okay so there's a warning here you don't like creepy crawly get out IM j and welcome back to seven trillion so today we are talking about something super cool and awesome in my opinion like i said at the beginning of this video if you have any of phobias or anything of that sort keep in mind you might be something that featured in europe o realist in fact my fish every time I tried to do a video one of my animals distract me and one my fish is so big that she splashes water out of her tank everyday so pearl can you stop big freakin goldfish please just don't do anything don't flash me water while I'm trying to make a video thank you anywho arachnophobia is the top phobia in the world right after life mega phobia some people are literally something to literally have arachnophobia and this is like the number one a phobia after dying people would rather just not it would rather die than hold a tarantula porous fire yeah that's how it is and a snake will get about it any new before I officially start this video I am thinking about making some whole you guys so if I have any polls that I am going to make it's going to be down in the description below the base planets won't you guys get some votes in leave me some more comment on what kind of designs we want to see on my shirts you want to see more rat ones I made a few more designs they are all my in stuff and also put them in this video as well so I did make like I don't know three more designs there's another design that says fish rocks of the truck fish rock and then there's another one that says like reptiles Rock and there's another one that says rodents Rock so I know I'm going to show these designs that I recently made in in this video today and I think I might make a couple more designs so let me know down below what kind of stuff you want to see and what kind of designs you want to be very close to releasing the shirt so that's really the only thing that needs to be done on my website and also you guys please please please let me know what kind of size of you is really looking for what are most of you guys looking for in a shirt is it small is it medium large XL extra small you know XS so just let me know what kind of designs and what kind of sizes you're really looking for I let me know also what kind of deals you guys are looking for are you looking for sure if it's more like $15.99 or $20 something around those rain let me know what kind of stuff you're really into what kind of what's your budget you know I want to work with you guys so anything that you guys want to share with the designs and stuff like that with the shirts let me know down in the comments I know that I realize a lot of you guys also seem to like the shirt the most that has all my type in it which is awesome cuz I spent quite a little while on that but kind of a hard hard few hours on that and you guys also said that I should make them like caricatures and make them more cartoony looking so I'm looking into that as well so we've any kind of information and suggestions you guys have that you want me to know about for the shirts down below so if you don't know already this video is going to see about do tarantulas make good pets and you know do they are they fishes are they sweet what can I expect when I get a tranche Allah so this is my tarantula is my Mexican Reggie now I am usually never really I'm not nervous as far as holding her when it comes to is she going to bite me I'm not really worried too much about that especially when you hold a tarantula like this like if you're just holding it like this and nothing's going on usually a tarantula I've never betrayed you honestly biting you just from holding it like this but um what I'm more worried about usually is dropping her if I drop her and yes sometimes you gotta watch out I'm more worried about dropping her because dropping her could be literally a death sentence though I don't handle her too much always be sure that also when you're holding these guys do not breathe on them whatsoever because breathing will scare them quite quite often but yeah as you can see transfers aren't really – most ranchers aren't really known to be aggressive you just gotta it's a matter of picking the right one so there's my girl Talon all right now the best trance was that you can get on the market today our number one in my opinion Mexican red knee which is what I'm holding here as you can see she's still growing and she's going to take some time and then the second one I would recommend is a Chilean rose here Chilean ro tears are very sweet I had one my own myself unfortunately key with a male he didn't live very long and I think possibly the reason why he might have died is because I did not check on him when he was molting and I think possibly he basically got stuck in his moles and died I think that's a possibility or maybe you just with the short leg to do with a male I believe what I have here is a female um I'm still not 100% sure it's very hard to know if you have a female or a male tarantula usually you have to look for something called the tibial hooks it was not usually what they used for breeding and you know they're very sweet though it's very uncommon to be bitten by a tarantula now I'm not saying it won't happen and I've never been bitten by tarantula so I cannot tell you is it is really hurtful or not but I heard it stings like a bee sting which would suck all right now I am going to put her back in her cage because tarantulas typically don't really enjoy being handled they are wonderful with handling but they don't exactly enjoy it and it can't stress them out of it and transfers are almost as simple as leopard geckos the only reason why I don't recommend them right off the bat is because tarantulas if they do bite the bite can be extremely painful and sometimes now that's extremely rare but it can even be fatal now the reason why I say that is because if you're allergic to a bee sting then you will be allergic to a tarantula if not you will be 100 percent fine and all they will do is they will just draw blood and most of time they won't even inject their venom into you and basically the only thing that could hurt you possibly if you are allergic to bee sting is their venom if they don't release their venom though and it's just a normal bite it should be fine because the thing is is tarantulas only want to release their venom on things like their prey because what their venom does do is it moisturizes a lot of things so that means that when they kill a cricket and they eat it they release their friend and they inject their venom into the cricket to make sure that it gets moistened up and that it you know it it bakes would come food with the venom so touch your initials don't really want to waste their venom on somebody you like us humans usually injecting the venom is made just just to kill the press so I think you won't be okay say I have the 1mc yeah why yeah yeah anyways strand Chile's are a really great pet also because the maintenance is super low I don't have to clean my tarantula very often and I don't need a heat source for my tarantula I don't need a light source for my tarantula you really should never have a light for your strangelove only big Alaia hole like here is so that you can see the enclosure but as soon as I am dealt this video I am going to turn that light right back off and yeah they don't you keep or if they don't need light and they actually prefer to be in an area that's a little bit darker sometimes this area if I push it back a little bit it will get pretty dark so heating lighting and all that crazy stuff is definitely not needed for a tarantula provided that you don't live in a super cold climate next we have feeding feeding is also very simple believe it or not tarantulas only need to eat at least this once a week I feed mine once a week a large cricket even when they're pretty small you can use even large crickets I realize when I try to feed small crickets to my babies my baby trenchless you went through the baby basically small creatures didn't work out because she could barely catch them but a nice big one will do the trick I wouldn't say super large but you want to go for something like a medium cricket next what makes them a great great pet for kids and for people in general is the handling the handling is actually really awesome tarantulas don't like to move around much I don't know if you notice but their stairs and invert that just doesn't want to move around a lot and even when you hold them they don't do much moving as you saw she was not really moving that much on my hands so um you know she she's just she's a very sweet girl she has her day if you got to also remember though tarantulas what makes some of the advance is when you're handling you have to make sure that your tarantula is not going to go into mold slides the moulting is eating kicking the hairs if you don't know what kicking the hairs is it is basically when a tarantula will flick the hairs on its plot area it will flick them off and they do that due to stress and things like that and often when molting they will do that too I noticed that every time I trench Allah is going to multi my side I've ever had a tarantula when they're about to molt they'll kick the hairs off a lot on their butt area and they will also kind of have a black area they're like instead of it looking like a skin color expect what it will look like when they switch the hairs off when they're about to go into most it will be a blackish color and handling.when molting time is about to come up is extremely important you don't want to hold them when they're about to molt because they are truly stressed out and they may just they may just kind of take it but some tarantulas not so much some tarantulas will definitely let you know that they do not want to be touched and if you're lucky they'll just run away but some transfers will act out in biting you often this is not the case but I have heard some stories I know that when I had a transfer in the past month one of my other ones my Chilean rose here when I wanted to touch him before molting time was coming it was a pain it was a paint even getting him out of this cage he really did want to bite me and also a big thing is when multi-time is coming up you do have to make sure that the moisture in the cage is too icky at least when multi-time it comes you need to make sure a certain moisture in the cage because because of my mistakes I have made these mistakes a lot of my tarantula is my transyl in the past might have Dyson I'm not positive but basically if they don't have moisture in their cage their molt will come out very very dry and that could loot that could lead to losing a leg being stuck in the holes and dying or it could just mean that their molt is going to come super dry and at most it also taken while to get the most often I know I had a problem with this little guy here with that luckily I was able to save him and I just moistened the part of the malt that was kind of dry and we were okay after that but you may not be so lucky so always make sure when all the time is about to come you have moisture in there if you don't know for sure if they're fat Smoltz just always make sure if there's moisture in the cage and you'll be fine now you don't want too much moisture but at least make sure that the substrate is damp and just not straight up dirt dry or what you can also do is make sure that the cage is misted down once every day and then once moulting time has come you most likely won't have any molds to come for the next like three or four months so they grow super slow keep that in mind I just Oh God instead the cat it's a cat part coming off the whole thing comes off and you I mean the whole thing first world problems anyways um tarantulas in short terms make great pets for kids just make sure that when hosting time come you are super prepared make sure that you have a nice to Angela and that you can handle it and also make sure that you do have a kid taking care of the traditional if they are very gentle with it believe it or not one big drop to a tarantula can kill it you have to be very careful when holding a tarantula I wouldn't recommend to a close for very young kids unless you don't plan on letting such the kid hold the tarantula often then it's fine but when it comes to kids that are not as mature some kids are different some do they're more mature some kids aren't I don't know you have to know your kids but they are great pets for kids provided that you teach them to be gentle with every set that they touch and you know provided that you give them supervision I do not advise that I could hold the tarantula alone anything could happen you could drop it you could accidentally lose it and of course it could bite him you want to be there when you holding a tarantula or shoot wholly entrench 'la or even a leopard gecko or anything but especially to especially a tarantula because they can they're very sensitive they're almost like glass animals so typically I don't use my transfer too much for holding it's more of just a look at pet for me and I don't mind that at all but if you're looking for going to handle all the time tarantulas aren't exactly for you like I said they are handleable but they're still not the type of pest that you want to handle all provided I've never been bitten by a tranche look most of them don't act out aggression when they're scared most them run away and in my opinion and I think most people who have kept her Angeles they make great pets and we got you gotta accept something a little bit you going to try it out before you say no if you are looking to get a transfer after this video or maybe even before and you just weren't completely sure if you wanted to do it and you need an extra push transients are super cheap pet so if you're looking for also expensive trance Allah if the a tarantula is the easiest simplest cheapest pet I have ever owned in my entire life yet I cannot remember the last time I really had to spend any money on my tarantula all you need is an EXO Tara you can use an excess hair like me something like this well maybe even a little bit cinder if you like but not too big they don't need huge enclosures they are they are going to be getting bigger but they're not huge animals you know you can also just get a custom tub you can go to Home Depot right now and get a medium sized tub this about this long and this tall basically if you can find a child around this size or so you can do that too just make sure you put plenty and plenty and plenty and plenty of air holes at the top and on the sides but um yeah they can live in that too and they just need to coco peat the dirt substrate a little tree as you can see in there there's a little tree that they climb on and there must be a high 100% must be a high in their enclosure they do like to hide especially when molting time is about to come and just in case you don't know what hoping is you may not be completely sure it's basically where they shed their exoskeleton off and what that means their skeleton is on the outside instead of the inside so you got to imagine that a lot of stress going on with them when that time has come if you're just a reptile person you'll know that it basically likes shedding shedding the outer skin if you see a tarantula if you see your tarantula flipped upside down do not throw it away do not bury it is about to molt that is how they multi with upside down and they hold it should not take more than a day okay it's been more than today I worry so it should take a few hours some are shorter than others but you also want to keep an eye on them when moving time comes keep a good eye on them yeah that's just basically it tranches are super cheap any pet they can be on a desk if you want them to be they can be in your room anywhere it's more than degree they don't take up much space there not a lot of expenses they just eat the insects worms or crickets most of the time line just like to eat crickets but you could try warmer too and I would just go to the Mexican red knee or the Chilean rose here those are the two I'm familiar with there are some they're a little bit better but those are the toffee they talk to beginners that I would pick you should be able to find either one of these online or at a pet store if you guys think I left anything else feel free to leave it down in the comments below and if you have any more questions on tarantula also leave the comments down below I'd love to just interact with you guys and know what kind of stuff that you might be thinking of getting or doing through your new tarantula if you're bringing it home whatever the case may be and again please you guys give me more feedback on the shirts and what other merchandise you want to see on my shops are you going to want to speak back are you going to want to see you like stickers let me know down in the comments what you think I should do is my merch brand is coming out soon and it's definitely emphasize on the sizes that you want what kind of sizes are you guys and what kind of designs are you looking for are you looking for an all pets design or are you guys kind of more interested in like robux design reptiles design fish design lemon out star in the comments below and please subscribe to this channel if you haven't already and give this video a big thumbs up especially if you love pet and I will see you guys next time Oh Oh look Dexter you I scared you

49 thoughts on “DO TARANTULAS MAKE GOOD PETS? -Pet Adventures

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