DO DOCTORS ANNOY NURSES? (Doctor Vlogging in Hospital)

hey guys I'm Siobhan first year medical resident I figured today we could talk about how doctors and nurses get along specifically the things that doctors do that really annoy nurses so it's really tough as resonance because we just kind of parachute into these ICU teams which are really well formed they all know each other well they know how things work and we just need to figure out how it goes on the fly really quickly the reason that I think this is so important is because this is a team and if we work better together communicate better together it should be better for patient care so let's go figure this out okay so number one pet peeve that doctors will do not introducing yourself when you come into a patient's room like I was telling you before there's a doctor that walked into my room this morning wearing a winter jacket boots no ID on him whatsoever came up and started reaching for my chart instantly and I was like hi sorry why are you touching my chart who are you like any indication any indication yeah introduce yourself introduce yourself to the patient to the nurse we can do that we can do better at that I was gonna also add it just shared workspaces but sometimes when you're thinking and you're thinking for a really long time that space it just there's a lot ya don't want people and sometimes you just need just we we need that space do1 we have yeah you but you're actually working on oh it's a shared space obviously and we all respect that for each other I'm just saying usually keep this with phone even if someone needs some paging up sighs yeah and you're anyone if you're walking down the hall phone rings just like you pick it out you're part of the team look I see you hang on I'll get you somebody else yeah usually what happens is you sit in the workspace you're taking up this workspace and we're probably sitting there like okay we'll find out we'll do something come back they're still there the phone's raining nobody's answering but there's still only workspace phone still ringing well so this is actually very useful to hear all these things just even as a reminder so let's go see if there's some more nurses that have a minute to give us their feedback so number one pet peeve things that doctors do they just hate okay maybe not number one but when residents or doctors just hop on your computer and look of all these different patients under your name my license so thanks guys yeah that's really bad that's really bad yeah so what would be number one piece of advice that you would give to residents just community communication is key communication and patient safety respect for your colleagues and not don't think of yourself as more in hierarchy again when I worked in the ward there's definitely a hierarchy between physicians and nursing staff aware is hanging it's kind of like you're not my boss no more we have to work together we're a team we all and I think some doctors forget that I'm here mainly as a patient advocate yeah and I spend 12 hours a day with them yeah as the callers do with their families whereas you guys yes you're all highly intelligent but you have numerous other patients to see so just kind of taking you to a consideration what nursing staff and other members of say so won't be your number one piece of advice for new residents like like me carry around an awareness of how immune to privacy invading people's privacy nudity things that are just commonplace in the hospital it you know what we're all guilty of it walking through that curtain not strong because we're trying to address a patient issue and patients and their families nurses at the bedside we really appreciate just like a quick hello from the other side of the curtain hey it's dr. so-and-so do you mind if I come in I wouldn't walk up to your room and you're like just walking the door of your bedroom you don't right like it's not just seems what are you changing or anything right just knock it's the same yeah alright so pet peeve from doctors well one of my pet peeves that I have experienced is that the doctor will come in through a procedure requiring you know sterile towels and a dressing tray and lots of sharps and sutures and and you know they'll they'll leave it all they'll they'll do the procedure and then they'll leave and leave the nurse to clean up everything and I mean really they should take care of the Sharps and ask where can I put these things I'd be glad to tell them yeah that's so incredibly reasonable and a good reminder so just being aware of everyone around that's participating in wrong so so not like doing this so as a nursing student many other things a doctor soon I just really bothered you um as a nursing student I wouldn't say I've had too many negative experiences yet I would say a lot of them are positive you guys are very informative and easy to talk to so overall positive experience with residents that's awesome we'll see you like what asking you in like five years yes thank you so much to all the nurses who helped out with this film it was fantastic it was really fun and it gave me a lot to sort of think about and good reminders don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already and I will be chatting with the guys next week so bye for now

37 thoughts on “DO DOCTORS ANNOY NURSES? (Doctor Vlogging in Hospital)

  1. The only thing that ever really bothered me(This is from working on an ambulance) was doctors that would scold quickly and publicly during hand-offs, only to get the whole story and then apologize later in private…meanwhile everyone else thinks you screwed up and are not good at what you do. Mortifying experience.

  2. It's interesting that nurses want to be respected by doctors when they treat everyone else like shit! I worked as a hospital pharmacist for 25 years and everyday I was told it was my fault, medication/IVs missing. Then go up stairs to find it where it was supposed to be. Hypocrisy at it's finest! For fun, ask a nurse how many lives they saved today without the cumbersome doctor around…it's usually 5-6 a day. In and out of the hospital. Fun!

  3. Bad bedside manner, rude ICU nurses bad emergency room service. Long awaits in the inpatient unit after you exit the Post anesthesia care unit. Never had physician problems though

  4. YES to answering the phone that's ringing right in front of your face for the last 30 secs lol, YES to cleaning your shit away after your procedure lol… and for goodness sake, put the bloody charts back when you're finished with them instead of just leaving them laying around where ever, getting up and walking off. ?? xxx

  5. Only bad experience I have had is when I was a student i was doing meds (mind you that this was ltc unit of 44 patients to give meds too and dress about 10 wounds)
    The resident doctors came in, and instead of taking time to read charts I had them chasing me around asking me a billion questions of Information on patients that is right in their charts….. very annoying as I was trying to complete my job and not make med errors
    I fell very behind that day

  6. Thank you for the video! It's an amazing one. And how I really wish that everyone in the hospital is like you! You're so friendly, approachable, you have a very good personality and an A+ communication skill. Btw, Nurse Amy is such a sweetheart!

  7. Hey girl! binge-watching your videos and I hope you notice my comment! I'm up in northern Ontario. I have crohns, and when I first started getting sick, the doctors would never take me seriously because I was 17 at the time. they told me it was all in my head. 8-9 months later I was diagnosed with severe crohns in the ileum. after I had doctors tell me it was all in my head, and to stop faking.

  8. I work night shift and some doctors are quite mean and rude the ones who answer the phone, and some just dont bother calling back.

  9. 2:44 There is no way that is not a friable offense. Or at least taken up by a member of management/board.

  10. I am a nursing student (about to graduate, yay!) And I will say that I have had some experiences with residents and seasoned doctors. I've had doctors just walk in to my patient's room while they were very much naked and I felt so powerless saying anything. The hospital I frequently have clinicals at is ranked by a hierarchy and I feel as though I don't have a voice. I felt like I had to apologize to that patient for what the doctors did, which was so rude.

    Thank you for being an advocate to us. You are going to make one fine doctor. I wish I could work with you, but maybe someday

  11. there's so much doctor and resident hate in the comments here. can we please have some real videos about life as a resident doctor? It might be different in the US than Canada. $400,000+ in debt for college, grad school, and med school because I didn't have anyone to help pay for my school? making a measly $50,000 per year for 4 years, watching my debt rise, and working 80+ hour weeks and having to lie about my hours and pretend I'm working less? constantly being sh*t on by admins, patients, attendings, other residents, and every other healthcare employee in the hospital because they think doctors are all rich with bougie lifestyles? High rates of suicide? please stop being a part of the problem making videos where as usual, residents/doctors are the targets.

  12. The hierarchy mentality is also pretty antiquated. Yes, in the early days of modern western medicine, the idea was that doctors were "above" nurses, but a lot has changed as medical science and the doctor and nursing professions (among many others) have evolved. Nowadays, a hospital functions based on whose job it is to do what. The doctors have their jobs, the nurses have theirs, so do the paramedics, etc. They are all equals with various job-based responsibilities, skill sets and educations. They are a team.

  13. My mom was a nurse for almost 40 years, God rest her soul, and I'm sure she would have a few constructive things to say on the subject. Total respect for nurses, always.

  14. Can you do a vid about the dynamics between clinical/non clinical staff? I have worked as a coder/biller, cbo analyst, among many other roles. When I was a patient advocate/case mgr the nursing staff were hostile (PAD asked us to not speak with nursing staff) while the PAs/MDs were approachable.

  15. I’m from Nepal and I’m an nursing student too and while in hospital posting I find young nursing staff being addressed as “sisters” by the doctors who are quite old and professional.I find it little weird and just want nurses to be addressed formally in professional way.Though it depends upon how one takes it. But being a student I can’t stand being called as “sister “

  16. Please don't yell because I'm calling you overnight. I would love to be in bed as well, but if I'm waking you up it is for a good reason.

  17. Now, you should go and ask all of the porters that sorts of things residents do that drive us crazy!! ? I have a long list, an even longer list for nurses. Haha.

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