Does your cat have an ear infection? – Dr. Justine Lee

If you look in your cat’s ears and you
notice brown crusty discharge please get to a veterinarian right away. While it’s
less common for adult older cats to have ear infections, we see this all
the time in younger cats especially kittens. Sometimes it’s from ear mites
which are little bugs which are migrating through your cat’s ears.
Totally treatable but it’s really uncomfortable for your cat. If you notice
scratching, rubbing of the ears, you notice that brown discharge, get to a
vet right away so we can do a simple ear test to see if they have an infection.

One thought on “Does your cat have an ear infection? – Dr. Justine Lee

  1. This is good info to know, luckily my two cats seem healthy right now! I just did a review of my Litter Robot on my channel! I have had it for 1 year!

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