Do Huskies make good Guard Dogs? Fan Friday #22

no is it fan Friday hey it's fan Friday there's Shiloh shallow where's the floor what happened I show you guys around a little bit for those of you that don't follow our vlog channel our living room has changed slightly we're currently missing flooring and everything's kind of is at a disaster we were going to do fan Friday outside but it started to rain so we're stuck in here don't mind the mess if you want to know what's going on check out our vlog channel at YouTube could slash without the snow dogs right go check them out over there you can see what all is going on in our personal life and what's going on in the disaster have a living room alright questions first question from Facebook from Molly our Huskies hard work that's a really easy answer yes Huskies are a lot of work they need a lot of exercise they need frequent frequent brushing because they shed like crazy they're very stubborn breed so they can be very hard to train so you really need to take time especially if you get them when they're young that's usually a little bit easier to train them if you get them as rescues you just have to be more stubborn than them but yes Huskies can definitely be a difficult breed to own there are a lot of work but they're very worth it clarice from facebook wants to know if huskies make good guard dogs that again is a very simple answer no Huskies would probably rather lick a stranger to pieces than hurt anybody very very gentle natured breed they're a very people friendly breed so I would say they they don't make good guard dogs they have good bone I said good bone that's good stuff you're really not supposed to be eating that on the couch and you know that but I guess we'll let it slide just this once alonzo from Facebook gave me a tough question he wants to know who's my favorite Shelby or Shiloh and you should know better I can't pick a favorite I love Shiloh because she's just look at her she's so sweet and lovey she has a completely different personality than Shelby she's just a sweetheart where Shelby's just crazy she's a funny dog she always seems to do something to make us laugh she's hyperactive or if I try taking it from you I take your ball I remember I take your bone around wherever you are silly monkey I don't think I have a favorite I mean I really don't I like Shiloh for all the reasons she is Shiloh thank you one and I like Shelby for all the reasons she is shall we Bev wants to know if we have plans to get another husky yet what do you think about that Shai what you think about that Shelby um we've talked about it I'm pretty sure that the next husky we get will be from rescue I don't think it'll be a puppy unless there's a puppy available in rescue but we're not quite ready just yet we're still doing a lot of things around the house that we just moved into but I I think eventually we'll get another one either a husky or maybe a Malamute but I'm pretty sure it'll be a husky aj from facebook wants to know if we have any tips on introducing a new dog to a household that has a dog that's been there for years like for example we had Shiloh she was five or six six when we got Shelby when we introduced the two they kind of just took to each other I don't know that I actually have any tips for that they say with an older dog sometimes it's best to let them meet on neutral ground like take them to a park or an area that neither dog has ever been to before that sometimes that can help but we pretty much just put Shelby in the backyard and let silo check her out what are you doing you're crazy you're crazy look I have painting pants on because I have to paint the the base trim oh you shouldn't eat that bone what's this you chew it up oh my goodness were you chewing on this you're a bad dog this week the only picture we got was one that was emailed to us from our friend Nicholas who's this cute little picture you did of Shiloh show Shiloh and Shelby in a car thank you oh if you would like to mail any drawings or letters pictures postcards or packages to Shiloh and Shelby for fam Friday you can mail it to gone to the snow dogs P o box 12 Alpena Michigan for nine 7:07 and if you have questions for fan Friday please leave them in the comments section below or post them on Facebook or on Twitter alright all of the baseboard is off Shelby's keepin that spot on the floor warm and we're now taping all of the edges because I'm

29 thoughts on “Do Huskies make good Guard Dogs? Fan Friday #22

  1. My husky is all the way same the difference its dat he barks evry person outside the gate if they r stangers and very gud boy but he super hate cat

  2. My husky won't protect the yard or me when jt comes to humans. However he's proven if another dog comes at me he will jump on them. My neighbors dog got into my yard. He tried to nip me when i grabbed his collar to lead him out of my yard. Houdini was all over him and it took me and my neighbor to get him to release. However anyone can come into the yard and he welcomws them with open arms lol dogs includwd. But if he sees a dog come at me or the girls he puts himself between us.

  3. Actually if you start training them from a very young age to be guard dogs then YES they will be great guard dogs. Huskies are quite territorial also all dogs can be good guard dogs as long as you train em to be one even THE MIGHTY CHIWAWA (I have no idea how to spell it I'm sorry )

  4. I have a pure bred huskie and he is a perfect guard dog the best I've seen and he's easy to teach and he won't let no one that wants to harm me in any way

  5. im having a husky also . shes still in the phase of teething and she bites me and my husband , but when a stranger will touch her she wont bite them but play with them and let them pet her without biting them … i wonder why me and my husband only ??

  6. What are you doing? Dogs can tell when you are talking about them. That's why your husky started to blink excessively and look ashamed.

  7. my sib was very protective of my kids, of my grandkids and of me…………….if she saw fear in me she would not let anyone in or around us……………..

  8. as a person that shares a home with a husky, no. They are the best of friends and thats it. They are adventurous as well.

  9. can we pet a husky only in home …. because in ksa there is no trend for outing much … only for a walk 2days a week … so can we pet husky? like totally at home? With love and care ….???

  10. I remember having some friends over at my place, texted them to not worry about the dog because the dog itself would welcome them, but he started barking at them. Then I told them that he may be barking but he won't bite, well I was wrong about that too. It may be common but not all huskies are friendly to strangers, do not be mislead with the whole "all huskies are friendly to strangers" idea like I was 🙂

  11. you say that huskies don't make good guard dogs well they aren't good guard dogs but they will protect their owners

  12. and just to tell youif you like put an doll on an string and say attack they might do it who ever saying it buy the way have an great summer

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