Does the Rick and Morty Talking Cat’s Secret Set Up the Finale? (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

– What secret is Rick and
Morty’s talking cat hiding? With only one episode left
we’re almost at the end of this year’s half
season of Rick and Morty. And while fans of the show
are generally mixed about what they’ve seen so far in this season, there’s one question
that’s on everyone’s mind. What’s the secret that the talking cat from the most recent episode Claw and Hoarder, Special
Ricktims Morty, is hiding? – Okay, I’ll bite. What’s with the talking cat? – Well there are some seriously
insidious theories out there and we’re gonna break them down right now. Now obviously there’s gonna be spoilers for the latest episode of
Rick and Morty so be warned. But if you’re gonna stick around, do what all the cool kids are
doing, and like and subscribe. (hands clapping) So, what happened? Well in last Sunday’s episode we find out what would have
happened if Rick soul bonded himself to a dragon, provided by a wizard. And it went about as well
as one would expect it to for the Smith family. – What the (bleep). – However, unrelated to
all that talking dragon and magic stuff was this episode’s subplot where Jerry hangs out with a talking cat voiced by the one and
only Matthew Broderick. – So then why are you talking? – Why should that matter? – And while Rick, Summer
and Morty go off on their fantasy adventure, Jerry
books some expensive, first class tickets to
Florida with this talking cat. – Why can you talk again? – It’s not important, Jerry. – Now, Jerry and the cat
initially have a great time and fit in wonderfully with
that old Florida crowd. But the friendship soon turns sour when the talking cat
throws Jerry under the bus for a poop that he leaves in the sand. Which eventually leads to
the cat getting thrown off of a party yacht for asking
too many questions. But after Rick’s adventure
wraps up, he heads to Florida to pick Jerry and the cat up,
which he sarcastically remarks would make for an exciting season finale. – You know, I better check on him. Big season finale right there ya know. – However, after the cat
just keeps asking questions Rick gets suspicious and scans its brain. And what he and Jerry see
rocks them to their very core. Some sort of existential
horror with just truly, nightmarish, Eldritch
sounds accompanying it. (screaming) – What in the?
(screaming) – Seriously, whatever they see is so bad, Rick puts his own gun in his mouth and even takes pity on Jerry
enough to erase his memories of this nightmarish event. We’re not sure which is more
out of character for Rick. Honestly they both seem
pretty on the money. So, what exactly was that
horrifying secret that broke the mind of someone who once
laughed at the devil himself? Well, as we mentioned
earlier in the episode, this can be something we
either learn in the mid season finale or the season
finale sometime next year. And as our colleague of the written word, Michael Walsh posts on, this cat could tie into something that’s actually been a
part of Rick and Morty lore since the very beginning. Namely, that giant Cthulhu
monster that chases them in the opening credits, or Catthulu if ya nasty. Meow-za. Honestly, an elder one like
Cthulhu might be the only thing capable of destroying
sanity so utterly like that. Even for someone as jaded as Rick. The bread and butter
of cosmic horror tales is seeing something so
indescribable that it’s literally too much for your brain to process and it drives you insane
as you try to comprehend what you’ve just bore witness to. And that would explain Jerry
and Rick’s reaction to seeing into the talking cats mind. – He was in my home where I
keep photos of my parents! And at Comic Con this year,
Justin Roiland even said there’s a possibility
they could do something with that credits Cthulhu in the future. But there’s an awful lot of
fans out there speculating that Rick’s whole line about the cat being a big season finale right there is just another of Rick
and Morty’s many many throw away jokes. But then again I wouldn’t
put it past creator Justin Roiland to put in a ton of effort for a simple throw away gag. There are others who think the
cat might be a reference to the I’m sorry John meme that
re-imagines Garfield as an Eldritch horror. Gorefield if you’re
really keeping up with it, also that Spongebob
stuff, pretty nightmarish. All in all it’s important to
note that Rick let the cat go at the end of the day. Which either means this cat
is somehow a victim that Rick feels sorry for, or
the cat is just too powerful for Rick to deal with. Plus you know, there’s just
something profoundly upsetting about any living being that just wants to go to Florida of their own free will. – Okay, but why Florida? – Because they don’t ask questions. – We’ll just have to wait
and see if this talking cat comes back in a meaningful way or not. (yelling) – And that’s the end of the
Morty gets a dragon episode. – Even thought the show does
feature reoccurring characters in bits there aren’t really
many long term dangling plot threads beyond Evil Morty. However, with the show still
having more than 65 episodes left they might be trying to
change that by introducing more longterm plots we
can see pay off over time. And we might see the
beginning of that here with the talking cat. But tell me, what do you folks think? What’s the secret this
talking cat’s hiding? Is it Catthulhu like we think? And what do you think Rick and
Jerry saw when they looked at cat’s brain scan? Let’s discuss. Thank you so much for watching. If you enjoyed what you saw, why not give us a like and subscribe? And if you want to get notified
every time we go live with a new show, or drop a new video, please feel free to mash that little bell that way you can be up to date
on all the latest theories, news and rumors in the pop culture world. (funky music)

91 thoughts on “Does the Rick and Morty Talking Cat’s Secret Set Up the Finale? (Nerdist News w/ Dan Casey)

  1. The cat was a raper and a paedophile and he also liked to sex old people and he was a satanist. That would explain the screams and the cries and all that we don't get to see. In fact, the cat has a dick and two balls in his face…

  2. You can hear the sounds of boots marching, a limb or skull being crushed, a man groaning in pain, a woman screaming, and of course babies crying.
    What if…these are the sounds of war?

  3. No, the cat was a symbol for the show itself. The creators were telling watchers of the show "Don't ask too many questions and just enjoy what you have or we will answer your question in a way you will really hate."

  4. The secret is right in the face the cat is telling you the obvious thing Dan Harmon wants all the fans to understand it's just a goddamn show it's just there to entertain you just shut up stop asking questions and have fun. He said multiple times himself Harmon the man the myth The mastermind. that he doesn't get the way that the fans get psychotic at times and it really pisses him off. it takes the fun out of it for him to even make the show when he knows he has to deal with that kind of f**** nonsense resulting from it which is why he created the cat it's meant there to be is a giant trolling meme to all of the fans who try to dig too deep into the show and try and make sense out of the show and the admitted nonsense that it is.

  5. The writers: It’s to remind not to overthink things and also to help Jerry not overthink things.
    Every YouTube Channel that’s a fan: the talking cat is [insert theory here].

  6. Rick's scan saw the cat driving on the highway in the oncoming lane, get in a car crash that caused the death of an innocent woman, and get away with it because he was the star of Ferris Bueller's Day Off

  7. I think that this show is jokes first, cynicism second, and story 10th. Any hints at future plot lines are rarely touched upon in favor for an episode about butt dialing an intergalactic warlord or something. Remember Phoenix Person? I doubt the crew does

  8. i really love nerdist channel but netflix and other streaming service havent released rnm s4 in japan legally so i gotta unfollow for a moment for spoiler free

  9. There's only one thing I know of that is horrifying enough to cause that kind of reaction in someone. Now I just have to figure out how a fictional talking cat from an Adult Swim cartoon show was able to gain access to my Browser History.

  10. Mt theory, Matthew Broderick, plays the Cat, Broderick also played adult Simba, The cat, keeps saying don't worry about it, so that's a very Hakuna Matata thing to say, Then Florida, The only reason most people would have an interest in Florida, is Disney world, I think the whole thing, is a reference to Ricks disgust of Disney, And the Cat, Probably killed his parents, As Simba was accused of in the movie. and jerry made reference that the Cat was in the house where jerry keeps photos of his parents. It could even be a slam at fan theorists, at how Simba and the other lions were talking throughout the whole film and no one cared enough to question that. Either way, A lot of the clues point to the lion king and Disney in my eyes.

  11. None of these theories ever pan out because Rick and Morty isn't a continuity-based show! Nothing is setup for anything, it's just for a funny bit. How many of these theory videos are going to made before these channels get that??

  12. Dragon: Hahaha your small for a dragon Rick.

    Rick: Well I sleep on a extra big pile of awesome shit.

    Dragon: Then there will be sayings about you. Your lessons would hunt you down and you would be owned or slain.

    Rick: That's why they call it a Dying breed brother.

  13. If you watch Screen Crush’s explainer of this episode it’s a bit more clear and precise. The whole theme about the episode is about fandom and how asking too many questions takes the fun out of our interests. Given it’s meta nature, this video is in clear violation.

    If what Screen Crush says is true, we may never now what Jerry or Rick saw. Because it’s just more fun to think about and move on than demand the creators to create a resolution.

  14. for some reason, they didn't kill the cat. that is literally what this is all about. they didn't kill the cat. why didn't they kill the cat.

  15. it has been said tat the cat is connected to the supernatural world since Egyptian times….when I saw the ending about eye scanning the cat, it reminds me of the movie of john Constantine when keanu stares at the cat's eye for too long he went to hell….

    my thoughts could be a hell spawn of a cat…

  16. sounded a lot like boots marching in that scope, along with screams and cries. couldve been that the cat is in fact Cat Hitler. Catler, if you will.. and he witnessed a form of holocaust, but one that was more horrifying than ours, if even possible.

  17. I got a theory for this cat it's the personification of the people in the yes cult. Whenever you ask the cat a direct yes or no question must always answer yes and go along with it is why he's always telling everyone around him to go with the flow. He's ashamed because of all the things he said yes to and engaged with. He is deeply ashamed because he can't control this impulse and he has done some seriously fucked up things

  18. The show literally tells us the point of the cat is to not ask questions, and now the entire internet is losing its collective mind wondering about the cat.

  19. The writers said that the cat's talking points were a nod to themselves as in to remind themselves to have fun and dont overthink it while writing the show, which infamously takes a whole lot of time to write an episode. However I think the cat is the writers/creators themselves and we, the fans are both rick and jerry. The mindscan done on the cat literally turns the contents of the cats mind (or thoughts of it) into a video format for Rick and Jerry to watch much like a writers ideas being made into an animated show. There are casual fans (the Jerrys) that can dust off the deeper points made in the show and go with the flow. Most of them just watch it once and have fun with it. And then there are the Ricks (the hardcore fans) that nitpick each line, look for a deeper meaning in everything. The writers' minds are definetelly fucked up and the more you look into it, the more you see how fucked up they actually are. Even if they see it once, the Jerrys get to forget it and have fun with it. The Ricks see how fucked up everything is, question their morality to the point of going insane and get to remember it, live with it, cause in the end the Ricks are as fucked up as the cat itself (which is in fact the point of the whole episode: focused on sexual deviency). That is the reason why Rick lets the cat go, cant kill it or kill himself in the end. For a moment he sees himself in it, despises both it and himself and has to live with his selfhatred. Or, I am reading too much into this, and I should just let it go and have fun 🙂

  20. This whole episode was awful. I'm worried that they're getting too distracted by Arby's and Pringles endorsements to remain good

  21. The sounds of the scan make me think of marching, sci-fi gunfire and screams so maybe some sort of war is involved? The cat is oddly keen on going to Florida and the only reason it states is that they don't ask questions and have fun but it asks too many questions itself. I also find it weird that it doesn't make any indication that it's talking.

  22. The fact it made rick want to fucking kill himself means they saw some fucked up shit. I mean rick has seen some shit so this is pure horror. He even wanted to protect jerry from seeing it, he didn't want jerry to experience the horror and even erased his memory because he felt sorry. That cat is fucked

  23. Episode 4 was possibly the weakest one in the entire series. That dragon shit was annoying, like a kid that just started swearing.

  24. Cat is represent someone powerful like Hillary Clinton. Child torture and cannibalism is the Unspeakable because many friends have died. And more to come maybe a big reveal our own government involved in satanic worship. ??

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