Dog blamed for pet attacks hit, killed by car, woman says

an update now to a neighborhood safety alert about dog attacks in the San Marco and Lakeland neighborhoods we first told you last Thursday that two dogs you see in the picture here are blamed for killing more than 20 small pets news for Jax has learned one of those dogs died this past weekend after it returned to the location of its last reported kill this rejection reporter Erica Vanier joining us to explain what happened Eric well joy we're on st. Augustine wrote where one of those dogs was killed now a pet owner whom a week ago found out that her cat was killed or shot a saint mauled to death in her front yard went after both of those dogs with a baseball bat two nights ago when those dogs returned to her property it was at that time she says they were trying to corner her second cat that had just escaped the house she chased those dogs right out here on to st. Augustine Road where one of the dogs was run over and killed by an oncoming car when we last spoke to Cynthia Carter Ross on Thursday she was showing us the spot on her front yard where two loose dogs fatally mauled her cat on June 16th it was wet and muddy because they drug him through the ditch and he was pretty much it is rated but this past weekend she took matters into her own hands when the same two dogs came back to her yard and tried to corner her other cat that snuck out the house I grabbed my bat that's in there by the door and took off after him with a bat in one hand and a cell phone in the other she snapped pics of the dogs while in pursuit by the time she got to st. Augustine Road the bigger one had been hit I was laying in the road I guess maybe the person that hit them saw me with my bat thought I was crazy or something and they love prior to the dogs being chased with a baseball bat they were identified by many pet owners in San Marco and Lakewood is the same two dogs that killed more than 20 house cats and chickens that were attacked in their own yard they were also identified as the same two dogs that acted aggressive toward people walking small dogs for several days Animal Control had a cage in place to trap the dogs but the canine duo were too elusive to take the bait and there were residents who worried the dogs will go after small unsuspecting children fortunately no child was ever harmed now that the larger of the two dogs is dead many neighbors around here are wondering if that smaller dog that got away is now less likely to attack again reporting live in Lakewood Erica Vanier channel 4 the local station

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