44 thoughts on “Does your dog bite?

  1. in class we were forced to watch this clip and i am the only one without headphones and am playing this at full volume lol the teacher can't even hear

  2. That actor playing the hotel clerk is Graham Stark who is in every Pink Panther movie except for the first one, "Inspector Clouseau", and the Steve Martin films but he plays different characters.

  3. I have shown this clip to students so they understand the error of false assumptions. It's brilliant.

  4. Which Pink Panther is this? I watched one and there wasn't that much Peter Sellers and a lot of people who had just had sex.

  5. my colleague would come to work and talk like peter sellers ..she esp liked to say this one..(dus your derg bite) -NO ITS NOT MY DOG..hilarious

  6. I know I''m getting old, but man I miss comedies like this. They actually took talent, brilliant acting and, especially between Peter Seller and Herbert Lom, great chemistry.

    Murder by Death…another great Peter Sellers movie (outstanding ensemble cast).

  7. Clouseau – Does your dog bite"? Clerk – "No"…. Clouseau -"I thought you said your dog doesn't bite" Clerk – "That is not my dog".

  8. nice video I had meet a dog expector once and he wanted to take my dog because it bites but what I did is a good tack-tic I kicked him in the nutcrackers and said ''GET OUT''

  9. "Does your DUAG bite?" "Nope."…..chomp….. "I thought you said your DUAG did not bite"….."That is not my DOG"….forever and forever imitated….never duplicated….

  10. you are a genius for uploading this sir. you have impeccable taste. clouseau is a genius with a thick trimmed mustache. clouseau always wins

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