Dog Bather Jobs Near Me, I need to Hire a Dog Bather

greetings folks so my name is George and
I will be your host our topic for today is about dog bather jobs near me so here
I went to Google III I am looking I’m searching so I see Pet Smart is hiring healthy spot apprentice job dog Vader
there’s a bunch of them but you’re competing with many other people saying
oh yeah I can learn this so go ahead and train me I’ll become your dog Vader and
then not only that to you that own dog grooming salons or a mobile grooming
business are looking for a dog Vader best thing to do is go to online roaming
school calm folks my name is George you can call me any time here you can sign
up to become a certified pet hygienist certified pet groomer so those of you
who are looking to get a dog bathing job come here get certified when you go
apply for a job it’ll be so much easier to get one because people say yeah we
take you seriously you took the effort to become a
certified dog groomer and a certified but I Genest which is the better job now
folks if you own a salon or a mobile grooming business looking for someone
sign them up it’s cheap 175 and within five weeks you’ll have yourself a good
employee a dog Vader when they sign up they can login just gonna show you real
quick here first three videos or it’s about dog bathing to become a certified
pet hygienist flea dips tick removals Sani trims cut the
toenails clean the ears brush the teeth everything is here let’s have a look if
you like we can click on the hygiene too here we had a tip to be larger than its
gonna belly averagely you can see – it’s a little weight – and the D shirt
because that’s part of your beta brusher job job requirement right then after
that you can keep on going let’s say now you want your employee or those of you
who just want to long get certified and the heck would looking for a job go on
your own starts working out of your own home pick up and deliver down but to
those of you who want to expand your employees knowledge to make them
groomers let’s say you want to start them out doing a cocker spaniel
you told them go watch this video first then I will give you the doctor groomer hello and welcome to online grooming
school comedy bond and today we’re going to show you how to copper spaniel so I’m
going to introduce you to bow here oh can you look at me
here you are so that’s a pure

2 thoughts on “Dog Bather Jobs Near Me, I need to Hire a Dog Bather

  1. I was wondering about you guy's background and training and certification??? I tried to put a comment on the one with Brianna and the grooming video with Lexi, but it said I couldn't put any comments down. I was thinking of getting a dog one day and would like to know that I am being instructed by someone who is trained and certified in taking care of dogs, training dogs, etc. Thanks

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