Dog Anal Glands – How To Avoid Anal Gland Problems In Your Dog

dog anal glands are too small glands located within and on either side of the anus they are filled with a brown substance that has a very foul musky smell based on dog behavior it is thought that the purpose of the glands is primarily to mark territory when dogs meet one another they also raise their tails and excrete a small amount of this substance most dogs empty these glands on their own whenever they have a bowel movement or during exercise however dog anal glands can be frequently impacted and the problem usually occurs in smaller breeds these glands become impacted for a variety of reasons the main one being a high-fiber diet the glands do not express properly in the presence of a soft stool the dog's natural stool consistency tends to be rather dry and hard if a raw or cooked meat diet is fed these small dry stools are more effective at expressing the anal glands than a softer larger stool scooting licking and biting the anal area may indicate compaction or infection examination by a veterinarian is necessary an antibiotic treatment may be prescribed if infection is present many pets may rub or lick the rectal area for reasons other than impacted anal glands allergies tumors or parasites may be the cause of the discomfort however the majority of cases point to anal gland issues manual expression by a vet or pet groomer is often helpful but the best option is a healthy diet if a change in diet and/or medication does not alleviate the situation surgery may be the only reasonable alternative however this should be a last resort when grains and fillers are eliminated from the dog's diet and replaced with a healthy meat based diet anal gland impaction is a rarity we have witnessed many positive results with cases of chronic anal gland disorders to learn more about a homemade meat based diet just click on the link below the video thanks for watching

5 thoughts on “Dog Anal Glands – How To Avoid Anal Gland Problems In Your Dog

  1. QUESTIONS?? Hi, How are you?

    3. I have the same question about the amount of pressure we should apply to express the anal glands.

    2. Can we express one at a time?

    1. Is he going to feel any pain during the expression.

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  2. I guess i am wondering how hard you push in and up to release the glands? I dont want to cause him an extra discomfort

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