Dog and The Rabbit

(knocking door) – What the fuck are you doing here? Shit. (upbeat music) (bell ringing) (phone vibrating) – [Jake] Hello? What the fuck? I thought we weren’t supposed to have any contact. He did what? No, I understand. No, I’ll take care of it. – [Waitress] There’s no
smoking allowed in here. – So, I don’t want to make this any harder than it has to be, okay? – There’s a designated
smoking area over there. I could fix you a table, if you’d like? – No, I like this table. I don’t want to move. Hey, give me some pancakes with some extra syrup, and a coffee, to this table, not to
the fucking one outside. – Listen man, I can explain. – [Jake] Let me stop you right there Alex. I don’t want to hear another Goddamn word come out of your fucking weasel mouth, you hear me? You fucking hear me alright. What I do want to hear, I want to hear you say, “Jake, Jake, fucking Jake, I am so sorry, I’m so sorry you took a chance on me and I fucked up, I really royally fucked up, but you don’t have to worry because I got your
money. I got the money.” Okay, I’m a reasonable man Alex, so it doesn’t have to
be in that exact order, but it better be fucking close. So, let me hear it. – I don’t have the money. – Fucking goddammit. You don’t have my money. You don’t have my money. Alex doesn’t have my
goddamn fucking money. Alex, ima tell you a story, ima tell you a story
about a dog and a rabbit. – Dog and a rabbit? – Yes Alex, a dog and a rabbit. So, there’s this dog, it’s a bad dog, and it bites anyone who comes to touch it. So the owner takes him out back, and chains him up, puts him in a cage. The thing is, the owner
forgets to feed the dog, so it begins to starve. One day a little bunny
rabbit weasels it’s way underneath the picket fence, and the dog notices. He pounces on the rabbit. But the dog is smart, so fucking smart, he doesn’t fucking kill the rabbit. He let’s the rabbit live because he knew that he would be grateful
everyday that he was. So that rabbit goes about everyday, and starts bringing the dog food, and he starts bringing him water, and it’s working for awhile, it’s working for awhile Alex, until one day he comes up empty handed, and that rabbit comes up to the dog and he tells him, “I got
nothing for you today.”. Alex, do you want to take a guess as to what the dog did? No? – I don’t know – The fucking dog eats the rabbit. – Come on. – He fucking eats the rabbit, cause that’s what bad dogs do Alex. – So, I’m the rabbit right? – No. – No, no, no. I’m the rabbit. Alex you are the flea on my fucking back, and don’t you fucking forget that. About damn time. – Gents, I’m gonna ask
you fellas to leave. You being loud and disturbing
my other customers. I don’t care if you
take your food with you, but you’re gonna get
the fuck out right now. – Tomorrow. (glass smashing) – Fuck man. – [Jake] Enjoy your
fucking pancakes bitch. (upbeat music) – Get in the car Jake. – Gee Mr, you know I’d
really love to do that, but I’m about 500 steps away from reaching my goal, and I take health very seriously. – Hop in, there’s .357
in my lap right here, could be really bad for your health. Get in the goddamn car Jake, now. – [Jabraun] Well since
you asked so nicely. – I’m not even asking. – [Jake] I’ll just do
those extra steps tomorrow. Sup boys. (punching) Can you work my neck a little, there’s a kink right there, I just can’t get it myself, gonna need a little help, you know what I’m saying. (punching) I’m confused, are you
guys giving me a manicure, is that what’s happening right now? I mean I only ask, cause I’ve been worked over harder by a 60 year old Filipino lady. So, kinda think about that for a second. (spitting) Fucking asshole. – [Sergio] Enough. – Hey come on Sergio,
we were just playing, we were flirting a little bit, you know. (rhythmic rock music) – No smart ass comments for me Jake? Looks like you’ve seen better days huh? Look at me. Where’s my fucking money at Jake? – Sergio please don’t worry about it, I’m gonna get it. – Pardon me, but I get
a little mistrusting when a $100,000 Dollars
of mine goes missing. – I was literally on my
way to pick up the money when your fucking two
asshole goons picked me up. – [Sergio] Is that right? – Yeah. – [Sergio] His hands. Well I’m glad we got that
all taken care of then. You got 24 hours to get me my money. – Sergio don’t worry,
you’ll have it by tomorrow. – You don’t understand, that’s 24 hours from the time you were supposed to have me my money. That gives you five hours, and just so you understand the urgency of this matter, (stabbing) that there is a kidney shot. You got about five hours, give or take 30 minutes. It’s not an exact science. You can’t go to the hospital because of your warrants, so go fetch me my money, and maybe I’ll have my personal surgeon take care of you real
nice like, you understand? Go fucking get it. (coughing) It didn’t have to be this way. (coughing) Give him a bandage, so it doesn’t leak all
over the fucking floor. (coughing) – What did you get yourself into? – It’s nothing. – Nothing? The blood all over my couch says something a little bit different. Look here, here’s your shirt, you left it from the last time. – God I miss those eyes. – Don’t fuck with me, look I stopped the bleeding for now, but you need to take
yourself to the hospital. – Chloe you know I can’t do that. Where is she? – She, you mean your daughter? – Kate, I want to see Kate. – Why is it, that the only time that you even ask about her, is when you’re this close to death? – Does she ever ask about me? – [Chloe] All the time, but you know, I don’t have the heart to tell her that her daddy is a drugged up gangster, who’d rather be with scumbags all day than be with his daughter. – Chloe I’m out. – [Chloe] You’re out? Sergio owns you, and you let him. – Did I ever tell you about the first time that I met Sergio? I was Kate’s age actually, maybe two/three years older, and my mom had been gone about four years, and my pa, if you could call him that, he was a degenerate drunk piece of shit. He only ever left the couch to place a bet or beat me when he lost, he fucking never won, and when I say he beat me, he knocked me out clean
every fucking time. One day I come home, and Sergio’s there. He’s there to collect a debt from my dad. – What’s your name? – Jake. – Are you afraid of me Jake? Did your father do that to you? Do you want me to kill him? Everything will be okay Jake. – Ungrateful little shit. – [Jake] Sergio’s a violent man, but he’s the only father I’ve ever known, and up until today, he’s never hurt me, so when I say I’m out,
I’m out and I mean it. I just have to do one last thing. – One last thing? There’s always one last thing. One day, that one last thing is gonna be your life, and then what am I gonna
tell your daughter? (Chloe sobbing) – [Alex] No man that was just bad luck. Oh come on, you know I’m good for it. What? – Sup motherfucker. I’ve had a shitty fucking day Alex, and you’re gonna fucking tell me where the money is right now, or I swear to fucking
God I’m gonna end you. What the fuck you say? (coughing) – The Victoria. – [Jake] What the fuck. At the Victoria, fuck. Get up. Get the fuck up, we’re fixing this shit right now, go. – Dude you don’t look good. – I’m only down a fucking kidney, how the hell am I supposed to look? – At least you got two. – What the fuck does that mean? You some sort of fucking
mathematician right now? Shut the fuck up and go get the money. – Alright, fuck. – Goddamn. (lighthearted guitar music) (knocking door) – Hey Julius. – Were you just gonna
stand there all night making my porch look ugly, or are you gonna come in? (lighthearted piano music) What are you doing back so soon? – I.. – [Julius] You know, you and I were straight 18 hours ago, now here you are back for more. – Well actually I just.. – [Julius] You know you never could just stay away, now could you? Well what’s it gonna be? – The thing is, I just
need my $100 grand back. (laughs loudly) (laughs loudly) Come on man, I just need
it for a couple days, you know I’m gonna get it back to you. – This guy wants his money back, now that is cute, and I like you Alex, you’re a real funny guy. – [Alex] I’m not kidding Julius. – The thing about it is, is that it’s my money. It became mine when you gave it to me. – I need that fucking money. (gun bangs) (door slamming) (door opening) (door slamming) (car engine roaring) – Here’s your fucking money. – Sorry Alex. – [Alex] What? (gun bangs) – Yeah, no I know man, I agree. – [Jake] Sergio. – Let me give you a call back, I got someone here. – Here’s your fucking
money, where’s the doctor? – You’re five minutes late. – I got you your money, I delivered like I said I would Sergio. – That’s beyond the point now. You’re five minutes past due. What would it look like to the other guys if I gave you any kind of leeway? – Sergio, it’s five fucking minutes. It’s five minutes. – Jake, let me tell you a story about a dog and a rabbit. (lighthearted piano music)

14 thoughts on “Dog and The Rabbit

  1. Excellent set designs and camera work!!! Editing was great too, but certain lines of dialogue could’ve been polished a little more.

    Solid film brother.

  2. What an absolute blast to watch. The camera work and editing was great. The guy that plays Jake was hilariously over the top at moments but it never made the film feel silly. Really well done

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