Do Cats Walk On Foil? An Experiment.

Most cats don’t like the sound or the feel of aluminium foil. Is it true? Let’s do an experiment! What’s happened to our floor? Sniff-sniff! How can I get out of here? I need to think… What a difficult situation! I can’t get around on the right… …on the left too! So what should I do? Think-think!
You are a smart cat!
There are no hopeless situations! This way? No…. Jump over? Wow! I stepped on it with my paw! This is a minefield! I must be careful! Some kind of crunch comes from below! Any other way? It seems there are no other options! Okay … I have to get out already! Calm down, no panic! It crunches under my paws, but so far it’s OK The main thing is to be careful! I’m keeping my eyes open! Oh! I was almost scared! And here I was scared! What was it? Be careful! Walk calmly to the exit! I almost got it! Yeahhhh! I managed to get through this crunchy minefield!

100 thoughts on “Do Cats Walk On Foil? An Experiment.

  1. But whether her voice calms or scolds, she is always rich and profound. This is his charm and his secret ? beautiful Pusic ?

  2. Next time, lay down patterned gift wrapping paper. My late cats went bonkers because the pattern (metallic kaleidescope) deceived their visual acuity. ????

  3. Ein sehr interessantes und aufschlussreiches Video. Katzen sind sehr schlaue Tiere. Ich mag eure schönen Videos. Es gibt vieles, was ich noch nicht kannte.

  4. Пусик, конечно же, унюхал, кто ему устроил эти нервы… Жди в тапки!

  5. Pusic seems to instinctively recognize that the foil shows some similarity to thin ice. He was smart to be cautious.

  6. That little test was challenging for the Cat but he made is through – Top Marks…but who thinks these things up……mind boggling……xxxx?

  7. Wow! I was surprised for HOW LONG Pusic was standing at the other end, thinking, walking back and forth reluctant to step on this shiny surface. Wow! Cats do indeed hate dealing with the foil. Cool experiment!

  8. Now, try it again but, put a circle in the middle and see if that traps him! LOL…
    I would think that if he were to experience this a few times, he would get used to it and the foil wouldn't bother him much after that…

  9. Зделай экспиремент натуральное сухое мясо против кошачьего корма ?

  10. Как же я люблю кошек, но из-за жуткой аллергии, я не могу себе их завести.. ?

  11. My cat loves foil. She comes running at the speed of light when someone has foil. Once I was wrapping something up and I dropped a price of aluminum foil on the ground. I blinked and it was gone. I saw my cat running with this shiny thing in her mouth so I tried to run after to take it away. She's done this multiple times and we don't know where the foil goes ???

  12. Poor Pusic ! After teethbrush, aluminium foil ! But you are brave and smart and you finaly took up the challenge ! Bravo Pusic ! You are a wonderful cat. I love you so much.

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