Do Dogs Even Have Brains?

okay guys serious debate topical question we have going on we had a big Twitter feud over this I tweeted do dogs have brains because I like seriously wanted to know and there's a huge debate ah hell broke loose it was like the Cristero war in 2013 it was correct Christ so basically behind I'll give you a little bit of story behind my question so I was like of course dogs are are mammals right yeah dogs are mammals or humans or no they're not human they're part of the animal kingdom that God created I love you Jesus but then I wonder like okay dogs can't talk so do they have brains like yes they wah but it's because we're telling them to walk just like if I were to tell my computer to turn off it would turn off like it doesn't mean my computer has a brain do you know what I mean so they don't talk and then so if someone's like no they have brains does like Kay but they can't talk so what how how do you explain that like how do you explain having a brain but not being able to talk that was the first question and to is they're kind of scary like I love all God's creatures and I see you know other human beings and I can just find so much love for them but I'm so terrified of dogs I'm so beyond scared of dogs that I actually like will you know go on a different sidewalk or like go out of my way to avoid dogs because they're scary and so then I think is this you know Christian intuition saying like this is not a creature or God I don't know but the main thing is is I think we're all a little confused at and if you guys can shed light I would be really interested to hear what you think if dogs have brains or not and can it scientifically if you prove it I don't know but I think it's a really interesting topic I think people on Twitter just like to hate sometimes and they're a little confused but you know it's it's a serious like issues like a serious question because if they're not human or they don't have brains like why are they on this earth is it you know for is there life on another planet you know I mean these are all questions you have to consider when asking these things and I don't want to get too philosophical on it being like oh where did we all come from what happens when the world ends is it just black is it just blank like what happens you know I don't know dogs are freaky and I hear a dog barking like dogs no I don't like them and I think they just want to attack I've been attacked by dogs like three times also leads me to believe that they don't have brains cuz why would they rip off my face at two years old like literally two pitbulls worked off my face in Moreno Valley California my mom had to like call the cops she ran out the baseball bat it was intense like if they have brains they just want to do that and I don't feel like if they were God's creatures they want to do that but then again maybe they have free will so maybe they do have brains I don't know let me know what you think in the comments below and hopefully we can figure this out it's been bothering me for like ever

45 thoughts on “Do Dogs Even Have Brains?

  1. Dog do have Brains ?. just because they can’t talk doesn’t mean they don’t have a brain dumb girl. I should be asking if you have a brain because this question you just asked is common sense and apparently you don’t have that.

  2. Dogs can talk, they bark. So if a deaf person can't talk, because they can't hear their own voice, do they not have a brain?

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  5. Well…are they breathing? Are they walking? The brain sends signals to the muscles, heart, organs, etc. So yes they have brains. Everyone does

  6. Good thing you got them big ol melons cuz you sure don't have any brains in that head of yours.

  7. you made a lot of good points but i can also see the other side of the debate. i guess at the end of the day its just impossible to know either way

  8. Dogs are mammals dogs are humans. No they sent humans but you know. But dogs don’t talk. So do they have brains?

    it’s a serious issue
    They don’t have brains
    They don’t talk

    So.if they don’t have are they alive? The brain is connected to everything including the heart and the lungs. Go talk to a scientist or a veterinarian
    Ly still xx

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