26 thoughts on “Doberman Puppies: Birth to 8 weeks old

  1. I rescued mine really young. He was only 5 days old n very thin because mama was not letting him near her. He had severe ocd. Feeding him everyday was a challenge but regardless he is now five years old n a beafutiful and loving young man.

  2. Doberman's have thin tails, they usually doc them at 3 days some of these Dobermans will end up with bad injuries with these tails and it's going to be very painful for them…my Doberman when I bought him already had his tail docked and I got his ears cropped some woman about attacked me for cropping his ears….too funny.

  3. We have my Doberman dog mix that we rescued ….ALWAYS Rescue but she was so scared of people but eventually she sometimes let them pet her!

  4. I had a dobby for12 years. Had to put him down because he had cancer.. He was the best dog I’ve ever had.. Super smart and so easy to train.. He was a great family dog and my best friend. I could leave him outside with my kids in the yard and pity the fool that would go near them children. He was the biggest baby and loved nothing more than hanging with his family

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