Owner : He barely moves He just sleeps mostly I lay the mat on the floor so he can exercise on it Jjomaeng, come here Jjomaeng needs to try his best To walk, even though it takes only a few steps Owner : Come here~ Good boy! The physical disability that he suffers from Doesn’t change his adorable and bubbly personality PD : Does he need to exercise? / Owner : Yes Because it helps him digest food easily The lady is grateful for his existence In the afternoon Dogs in this house are full of happiness But To Jjomaeng, they are a bit wild Jjomaeng doesn’t like you because you are like this~ The brother Earllook who was watching them Scolds the dogs who were being harsh on Jjomaeng And checks if his brother is okay Eventually, the dogs are sent outside Jjomaeng is left alone As Earllook and the lady is out of his sight Jjomaeng’s getting anxious He ends up peeing on the floor He can neither go out nor go back For Jjomaeng, the world out there is too high like a tall wall Owner : Oops, you wet yourself? Your hair is all wet Did you cry? Why cry? Earllook licks Jjomaeng’s wet hair Earllook takes good care of him He’s cleaning up Jjomaeng’s hair Jjomaeng relies on him too Good boy~ Did you clean up your brother? Earllook never leaves his brother’s side Protecting his brother who’s smaller than him The owner always takes Jjomaeng with her Whenever she goes out for work The corner of a field is Jjomaeng’s private seat In an open space like a field Jjomaeng gets excited Even runs around the field Owner : At home, it’s hard for him to go out because of the threshold Once he goes out, he strolls around pretty well Yeah, sometimes he even crawls to the front door A distance from Jjomaeng Dogs are playing Jjomaeng tries to crawl to them But it takes too much energy for him to reach them I guess he wants to play with them She feels sorry for leaving him alone She has no choice but to go back to work Owner : Where’s Jjomaeng? He’s gone Jjomaeng~ Jjomaeng went missing He usually crawls around here He’s not here As Jjomaeng can’t bark We’ll be in big trouble if we can’t find him Owner : Omg, I found him / PD : Where? You little doggo Can you see dogs over there? PD : Where? / Owner : Over there Found the dogs over the wall Jjomaeng wants to go over there That’s why he keeps going out That’s why I need to keep my eyes on him You surprised me The owner and the dogs are going back home Although he was born without 4 legs He wants to go out and explore the world Is there any way to help him with that? Jjomaeng and his family visit the hospital Vet : I’ve been a vet for 20 years, and I haven’t seen any case like this Dogs with such condition pass away in most cases As they can’t adapt to nature But thanks to the owner’s good care, he could survive until now How’s his health..? Except for his legs, he’s healthier than the average dog Thankfully, Jjomaeng is in good health Owner : I’m so grateful. I’m so happy So grateful that he’s in good health We gotta raise him healthily just like now Another good news! A wheelchair for Jjomaeng is made It wasn’t easy to design a wheelchair for Jjomaeng who doesn’t have all 4 legs Owner : Thanks to everyone who cheers him on He’ll be able to play with dogs in the front yard I felt bad when seeing him left alone whenever he’s out His dream is to run around like other dogs Can his wish come true? The owner shed tears Jjomaeng looking at his owner crying Carefully takes his first step There you go~ He’s not used to it yet But he tries to walk on his own Opens a new world to Jjomaeng Owner : I’m crying out of joy She must have been waiting for this moment for a long time Owner : Are you happy, Jjomaeng? Now you can hang around with Earllook Jjomaeng looks happy The animal protection organization visits him upon hearing the news Installs an access road for his wheelchair And a cushy rest area for Jjomaeng who usually crawls Unties the string to open the entrance There you go, get on it~ This is your pillow As he gets attention from everyone.. He says, stay away from it Earllook took it Earllook is being jelly Earllook, you said you won’t be like this hahaha Just watching them makes the family happy It’s still awkward for Jjomaeng To walk on his own But he will soon be able to walk with his younger brother I will teach him how to ride a wheelchair with all my heart Live happily with your family forever

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  1. سبحان الله له في ذلك حكم ربنا يشفي كل إنسان وكل حيوان كل. روح على وجه الأرض الحمد الله على النعم

  2. Q weno q en el mundo querramos a los perros;las personas q pasen similar cosa no sacrifiquen a sus animales y aprendan a darle opurtunidad a vivir a un perro .saludos

  3. Какие добрые и заботливые люди. А вот мамаша полной сукой оказалась, бросить детей?!(

  4. muito bonita a atitude e amor pelo cachorro com defisiencia,sou grato com pessoas que tem bom coracaocom esses peludos.

  5. Thank you kritter klub for your kindness to help dog who are suffering,you are truly GOD send in this world to save innocent dog who are really piti and they need your help….GOD BLESS YOU ALL who are saving animals life… In

  6. He was also crying when owner was Crying. It Made Me to broken down.. ?.. He Was Really understanding that its for him n understanding feelings of them for him.. Wow.. Most Beautiful ❤️❤️

  7. Its kinda cute and sad at the same time see it trying to walk. Is so frustating see on its face how much it just want to run away with the other dogs but be not able to do anything. But my heart gets warmer to see its in good hands

  8. Здоровья и счастья этим святым людям!!!
    Здоровья всем песикам!!!!
    Спасибо , что есть такие люди!!!

  9. J’èspère qu’un jour tu retrouver le pouvoir de marcher guéri vite force a toi mon pote ❤️❤️❤️???????

  10. Спасибо, что есть такие добрые люди, любящие всем сердцем своих питомцев !!!! Успехов Вам!!!!

  11. Grest peuple,vous êtes beaux, nobles Japonais pour tout ce vous faites pour nos petits amis canisse,nos petits amis du ciel,nos Trésors divin,retrouvez toutes vos vrais liens céleste,je vous admire,je vous loue pour tout cela,vous me faites pleuré avec vous,je vous en veux,et vous vénère de me faire pleurer de bonheur merveilleux,pour nos tendre amis,les canisses, chiens,chats,oiseaux. Tendre justice divine,et dure sections divine pour le péché.

  12. Maybe Earl can push him along with his nose when they play with other dogs so he can go the same speed as those who run!

  13. Дай Бог здоровья и благополучая добрым людям со светом в душе и любовью в сердце, а так-же спокойной жизни этим маленьким братишкам- песикам, я ввосхищении от заботы песика о своем братце !!!!! И как-же здоровый песик был удивлен , рассматривая приспособление помогающее его братику.Благородные люди всегда помогут нуждающимся, и людям и животным, неважно , что сами они простые труженники, работают в поле , устают , но от заботы о беспомощных не отказались .Низкий поклон им .

  14. Que história linda e que donos carinhosos com esse bebezinho lindo, todos os animais merecem ser tratados com muito amor e carinho. Me emocionei muito.

  15. Какие хорошие люди , собачке очень повезло , что у него такие хозяева . Желаю счастья им всем!

  16. Какие же прекрасные люди есть спасибо вам огромное здоровье вам и счастья и удачи


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