24 thoughts on “Dog and deer quickly form adorable friendship

  1. Okay, I hate to be a spoil sport, but I think the deer was just standing its ground. The dog was obviously having fun (notice the "front kneel" that dogs to to egg on their playmates), but was probably being territorial as well. I think the clue might be the fact that the deer is wagging its tail…like the dog. I really don't know, but I'm wondering if tail wagging for deer is a sign of aggression. Someone correct me If I'm wondering wrong. Either way, its fun to watch. I like it that the dog at least is having fun.

  2. This is the sweetest interaction .. look at them ??? he’s begging the deer to chase him around hahaha I love it

  3. This Is So Cute And Beautiful!! These Kind Of Videos Warms My Heart!!! This Reminds Me Of Our Pet Deer Called Bambingot!! I Love My Dogs And Our Deer!!!

  4. How pretty this place looks. Just to cute to friends enjoying the outdoors☺️ Thank You for the great video?.

  5. Doggo: "Why you got such skinny legs and a short tail!? Hey! This is my yard! Let's play! Hey! You smell different! Hey!"
    Deero: "Dude, shut up. Why your man servants cut all this perfectly good grass? Chase me into the tall stuff! Let's gooooo!"

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