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there are gods everywhere lots of tourist destinations look amazing on social media but are actually terrible in reelection I have to like find a path because it's very very busy I'm AC Fowler I'd love to travel and I'm hitting the road to tell you what's worth the trip and what to skip this is destination device this time we're hiking with a thousand dogs in Costa Rica territorial days ago a is tucked away in Ala whele about an hour outside of Costa Rica's capital city San Jose Costa Rica is being overrun with over a million strays territorial days egg wash is a no-kill shelter looking to help fix the problem they take in homeless dogs and provide them with shelter food and medical care all of the dogs at the shelter are up for adoption and visitors all over the world can come play with them walk with them and hopefully take one home we booked a $460 round-trip ticket from JFK to Juan santamaría International Airport we rented a standard sedan for only 77 dollars a day but with the area's narrow windy streets and off-road terrains we quickly found out that a sedan might not have been the best option but occasional car trouble is no match for the country's breathtaking scenery and vibrant culture and of course their dog shelter that's melting the hearts of everyone on the Internet currently a viral video on the shelter has over 36 million views on Facebook we're headed to territorial days across taste very very soon there are hundreds and hundreds of dogs that used to be strays so I just want to make sure that it'll be a safe activity we're gonna be testing three main things how safe is the experience how strenuous is the hype and how well are the dogs taken care of I have a confession to make I am more of a cat person than a dog person we had bought a dog when I was a kid a beautiful golden retriever and my parents paid for it and between the time when they like we bought it and it came to our house and the dog attack – I'll just oh I'm scared because that child could have been me after an hour of Miss turns bumpy roads and questionable driving practices wait this is a one-way street oh we made it to territorial days ago chase and we were greeted by a few eager hosts but nothing prepared me for when they opened the gate there were dogs everywhere at first I was a little intimidated by the pup stampede but co-owner Alvaro had definitely established himself as pack leader despite there being only four people commanding over 1,000 dogs in total there seemed to be a solid system in play new dogs or dogs with illnesses were separated from the rest of the pack and a systematic feeding time ensured all of the dogs left with full bellies while there may have been a few spats between the dogs co-owners Leah and Alvaro made sure neither canine nor visitor was hurt their Rosario's territory so what there's basically a dog that has no breed and aside generally speaking has to be a stranger so at the beginning one is when I thought about this place I everything oh call it the chanted Mountain card I don't know cuz nothing about this is fancy nothing of nothing about this is even good I mean it's sad that we have to do this but it's their place so it's 30 30 s I wasn't many of these dogs were pets and strays would undergone serious trauma at the hands of humans we've had dogs here that came in because somebody has lit them on fire the limb was chopped off by their owner and they end up on a street we try to pick up the ones that are in really bad shape he's skinny he's got skin issues it's easy to rescue the little ones and the cute ones that find homes very quickly but these ones are the ones I really need so we have I keep telling 20 people we have a mountain full of ugly but you fall in love with their inside and that's what people should look that I wasn't sure if I'd fall in love with one but this is definitely stole my heart so he's very peaceful and chill as you can see despite their hardship I had never met dog so eager for love as far as safety is concerned I'd give it a thumbs up but it's still important to be cautious especially during feeding times with a pack this huge long walks are a necessity that's where the visitors come in on designated dates and at no cost guests join Leah Alvaro and the staff on a two-mile hike around their 375 acre farm land bug spray sturdy shoes and comfortable clothes are a must keep in mind when I say hike I mean hike most of the trek is a pill across rocky terrains and water it's great for the outdoorsy types and of course for energetic dogs and with all that time playing with these pups it's hard not to fall in love with at least one plus all that work is worth it once you get to the top oh this my friend this is me while I personally love to hike walking up and down steep hills and be challenging for people not used to it I couldn't help wondering how well can four people really care for this mini dogs Leah knows each and every dog by name she's made it her life's work to take in animals that have been abused and forgotten and works with her vets to make sure they're as healthy as possible despite Leah's efforts she hasn't been able to secure substantial funds from the Costa Rican government and it takes thousands of dollars a month to keep the shelter running on the other hand neighbors claim that the dogs are polluting their land and leah has been forced to undergo costly tests to prove they aren't Leah's care for these animals is unparalleled and a definite thumbs up however their overall care is in dire need of help territorial disagrees has set up crowdsourcing campaigns for donations as a response when you see these dogs on the street their little miracle so the first thing we want to do is have people realize that these dogs are magnificent survivors my time at editorial dis aquatics was incredible up into the end when thanks to my driving skills we ended up stuck in a ditch so the land of the strays was incredible I love getting to hang out without the dog they were looking all over me and just jumping all over me it was so cool it's definitely super safe all the dogs are surprisingly well-behaved if you can stand a little roughhousing from each of the dogs you're gonna be totally fine the walk is a little bit strenuous it definitely is a little bit of a hike you're walking uphill a good portion and then kind of a steep downhill so I can definitely see how this is not the activity for everyone but for me I had a great time and I thought it was awesome and we talked to Leah about how she takes care of him it's really impressive how her and her team loved the dog she knows each one of the over a thousand dogs names which is kind of insane overall very very impressed being able to walk with a pack of 1000 dogs was great but hearing their heartbreaking stories and seeing the love Leah had for them is something I won't ever forget territorial designee that sometimes the greatest experiences aren't always the prettiest that's why for me the land of the strays is a definite bucket list be sure to follow our page so you don't miss an Excel

49 thoughts on “Does Costa Rica's Land Of 1,000 Dogs Live Up To The Hype? | Destination Debunkers

  1. To have so many dogs and know each of their names, that should tell how much the lady cares for her dogs. AMAZING

  2. The Netflix show “Dogs” did an episode on them. It’s worth watching, and it highlights the peril of the job.

  3. I want to run free with the pact! i would be a dream come true.also its amazing how none of them are aggressive or attack visitors.

  4. in my mind people not used to walking 2 miles shouldn't travel anywhere. The outdoors is for real people, exercise is for the living, taking it easy and thinking walking is hard is for the dying.

  5. These dogs are walking in grass and mud every day. How are they washing them and keeping them tick free? I am skeptical.

  6. Dogs polluting the land? I don't think so. It's humans who polluted the planet and made the lives of many dogs miserable. Lya and Alvaro and everyone who works here proved to be the exception. May you all be blessed with happy, longer lives, and may you receive all the best things in life.

  7. I wish she would get more donations to do this. She’s doing a great job with what she can, however it does look like A LOT of the dogs have skin problems. As a fellow shelter worker, this is something that she be taken into consideration, by not only the rescue, but visitors too. Some skin conditions could be mites, AKA Mange, and certain kinds of mange are contagious to humans. Wish as many dogs as she has, stuff like that will spread fast throughout the pack. Also, with the area, dogs should be getting monthly flea and tick, along with heart worm prevention. If she had more volunteers and funds, I feel as if all of this could be met.

  8. The county looks beautiful but I'd skip the dog hike I'm petrified of dogs….. Needless to say I've had some bad experiences lol i still think they are cute tho n wouldn't mind owning 1 or 2… But a 1000 I'd just die?

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