Dog and Rabbit – Their Friendship Has No Limits!

Bailey and Sam Playing Together

100 thoughts on “Dog and Rabbit – Their Friendship Has No Limits!

  1. feed the rabbit please he's way to thin I have a mini rabbit no where near this thin and this is cute yes but rabbits are delicate die easy

  2. That Rabbit is scared to DEATH!!!!!…..u do realize it's in its genetic DNA to be frightened of predators , like a big DOG!!!!!……I raise and care for Rex Rabbits for over 30+ years and I would never subject one of my bunnies – who are the most intelligent pets a person can ever own – to the sharp teeth and claws if a 60+ pound dog!!!! … do know that a rabbits outer layer skin is a thin as tissue!!!!!…….take down these videos and find a proper home for that beautiful rabbit!!!!…..your laughing in the video!!!!… won't be laughing and you won't even share the results of a damaged bunny that is hurt internally and may require to be euthanized!!!!……I am forwarding your video to Red Door – a non kill Rabbit shelter here in Chicago and hopes they contact you or thru YouTube to stop this !!!!!… would be equivalent to having a person like YOU be in a cage 'playing' with a 600 pound ape and the other apes LAUGHING!!!!!!

  3. The dog is actually kinda rough with the little bunny. It doesn't look like he'd hurt it on purpose but dogs nails are quite sharp and there is a considerable amount of pressure when he drops his paw on the por little thing. I don't know, just be careful I guess and try to get the dog to use his paw so much. They are certainly adorable little ones for sure.

  4. Most animals have an inbuilt mental brake when exercising friendly physical activities with other species, while this dog shows restraint it´s far too "rough" on the rabbit. Humans can act as a buffer while teaching their pets to "mingle", that was however not the case in this video.

  5. The dog is hurting the rabbit. Rabbit looks scared and weak. The pets owner should be conscious. The rabbit is not a toy for the dog.

  6. Thanks for sharing , I finally bonded my rabbit with my Shih Tzu as well and I was shock on how they Interact playfully . Check it out on my channel if you have a chance I am your new subscriber.

  7. Non si mettono assieme cani e conigli , il cane inavvertitamente potrebbe far male al coniglio , senza volerlo ! Il coniglio è molto delicato ed ha bisogno di star tranquillo , il cane per natura è socievole e giocherellone , quindi non è giusto mettere in pericolo l’incolumità del coniglio per la voglia di giocare del cane . Ripudio questo video ! Chi lo espone , mette a repentaglio la vita del coniglio . Non si fa così . Io ne possiedo 4 di conigli nani e non lascio a nessun altro animale giocare con loro , lascio spazio per la casa , non in gabbia , il coniglio non può essere incarcerato , loro sono felici così e se coccolati ti ricambiano con gli interessi tutto l’amore che ricevono . Imparate a tenerli come devono essere tenuti . Grazie .

  8. I never saw “mature” dog like that. On the basis of your such incredible videos I’m also looking forword for keeping “Golden retriever” in whitish colour ……

  9. I hope they are always supervised when together. He's a bit rough with such a small rabbit. Of course, he does not know any better, so it's up to us humans to protect our pets. He has the rabbit's entire head in his mouth. Just one tooth could easily puncture the rabbit's head. Please be aware that a large, boisterous dog may accidentally and easily kill a small rabbit.

  10. Both animals have very different behaviours… they act very diffferently; when playing dogs imitate what it is like to catch a prey and there you have a natural prey: a small rabbit… it is so weird that the rabbit doesnt go away… like it is not comfortable but it stays with the dog. Odd.

  11. Hey friends, do you like Bailey and Sam? See how a cute rabbit and a funny dog met for the very first time –

  12. Jajaja qué divino esa mascota y como actúa ante el Conejo es una ternura y muy buen actor,al cine a la pantalla grande!!!!

  13. Uhh, the friendship limit is seen when Ms. Hand tries to pet Rabbit, or puts down food–then it's every dog for himself.

  14. Bailey es tan genial ! Lo adoro ! No me pierdo sus videos divertido , alegre, cariñoso, dócil , inteligente, celoso.. jajaja es perfecto ! Es cachorro y seguro quiere jugar..pero el conejito es muy cómodo.. jajaja

  15. As a huge bunny lover.. I thought the dog was a bit rough with the bunny. My bunny used to be really really scared about a lot of things.. Your bunny looked a bit tense.. But seemed like he was beyond the scared part. I agree that it looks like an accident waiting to happen.. Because dogs are more playful than bunnies. They aren't an equal playmate

  16. Mom lots of ppl including myself are saying BAILEY is way too rough with the rabbit he doesn't understand his playing will hurt the poor gentle rabbit maybe u need too teach BAILEY good touch gentle touch

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