Doctor Prescribes Puppy To Man | Animalkind

she had her hands forward big and she understood why she tried to make me understand we can't have a dog and you being doctor at all times I told her I said when there's a dog even in cities well what doctor Ben or prescribes you ago will get a dog well the next day I happened to be in the operating room with dr. ben or but she was gonna do an EGD on me and I called her over to the table and I said I need the prescription before y'all put in his sleep she said prescription for what I said a puppy boom right off she said what breed she didn't ask why anything else just walk break I said it doesn't matter about stopping a puppy and I heard her tell the nurse give me my prescription pad and I went off to sleep after the procedure and I the first I heard that because once a puppy and she will her eyes and then I said thought gave it a prescription as she just started laughing hysterically and she's like AHA grass doctor-prescribed you a puppy isn't a service dolly we've had tell about no she's now the service appreciated we need more doctors lack of a sense of humor this is what our patients need to see is just that there's life after being diagnosed with cancer that you can have happiness and also the staff to realize that what you're all doing is not for naught difference

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