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legitimately seek each other out we really enjoy each other's company and it just is super cool to see oh my god we got lucky with the whole Michael and land okay we were perfectly content to just have them keep separate but he'll put his nose on the cage even if Michael doesn't come out but he starts to get tired we'll just go lay and have it space exited age and my goal will literally come to where his nose as I try to get really try to chew on his face ever like okay I it's like we'll let them out so the rule is that when I opened the cage lindo hopson's and lays down his head all the way down her tail go go go go and he knows that he has to be fully relaxed before Michael come on the bed so the trash where this thing was just kind of something I started saying because pickles got thrown out Michael literally was trash because he was a faulty feeder like the snake wouldn't need him they've had an owner for like two days she said pick him up I don't trust him with my dog like like yes so we're like if we have to just have a grumpy old rat have a good place to live the time and pull back and Lando was just considered useless because he wasn't like fitting into the right stereotype of what a dog should be and so he was tossed out by five six people he had been rehomed lots of times it's because his anxiety is really high you can't leave this guy alone there was a long process of them being like are you sure we're like yes and so that's just kind of where I started calling them that lovingly like my whole trash brothers and it was so cute they read each other really well and they really cool stuff in each other which is nice I just never expected that and it's done so much for both of them if we pick up Michael and move him out of sight Lando is instantly concerned yeah he's definitely pretty excitable brother Michael teaches Lando a lot of control his anxiety has gotten better his mood control has gotten better they're just both such fantastic animals they're so cool place comment and subscribe

36 thoughts on “Dog And Rat Won't Leave Each Other Alone | The Dodo Odd Couples

  1. This reminds me of stuart little, by the glad to see a dog and mouse together, my dog used to chase rats but this dog have became friend with this rat❤???

  2. Rats actually can be excellent pets. They're super-social animals, so if they're raised around humans, they'll just accept people as being 'part of the pack.' They're as friendly and loving as any other mammal pet. They can even learn tricks! The only real problem is that they have very short lives, usually only around 2-4 years. So keeping them can become a bit tragic.

  3. Yeah, I know rats too. Go ahead and put your nose (if you’re a dog) or your finger through the bars of ANY rat’s cage(home) and see what happens. Bet you don’t do it ever again.

  4. The Trash Brothers sounds like an animated series about a dog and a rat. Also, you never know when it can strike, but 2 energies merge and the symbiote formed is greater than the components.

  5. It is interest, when you remove the 'survival and fear mode' from aninals, you get to see characteristic of their individualities…

  6. Too bad that rat is living ALONE in a TINY hamster cage with no real hiding spots and climbing opportunities. Rats are extremely sociable and active. If they don't have a rat friend to play with, they can and WILL get depressed.

  7. When I'm up worrying at night these videos make me happy and soothe my spirit. Thanks Dodo! I love the Trash Bros!

  8. It's so wonderful that a smaller creature can calm down an animal 10 times his size! Its just amazing! ?❤

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