Dog and Beth Chapman Return in DOG'S MOST WANTED Trailer

dog and Beth Chapman are back and looking better than ever what's up guys Victoria here with pop culture comm it's been six years since we've seen dog and Beth hit the streets and now they are back with an all-new series dogs most wanted I know it's exciting news and we have WGN America to thank the network is bringing in the reality stars back to TVs everywhere and fans just can't get enough but this time around it's extra special because dog is an effort in just anyone he's chasing his bucket list of most-wanted fugitives photos were just released of the two and y'all that TV money shows because these two are looking fabulous look at Beth hey miss ma'am in her 20s that makeup is everything and check out dog looking all handsome and rough I see you don't let those looks fool you though they're back with vengeance in the new show trailer that was just released dog says may God have mercy on you when I catch you because I won't then Beth says you've been ruined dun dun dun they're not playing around at the beginning of the video dog did mention his wife who is the love of his life is fighting for her life but is currently battling throat cancer for the second time but somehow that beautiful lady is muscling up to shoot the show a date hasn't been set just yet on when it's gonna air but one thing is for sure dog and the dirty dozen are back let me know your thoughts in the comment section below and make sure you're following us at pop culture comm for all the updates

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