Doberman Pinscher puppies go through Intensive 1 week dog training program!

all right today we're going to talk about a program that I've been offering which is a one-week intensive course in the video I'm going to show you two different puppies that I just started the four days ago and this is the result and a just a brief glimpse into the process and what I can achieve in just four days with somebody's dog doing the intensive program so here you're going to have these two Doberman puppies we just started this is the fourth day of their training for days consecutive an hour with me per day and this is where they are right now so our first step first day get these puppies to walk on a leash properly individually now also along with that on leash walking we were doing sits as well and now we're getting second day the on leash with automatic sitting when the owner stops there you see that good about third day off leash walking both individually automatics it's cause connection right really really slow stop also third day teaching them how to walk properly together on a leash with their automatics it's boys for camera yeah fourth day both off-leash perfect healing together even around distractions off the leash together and sitting automatic every time the owner stops actually if you want you could just drop carefree was likeable he's like a very much more attentive you know she gets ketchup scratches everywhere should we do before your brother just stopped very good very good also now we started the third day with there stays this is their fourth day sit stays off a leash around distractions and sit stays together so this program for anybody who's looking for something quick intensive and realistic and reliable this is the program for you so until next time Miami Dog Whisperer

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