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hey guys good morning it is Tuesday morning and we are getting ready to head out and taking the kids to their camp and I had orientation all day long yesterday at the Huntsville area Association Realtors going back again today for the second day of orientation and then after orientation I think that we are like officially inducted into the Association of Realtors or whatever today so we'll see what happens today but I figured we would just do a little bit of a day in life I'm gonna be here working around the house getting some things sorted out this morning then I have the orientation for like 12 for today yesterday it was like a full day like eight to four like we ate lunch there and everything but today it's just a half day starting to work around the house this morning head to that in the afternoon and then we will have dinner here tonight I will be often going so it's exciting times around so how did your first day I can't go yesterday Natalie Jeff fun yeah then especially with the Gatorade yes I've been packing their lunches so I've got their lunch boxes here ready to go these little Gatorades fit perfectly down on the side and we're gonna have to get new lunch boxes the beginning of the school year next year but I'm gonna try to make these last though this one's looking a little worse for the wear but they've got all their lunches and snacks down inside there Natalie's been liking the like a roast beef salami sandwich type of thing and then Isabella they cannot bring peanut butter products or no peanut products at all at school they can they just had to not be sitting by anyone with the peanut allergy but for summer camp she really likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or peanut butter stuff so just limited options slightly so I just got her those chicken dunks but what we're planning on doing is in the next couple days we'll probably get some good leftovers and she can bring some of those so she's got all of her snack stuff on the top there and then she's got her fruits and veggies down on the bottom she loves those snap peas right now your lunches now that wasn't me the video today here show me your bracelet that I'm so we made friendship bracelets the other day used to make these all the time when I was I don't know probably Isabella's age or a little bit older and I actually remembered what they don't know how well she's had a birthday she's nine so I just kind of I'm basically remembered how to do it so we're gonna practice those a little bit more because they want to learn how to do them so I just admitted my office for a little while trying to get some work done and I'm getting ready to head out to go to the last day of orientation and thing when this was in show me just didn't hear on his bill Oh mm-hmm he's been enjoying having me home a little bit more often I know it's not the right time but there's these cute little border collie puppies Border Collies are so smart guys like he he honestly give you even better train like if we just work with him more or did like doggy school like they're so smart like he learned how to shake in like one day he learned how to like do a little dance for a treat in one day like he's really smart he's part border collie there are these border collie puppies at a local shelter and they need Foster's for them and I'm like oh what a foster one of these puppies really badly but it's not the right time so eventually I want to get into fostering dogs maybe I think but it's like I don't know I know if I I know Dan would not be for it I know he would not be for it so I'm like all these little puppies and they've asked so the place that we got him from oh look at him he's a good just want a playmate and that's the other thing is I don't know if he'd be bummed if we had a foster for a little while and then like obviously they'd get adopted and I think I would kind of feel bad so we'd almost need to just adopt another one I don't know but but I start to say oh I don't know it's just it's not a good time and I know that but they're just so cute they've got so much energy though they're just like bouncing all over the place oh the place where we got him a new lease on life it's like a local place here in Huntsville that rescues dogs and cats and you know they're trying to like save as many of them as they can they posted multiple times that they need Foster's for these puppies so the first time it was like oh they're cute I love them and then the next time they posted that they really need fosters to be able to get them out of the shelter I'm like maybe we could do this just once you know it's never gonna be once once you start doing it but um yeah I don't know so I'm mulling over that it is something that I would like to do eventually I just know that now is probably not really a great time to either a have a puppy or B try to figure out a whole new thing on top of while I'm figuring out a whole another new thing so yeah anyhow they're adorable so if you are available and you're around the local area and you do have the heart at home and time to be able to open up fosters they apparently really need foster dog parents right now to be able to get some of these puppies out of the shelter's because the deal is with the puppies is that they get sicker quicker sicker quicker then like an older dog in like a shelter situation so they try to get them into foster homes as soon as possible and that's actually where we got penguin who is apparently taking a bath right now so I won't hand over to him but he was fostered like he was put at the shelter he was dropped off at the shelter when he was about six weeks old and within 24 hours he was in a foster home and like obviously he hasn't really had any ill effects because of that but the longer they are in a shelter they can you know get sick and it's just not as good an environment obviously for a little puppy so anyhow mm-hmm that's what's going on in my life I think he would do well with a playmate he's very social he loves hanging out with other dogs if it did my first ever I TV videos hopefully you guys enjoyed that I just want to do a little like tidbits cuz I've been doing a lot of like meditation and like self-reflection the past month and it's really helped like kind of focus me in and hone in on a few things and so I wanted to use our G TV for little tidbits for like that maybe sharing things and I'm loving I don't know I'll see what it goes to be but yeah it's uploading right now so it's my very first our G TV if you follow me on instagram at me Mommy with style there to you automatically see my IG TV things I think I don't know I'm new to this but I know that I've been seeing a pop up of my feed from other people so I wanted to test it out I do enjoy going live but live makes me nervous I'm not gonna lie live makes me nervous oh it's going it's on a peg I'd turn my phone off because I just never know what my children are going to say so everything is a great thing for me and like simple things like I'm getting ready to release my work phone number I'm gonna do like a video you know it's full area real estate agent but it has this but number in it I don't really want to give up my other phone number i film the kids lunchboxes this this morning and realized I had to refill it because they showed me the phone number so just little things like that like it just is better when you can edit things out and live it just go straight out there so anyhow I just did my first IG TV video so we'll see how this works cuz I don't honestly I came back home and I am done with the induction ceremony and officially member and Nala good stuff so I was actually on the road like my husband and I can't do commute home on the same road and we were like literally right next to each other when he peeled off and turn right to go to the school and then I came home so they should be shortly behind me because he went to go pick up the kids and we're gonna do bratwurst so he brought worse for dinner and that was really good and then unfortunately a dinner I looked up and away Bella how long have you had your little Tamagotchi thing you know the egg animal things I was like it's been 14 days has her birthday was two weeks ago exactly today and I was like wow really long time so president hasn't died yet not 20 minutes later at the thing starts be being in a diet so she's been going through the seven stages of career nights going so we're gonna finish that bedtime and I'm gonna sit down and get some meds but it for the end of her evening we've got the kids in bed and I'm gonna work on editing some videos I'm hopefully gonna film something that's not just like a little quick snippets the next day or two because today I couldn't really film a whole lot to take you along but I'm gonna sit down do some editing I'm finishing making some tea and my tea maker over there and that's gonna be about it for evening so tomorrow should be a fun day I'm gonna I don't know kind of kick back I think and I've got to start looking I'm gonna maybe try to get a haircut next week or a week after so I needed probably try to look into making appointments and we tied you up tomorrow so thanks so much for watching watching the videos hope you guys are enjoying Dana likes and I'll see you in another video very soon

16 thoughts on “Do we need more Puppies? | Day in the Life

  1. I have had 2 border collie/ Aussie mixes they were the BEST dogs!! The 2nd is wayyyy better at behaving than the first though. Lol

  2. I spray our lunch box’s with baby oxi clean, let them sit for a bit and than rinse them out. Works every time!

  3. Congrats to you on becoming a realtor!!! Love Penguin I’m sure he would do well with a new puppy! ?

  4. My border collie mix is so much happier when he has playmates. He loves my other dogs. And yes they are so smart!

  5. I have had dogs all my life, but with 3 kids and a husband that like cats, we adopted our first cat 2 years ago. As a compromise for not getting another cat, but providing the kids an opportunity to foster cats/kittens….we decided to foster for with the same non-profit foster-based shelter we adopted our cat from. Well….what was supposed to be a short-term thing, ended up being a long term thing that lasted the last year and we also ended up adopting one of the kittens from one of many litters we had come in and out. It's a great way to have the girls learn about compassion, care, and the adoption process….and also if a puppy/dog gets along really well with your dog….it gives you a great chance to introduce another dog and make sure it's a great fit before adopting. Just a thought….hint hint.

  6. I think getting another pup for penguin to have a buddy would be great for him! I grew up having two dogs at the same time, and they were really close w/ each other. And loved to be each other's playmates. And when we would leave the house for a couple of hours it wasn't such a big deal, because they had each other. Overall I think it would be a positive thing, I think he would get sad though if it was a foster pup. Because he would get used to them hanging out w/ him. But you never know until you try things out. P.S. Also we got them within a year of each other, so I think getting two dogs close together is a good idea too. Fun vlog Di!

  7. You can spray and wash the stains, throw in the laundry and hang the lunch boxes to dry. They come out great!

  8. All the schools up here in my part of Canada are 100% nut free – I am always reading labels to see what I can send and what I can't! As far as 2 pups goes – what's one more? It's not that much more work, that you aren't already doing with Penguin in the first place! We added a second cat after about 6 months, so ours would have a buddy at home while we're out! Fostering is all well and good, but how do you give them back? lol I would want all of them! You have a point, it would probably be confusing for Penguin to get a buddy and lose a buddy, over and over. Well, you may as well just adopt one of those cute little puppies, for keeps! It's fun watching your vlogs, Di!

  9. Have you tried sunflower butter? I think it was Amy’s brand that had peabutter and jelly uncrustables. They were really good and had the texture of peanut butter.

  10. Omg. I already gives a tumbs up before the video start! Im happy that you do vlog so often rn!!! Thanks for sharing. Much love from indonesia.

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