Pet rats, fancy rats or domestic rats as you
see here, make wonderful companions. Part of the appeal of having pet rats is the
fact that they often get along really well with other pets in the household. It’s very well known that well socialized,
handled, friendly rats not only are great with their human keepers, but also learn to
get along really well with other types of pets provided those type of pets will be nice
to the rats. In most cases, the rats are not going to be
the aggressors, they’re not going to be dangerous, they’re not going to want to do anything more
except exhibit their natural curiosity to learn about, smell, probably climb all over
the family dog. But they’re extremely unlikely to exhibit
any negative, aggressive, or dangerous behaviors toward them. Many people have socialized their pet rats
with their cats, with their dogs, with other members of the household. Generally, it’s considered to be a good idea
to keep rats together as in the wild they’re known to be animals that live in colonies
or live in groups. So I always recommend that you have at least
two just so they have each other to keep each other company. One important thing to remember is if you
decide to adopt more rats you do have to carefully introduce them to the existing colony. Don’t assume that just because they live together
that the addition of a new rat will instantly be accepted into the group although it is
possible to do this. And, in most cases, people can continually
expand the amount of rats they want to own by integrating them into the colony and having
them socialize and get along really well. But, overall, there’s not a concern with keeping
pet rats with other pets in the household. Clients have had pet rats that live with guinea
pigs, that are socialized and living in or around where pet rabbits are. They generally don’t inhabit the same cages
or live in the same spaces, but they can be around each other without any concern for
dangerous or aggressive behaviors. So, overall, pet rats that are very social,
very tame, very friendly often get along really well with other pets in the household. It doesn’t tend to be a large concern about
if there’s going to be aggression or danger in having them meet, and even socialize with,
and even potentially play with and befriend other types of pets.

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95 thoughts on “Do Rats Get Along with Other Pets? | Pet Rats

  1. I had to Guinea Pigs some years ago, I have always been told that it's a good idea to have 2 females since they don't fight as much, is this also the case with rats?

  2. both genders of rat need to be kept in pairs or more. either same sex groups or "mixed and fixed" groups (where one or both genders have had the snip)

    bucks are just as social as does, and should never be kept alone.

  3. i was raised on pitbulls, they really are sweethearts. the only time i've seen agressive pitbulls is if they were abused by their owner

  4. i have two, my first one is rem. when i got ezio about a week later, ezio was EXTREMELY frightened of his new environment, and was shaking when i took him out of his petco box. when i introduced him to rem, rem coaxed ezio to my lap, and sat very close to him and started bruxing. then ezio started bruxing. rem told ezio that this home was good and not to be afraid. i was absolutely touched, they are so amazing

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  8. I know with my experience with rats, that females tend to be more curious and outgoing. They also start trouble more often then not. Males are much more calm and loving. Everyone fights, no mater the sex. But its more of a dominance or playful thing. I have noticed that I have had to break up a few female fights. I've never had to break up males. but that may just be my rats and their personalities.

  9. It's good we have a law that says rats must be kept in at least pairs in my country. It's our Law, no 'recomendation', no alone rats thank god. They are packanimals… In my family there are 7 girls living together in harmony.

  10. I agree with this video but in my experience, rats need to be kept away from birds. The moment a bird ruffles his feathers or flaps his wings the rats attack him. Could just be my rats, but I don't think so.

  11. I have a hyper cocker spaniel she liked to put her nose up to the gerbil's cage (the gerbil sadly passed) and whenever it was in its ball she would push it around sometimes any tips on trying to get her to cool down for the rats Im getting?

  12. Aww, this reminds me of my past rats. Specifically, my rat Praksida (because she was the most curious and outgoing of the three). She loved sniffing my dogs and my dog Fox (my oldest one and we trusted him more to not hurt the rats) would attempt to play with her. Of course, he'd be careful not to actually hurt her and Prakisda would just chase him around.

  13. Getting dogs and cats to meet your pat rat is easy just hold the rats to show them own it if it can play on you then get your dog or cat to see easy but be warned if look bad get them away. My cat love my two boys they even use the cat litter tray no training on my part. The boys are so lazy they think the cats a heater for them.

  14. What about iguanas? My sister is thinking about getting one and I want to own a rat or two. Like I'm scared if the rats notice an iguana in the same house they will get stressed out…

  15. my cats and rats get along and are friends. the cats with sleep and let the rats crawl all over them. I've had both since they were babies.

  16. +Captain N All guinea pigs should be kept in at least pairs no matter what gender. Of course there are exceptions but in general they are very social animals and can become very stressed being alone.

  17. I have a cat who is a big love bug and she is okay with the rats she especially likes to play with them between the bars of their cage haha they have been getting along pretty well too I'm just waiting until their bigger before I introduce them directly and when they know each other more

  18. My elderly hamster never had a playmate before, so I wanted to see how he reacted around my sisters rat, they became best friends. 4/17/15 the hamster, Bandit, passed away and Rocket rat lost his best friend. I got a new baby rat 7/5/15. I named him Sabastian. He is very shy but adorable. He is active when I'm 5 feet+ away from him ;D


    Dog: Ummm…. Ok…..

    5 seconds later

    My dog rushes back inside



  20. NO! Just no.
    Rats need to live at least two and two.
    That is with another rat, not a rabbit or a guinea pig or any other animal.
    So if you're sitting there with only one rat thinking about getting another type of species to live with the rat, think again!
    Not getting another rat is extremely cruel because rats are highly social animals and need other rats to be happy.

  21. I just got a rat and I was worried about how my 2 kitties would treat her, but she's got them totally freaked out. She keeps trying to climb up their tails. She absolutely loves chasing them. It is so hilarious.

  22. This video should have touched on how they interact with birds. He is so general that after watching this video someone might think oh if they are so good with other pets then then will be fine around my parakeet or cockatiel… Which could lead to a your bird being eaten alive by your rat(s). A lot of people own birds- that needs to be well explained!

  23. I wonder how one will act around a mouse? Will they become buddy's or something? Because I'm thinking on getting a rat but I have a mouse and I'm wondering if they could be in the same cage?

  24. still, I'm not going to risk my two buddies with my dog. I keep the rats up in my bedroom and the dog downstairs. all is peaceful. 🙂

  25. I have a male mouse living with my 3 rats and they all get along amazingly. they groom each other and create hoards in the mouse's hidey house. it's very cute.

  26. can rats get along with rabbits we have three rabbits and one super friendly rat not house them together just need to know if they can share a playtime our second room is set up as bunny play area .

  27. I want rats to get along with my cat, but i think my rats tail will look like a toy. And not to mention, cats naturally hunt rats

  28. This guy doesnt give full info. Any other smaller pet will get eaten by the rat. Dont pit hamsters, mouse etc with the rat.

  29. Ok, youtube never tells me about replies so [email protected] if anyone feels this is worth replying to.

    I'm contemplating getting a couple pigeons. I have a thriving mischief (actually, 2, since I'm switching from girls to boys, 6 each that are kept strictly separate) and the notion of 2 or 4 pigeons on the porch I don't use with indoor roam time sounds lovely. The caution in building an avary emphasized rodent resistance. Just how crazy is this combo?

  30. I don’t think I’d risk letting my dogs interact with my rats. Only one of my dogs is trusted enough to be in the same room as the rats free roam and even then, he only sleeps on the bed and sometimes watches them like he’s wondering what the hell they’re doing. The closest he’s been with them is when they decided to jump up on the bed and climb on him. He seemed chill about it but I moved them away after only a few seconds. The risk seems too high. My dogs are lovely and very social but it can only take a second for something to happen.

  31. My two rats share a large cage with a fully grown rabbit. The rats have a private space they can go to if they are afraid of getting squished most of the time all three animals will cuddle together every night

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