31 thoughts on “Dog being eaten alive by maggots is saved by heroes

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  2. i saw a video where a man stamped on a beautiful puppy and paralysed it anyway you just know his doggy pal is going to look after this one

  3. СПАСИБО!!! ОЙ,бедный,бедный лапулька!!!????????????????????????????✊?✌??????Счастье и здоровье тебе!!!

  4. As belas coisas não estão nas palavras e sim nos gestos, no amor que dedicamos aqueles que precisam de nós ❤? é o vídeo mais lindo que já assisti ?

  5. Lucky Dickens is adopted by the kind hearted couples and is now living like a prince ! Blessings to them all and great thanks to all the rescuers who had helped Dickens a lot !

  6. Wow this was beautiful. I cryed in the begining, thank you so much for giving this dog a second chance to live. Great story. Precious dog????????

  7. Being a human means you need to behave like human.plz call the animal rescue you ever know so that a suffering animal in between the crowd of human ignorance won't suffer for her hlife

  8. Two middle fingers to all haters. Why are you even here if you hate it so much? May you all be reborn as abused animals in your next life – which you don't even deserve.

  9. I 100% believe that people who inflict this horrible cruelty on animals will pay for it either in this life of the next; "what goes around comes around" is a Law.

    BTW, maggots, as disgusting as they look, actually do the animal a favor, for they only eat neurotic (dead) tissue. Thus, they clean up the wound. They eat no live, healthy, tissue.

  10. There is a special hell for people who can abuse anyone vulnerable. That includes animals. Karma is a b…..& will bite when least expected

  11. Danke für die Rettung. So hat er noch ein schönes Leben darf erfahren was liebe ist .Alles gute viel Glück. So ein Tier will auch leben gut gemacht .?????❤❤

  12. Эта собака, многое повидала в этой жизни. Дай бог этой семье счастья успехов и любви. Вашей семье, много радостных событий произойдет. Вот увидите. Радости ВАМ.

  13. 1.4k dislikes??? really??? fucking morons who should be sent to hell like the owners of pets who abuse them and abandon them.

  14. Did you know that maggots don’t eat what they’re living on/in. They’re eating the bad bacteria that’s in/on whatever they’re living in/on.

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