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– Hello, this is Danielle
with BUGCO Pest Control and today we’re talking about
do it yourself pest control. Do it yourself pest control
falls under the category of what is easy isn’t always right and what is right isn’t always easy. Pest control doesn’t come with
a once size fits all answer so when you think that you
can just search the internet to find do it yourself project of the day. You may be right but that
does not always make it right. The number one issue with
do it yourself pest control is mis-application of chemical. Whether it is chemical
you purchased online or something you picked up
from one of the big box stores. There are a few more factors
that play into pest control and we will cover some. While do it yourself pest
control sounds like a good idea, you can over complicate by self treating improper chemical usage can
drive pests into hiding. They will find untreated
areas of your home if you do not kill them on contact. They will multiply until, wham! The chemical you applied
fades and they return. And you return to one of those mega stores to by more chemical. For example roaches, flees, bedbugs, ants are all
good examples of pests that go into hiding when you use a fogger. The fog does not reach the cracks and crevices that pests call home. Another example is ants, certain ant species will break one colony into multiple colonies in your home if the wrong type of chemical is applied. Repellents and baits cannot
be used inter-changeably for all ant types. So an identification is
key to proper treatment. If you would like to speak to a specialist please call the number listed below or visit our website, thanks.

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