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You’re a bird Name: Bbibbi Name: Nuroong I’m a dog Chu~♥ Owner: Nuroong likes Bbibbi a lot Owner: He keeps following her around. He’s like a stalker Who called me a stalker? -_- If I’m guilty of a crime, then my only crime is that my love is too passionate Bbibbi: Step away!! You aren’t my type, sorry bud Nuroong: Well let’s see if I can change your mind ^.~ I’ve got this swag bone “Can I have the bone for a moment (gimme)” You know how precious bones are to dogs rite? Saw that? I’ll willingly give up my only property for you… Cause I’m a fool for you Bbibbi~☆ (Doesn’t work h a h..) At that moment! Hey cute lil’ birdie An ominous doggo in a nice white suit appears Starts chasing Bbibbi Bbibbi is clearly NOT enjoying this Hold up Hold up Back off Bbibbi. Listen when I tell you nicely. A fight for Bbibbi ensues o_o Shoo! You don’t stand a chance against me Whatevs~ Hmmph The first thing that Nuroong checks for.. Bbibbi, are you okay? Bbibbi: What is this
*Thump Thump* Bbibbi: pounding sound o_o That day, they became official☆ And like that they were in love for a long long time (…seems like there’s no drama now?) So, the end~ (NOT) Nuroong Boo, catch me if you can~☆ Your wish is my command☆ Careful gotta remember you’re still a dog Nuroong, and Bbibbi is a fraction of your size ^.~ Ended up biting the bird cuz the bird’s too cute?! “The feather fell off” Nuroong’s heart is in the right place but Bbibbi got sat on..under Nuroong’s weight T-T This love is too go on T-T Will everything be okay, Doc?? Vet: Nuroong isn’t behaving like that to harm Bbibbi but is tapping with foot and biting just for playing Vet: So I don’t think there’ll be problems And so the two, like other ordinary couples Boo, I’m just gonna go visit the birdcage for a bit No problemo Give each other their own time and space and are building their relationship..♡ Chu♥

100 thoughts on “Dog And Bird’s Painful Love Story (For The Bird) | Kritter Klub

  1. Can you take the bird to a safe place please? I mean the dog wants to play but he need another dog to play with him not a poor baby bird with no wings!!

  2. I think the dog doesn't wants to hurt the bird but it's not save for the bird it can't even fly and it is really small?

  3. Idk if a dog pouncing and stepping on a bird is cute? The bird is clearly scared and trying to get away but it can’t cause it’s wings are clipped or not fully grown out yet ??‍♀️

  4. سبحان الله الكلاب جدا جدا وفيه تحب من قلبها فعلا شي عظيم فعلا وغريب

  5. If the owner is reading the comments I think you should take our advice and put the bird away from dogs or in a cage where it's safe

  6. Please take the poor bird away from those people. Its stressed and constantly getting hurt from this dog. Any responsible bird owner should never let a bird interact with a cat or dog. It's not cute and this bird will die an early death from an injury or infection. This is honestly heartbreaking as I've kept birds for almost 10 years.

  7. Людям, которые пишут эти субтитры надо рассказы писать, ведь они так ловко придумывают диалоги за животных.

  8. That is cruelty!! The poor bird is scared of the dogs and trying to escape. Owner is treating the bird like it's a dog TOY!! In the end the bird will be seriously injured or killed by the dogs. The bird even has hits wings cut so its can't fly away to safety. This is no way to treat a pet bird. Very disturbing.

  9. Every single time the dog rushed at the bird I felt myself panic. This must be utter torment for that little bird. They probably clipped his wings too so that he couldn't fly away from the dog. How distressing.

  10. This isn’t cute. Your bird can ingest dog spit and die (mammals have a germ in their saliva that kills avians) or have a heart attack. He’s not enjoying it, he’s scared. Don’t own animals you know nothing about :((

  11. The dog isn't aware of his own strength and size compared to the bird.Plesse keep the bird away from the dog.I don't blame the dog but the bird is getting hurt.

  12. ???wow..where do i began to tell the story how great a love can be the great love story about dog and cute bird..???..hahahahahahaha what's attractive great love story i ever saw in my life.. maybe pure love?..hemm..birds ???and ? dog playing together with so much love.. oh feeling so happy seeing this moment.. never ever fight each others…the best video's in 2019!!??????that's all,hai..owner for this amazing video's, you make a great job's..thanks so much…for you..??mmmuuaahhh.. bye ?

  13. My dog used to protect my two parrots from cats. One of the parrot used to show fist and make evil eyes towards my dog to annoy him. Both used to have friendly fight. My dog used to bring chicks of different species from garden to add to my collection of birds.
    The dog was friendly enough to distribute fruits to those birds and eat together with them.

  14. Do you own a dog? Even if not, please take part in this dog themed poll. Results will decide what will my next application offer to dog owners.

  15. The dog may mean no harm, but the bird is too fragile for even a small accident to happen. This is not a good match.

  16. Keep that lovebird in a safe place, cause this is a torture! First of all he’s still a baby, second, you’ve clearly cut the feathers of the wings so he can’t even fly away!
    They’re gonna kill him. Dogs are not “bad” they’re just huge compared to that poor baby parrot.

  17. That’s horrible! I know the dog loves the bird, but the dog is too big and strong to play with a fragile little bird. Please give the bird a safe place to rest or it will die soon.

  18. That's cute but there's gotta be a human to keep an eye on them when they're together since dogs have predatorial instincts that could kill even if the dog itself is fond on that certain thing. Now that the dog is big, it could go Savage.

  19. When a cat darts out and kills the bird faster than the dog an intervene it's not going to be so funny now is it. Or a bird of prey swoops down or any ferret type predator, etc. That bird should not be outside like that if it can't fly.

  20. No one ever said love is easy ?
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  21. Hmmmm, I agree with a lot of people. The dogs are mainly just being playful, and it’s sweet that one of them protects the bird, but this can be pretty dangerous. The bird is extremely small compared to the dog and can’t fly well. So it can’t escape easily and it’s small size makes it very vulnerable. I’m sure non of the dogs would hurt the bird on purpose, but there is a pretty good chance that one of the dogs could end up injuring the bird or killing it by accident. (It also looks uncomfortable with how close the dogs get at times)

  22. Im sorry Kritter klub for all the "The Bird is going to get killed" comments but don't you commenteres see that they stay together. If the bird wanted to get Away he could fly but the bird stays with him. That means they love each other.

  23. Бедный попуга не может летать потому, что у него нет хвоста. А хозяин не понятно чему рад. Они собаки все-равно его замучают.

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