Do Cats Experience Grief?

[MUSIC PLAYING] We’re going to move on to
another comment submitted question. She says my oldest kitty
Max passed away last week, and my two younger cats
are acting unusual. Max’s BFF, Lydia, is sad,
sleeps more than usual, and is gnawing on
the furniture, which she hasn’t done for years. Mason, not such a great
buddy, also seems sad. He’s acting out and pushing
things off tables and counters. How can we help our
grieving kitties? Yeah, I mean that’s–
I feel for you guys. I mean there’s nothing like what
losing an animal feels like it. People who don’t have
animals in their life have no idea what
we’re talking about, but it is a kind
of grief and a kind of a hole left in you that we
can’t really describe well. So I really– my
prayers to you guys. Now, for the guys that are
left behind, here’s the thing. I mean I liked the fact that
you use the term grieving cause it’s exactly what it is. And we all have our
own way of doing it. Acting out through pushing
stuff off tables is one way. Retreating, becoming less
social is another way. What can you do
as their guardian to get them through it? Just get them through it. You know that it’s a
process, just like if you had that process,
and you do what you can to get them
moving through it. I always butcher
this line that’s Winston Churchill, who said, if
you’re in hell, keep walking. Just make sure that you’re
moving through the process, and you don’t get stuck. Animals are supremely
qualified in doing that. They don’t have a
whole thought process that we have that
hangs us up in memory. These guys are
always moving toward. The biggest thing for you is
to get through your grieving. You’re looking at your cats and
being reminded of your loss. And you have to
remember that in order to ask your cats to move
through their process, you’ve got to move
through yours. And it is so awful,
and I know it is. But I encourage you
to put your attention on the ones that are
living and their routines. Lydia is reacting in a way
that we can do nothing about. We can just be there for her. Your boy on the other hand,
get him involved in play in a directive way. If he’s knocking things off
tables, maybe your older one was giving him an
energetic outlet that he doesn’t have
anymore, and now, you got to pick up that slack. And also, when you
pick up that slack by initiating play by doing
more activities with him, you’re also taking that
place of the other cat, too. Remember when someone leaves
a cat social structure, in some way, shape, or
form chaos will erupt, and all you can do
is walk through it. The other thing I was
going to tell you, again– and this is turning into
episode Spirit Essences, but this is one of
those things that we use Spirit Essences for
both Stress Stopper, there’s another formula
called Trauma-Free that has worked really
well for cats suffering a post-traumatic thing
like if the grieving is going on for quite a while. Those two are the formulas
I would take a look at. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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  1. I was playing a game and my cat was fine the whole day, not sick, sleepy, nothing and at 7:30 he had a heart attack in front of me when no one else was there. He was alive for over half of my life, he was 7 in human years

  2. Cat in an Empty Apartment – W. Szymborska

    Die—you can’t do that to a cat.
    Since what can a cat do
    in an empty apartment?
    Climb the walls?
    Rub up against the furniture?
    Nothing seems different here
    but nothing is the same.
    Nothing’s been moved
    but there’s more space.
    And at nighttime no lamps are lit.

    Footsteps on the staircase,
    but they’re new ones.
    The hand that puts fish on the saucer
    has changed, too.

    Something doesn’t start
    at its usual time.
    Something doesn’t happen
    as it should.
    Someone was always, always here,
    then suddenly disappeared
    and stubbornly stays disappeared.

    Every closet’s been examined.
    Every shelf has been explored.
    Excavations under the carpet turned up nothing.
    A commandment was even broken:
    papers scattered everywhere.
    What remains to be done.
    Just sleep and wait.

    Just wait till he turns up,
    just let him show his face.
    Will he ever get a lesson
    on what not to do to a cat.
    Sidle toward him
    as if unwilling
    and ever so slow
    on visibly offended paws,
    and no leaps or squeals at least to start.

  3. Ok, I know that I'm sure of it. I had 2 cats smokey and Simon they knew each other since the day they where adopted but when Simon died smokey kinda fell back on to me and seemed well crazy, and sad.

  4. When my cat had three kittens, I kept them all. one died of a rare disease and Sassy, the Mom cried for days. Her other two are very close and if something happens to me, they must stay together. Consider keeping Mom with at least one kid and adapt the Mom with one or two when possible. Mom cats grieve when kids are all gone..

  5. I just found out yesterday that my 10month old female has leukemia and her time is limited. I'm devastated. My older male is already being aggressive towards her. Should I keep them apart until her time comes?

  6. one of our cats died suddenly last year. our other cat spent about 2 months calling out for him at night and constantly searching for him, the dog was very upset as the cat was his buddy. but after awhile, the cat began taking some of the mannerisms of the deceased cat. maybe she understood that my wife needed her. And started interacting with her in the same ways the other cat did

  7. Jack Jackson, I know this sounds stupid because I know you're a musician but this is actually the first time I've ever heard your voice was saying out the session today. I think you're fantastic please sing some more on your videos thank you.

  8. z in the last eight years I've had over 15 major surgeries 9 of those in last 2 years and of course your body when you're going to that kind of physical trauma you can to get depressed as it has been for my two boys My Two Kitties buddy and Gremlin his a girl I would be dead by now I'd kill myself cuz it's just so hard to get through it but I know you can't work and all of this but it's my it's been my boys I love them and yeah we both have lost some but they have been my major comfort and my support through all this.

  9. My cat died this week by a car accident… I feel terrible. Many people said to me that it is good to show his dead body to his sister, she also lives in my house. I didn't do that, it wasn't him anymore… Have I did the right thing? I really don't know if cats stil recognize if the other cat is cold, and bloody.. Damn. I feel terrible.

  10. Oh god. Some years ago I was blest to live with a feline. His name was Paddy. I often referred to him as my Angel-Cat. He was the Feline Teacher who taught me the lesson of “Unconditional Love". When he passed on bloody heck my heart was wounded in a way it had never been before. It was well over 7 years before I could even conceive of wanting to live with another feline. We took in another cat around then. I didn't bond with her immediately. That didn't happen until well into a year later. The reason, I still hadn't gotten over Paddy. But eventually I did move on enough to have a decent relationship with her. Her name was Calico. And she passed on a few years ago. And long story short. My husband and I now live with a feline a very intelligent feline who is “A Heartbreaker". Why you may ask? Because I know when my “Beautiful Baby Boy" as I often call him eventually one day( and I hope it's a long, long time to come) passes. It will break my heart as I've fallen absolutely in love with him?

  11. despite being very young, perhaps somewhere between the ages of four and six years old when one of my two family cats passed away, I can still remember some of the grieving patterns my remaining cat went through. litter mates, brother Burlington and sister t
    Tobermory, were starkly different in personality but still close with one another. Burly was definitely a napoleon cat, while Toby was most assuredly a wallflower. Burlington did not show anywhere near as much care for Toby as Toby did him; he often tormented her and drove her back under beds and cupboards. Burly lived a much shorter life than Toby. after Burlington's death Toby took to crying, losing fur excessively, eating less and losing weight, and pulling away from the very few people she trusted. it was heartbreaking, it truly was, but I believe her grief and her eventual healing played a major role in her transition into a good old mojito cat. the pain of later losing Toby was indescribable. 17 years old, she had diabetes, kidney failure, was deaf and I believe she was going blind in one eye. she was my sweetheart and best friend, I held her in the car on the way to the vet, and I was the only one who could keep her calm. I told her everything was going to be alright and how much I loved her, and I pet her and soothed her until her pupils widened and I knew she was gone. it's been years, perhaps seven or eight years now, and I still cry when I think about her. I believe she still knows I love her dearly. the imprint of her paw we were given after her death is on the list of tattoos I'm going to get once I have the money. this video was hard to watch but I'm altogether glad I did. thanks for this.

  12. Of course cats grieve. I find it more heartbreaking than grieving humans because animals don't understand why their buddy who was always beside them isn't there anymore, it breaks my heart to see them looking for them. Animals are so smart and sensitive, sometimes I think they know more than us. I don't really believe in the supernatural, but after my dad died our cat would often sit on the couch in the evening and fix one particular spot under the ceiling. I don't know what she saw, but one evening when I was sleeping on the couch I strongly felt the presence and love of my father. Don't know what to make of it, but I felt better afterwards.

  13. hi Jackson just wondering if u could help I have a lovely cat called lighting but he makes strange noises with a konga toy which has catnip but he is humping it thanks Julie

  14. In 11/2015 we lost 2 of our cats in a condo fire. 1 of our surviving cats mourned for nearly a year by going to our inside patio at dusk and WAILING in a sad sad cry. Mr The Baby, one of the cats that passed, was his father figure and best friend. He (Impy) also still has major anxiety, that's getting better slowly & his impish nature & play brings us such joy. Thankfully, our other cats have recovered very nicely, including YUKI, who was lost outside for a month, after the building was demolished. Our FAMILY FIRST motto includes our feline line ☺. Much love to all the fellow cat lovers out there ~♡~

  15. Very good advice. my father died less than a month ago. while he was in the hospital, Sheba wouldn't go far. she started meowing strangely and looking in the air in all directions. Looking at Pop's spot. I was so in my own grief, I didn't. see it. one thing she did was bring a mouse home and put it on the welcome matt on our front porch, right inside the "O" five years into having here and That's a first. Sheba is helping me a lot…and honestly I felt our home was just a house with just me in it, but I think I got the message that I'm not the only one grieving here, Pop adored her as one would a child…now she meows as if distressed at times.

  16. We lost our 15 year old cat three months ago and our other cat started meowing really loud and laying in the spots Milo used to lay in and just sleeping all day and chewing on random stuff around the house but I watched a few of your videos and got her a new toy that makes her jump up in the air so she's worn out at night so she's not screaming like she was

  17. My Gracie came to live with me and my best friend,, Mabel the Boston terrier last December. Mabel was 14 years old , mostly blind, and had some arthritis. But she liked Gracie and Gracie loved her. Loved her. Worried about her. Appointed herself as caretaker.
    last month Mabel passed on. Gracie grieved so bad. She searched the house over. She cried. Laid in Mabel's place. Hugged Mabel's toys.
    She's doing better now, but last week my sister was here and we were talking about Mabel. Gracie started crying again.
    They don't forget.

  18. my cat died by pit bulls and ever since my other cat wouldnt let me near her.any help please i would like to re establish a good relationship with her.i cried and cried for a week until school called and i had to get over with it.yes i do hate pit bulls because of this and i never let my cat outside since the same dogs are next door

  19. Our yorkie died at 9. We'd raised him from a puppy and gotten our sphynx cat when he was about 7. My cat knew he was going. She stopped teasing him and wouldn't make him chase her because she knew he was having trouble breathing. She was the first animal he had ever gotten along with, and after he passed away, we hardly saw our cat for months. She wouldn't play. She just slept and only showed up at night to follow me to bed.

  20. It bothers me when people think animals are stupid or not worth it, or not as good as humans. (I can't recall the exact concept they use because it's foreign to me.) I myself love cats more than any human I've ever met, more than myself, and I wish I'd gone vegan earlier in life. There is no difference or separation and I've lost a furbaby…. it hurt so badly because you just feel "what if I had done x differently…" and you can't change it. You just have to remember they loved you as much as you love them.

  21. My cat Tigr passed on in December. I am a very large man and told I am tough as nails. I cried so hard when he passed. Salem and Notso got to see him pass and Salem gave him his last bath. For weeks I was sad but the other two were devasted. Salem would walk around meowing (he has a great deep meow) and do things like sniff at Tigrs toys and his bed. I noticed when I started to recover from the loss the other cats did as well. We walked through it together. Salem Saberhagen has a new Kitten (rescued) and Notso Precious really grew out of his misbehaviours. Now we have Princess Peaches Buttercup of Upper London and she is a great addition to our family. We did however put Tigrs favorite toy away and sometimes Salem (if he is Sad) will smell it and then his mood will change. I do not care what people say, animals remember and have feelings.

  22. This guy rocks! He knows cats so well and his vids have helped me immensely in understanding mine, and as a result, we are so bonded to each other that you would have to see what i mean. I could not bear having a life without a cat <3

  23. My baby, my cat cleo is the oldest living cat of her three siblings. Her twin past away of unknown cases several years ago, then her brother past away recently. And I'm afraid she'll soon join them. For she is showing a lot of signs that she doesn't have long in this world(but she is old so it's expected). My main problem is that we have another cat who already suffers from some emotional problems, and I was wondering is their a way to prepare her for cleos passing? Where it won't totally distroy her?

    On of my other cat's problem is she has severe abandonment issue where if my mother leaves for more than a day she will make her self physical sick, and she's never spent any time away from cleo since we got her as a kitten. So it dose scare me alot.

  24. I had two cats, 2D (12yo) and Bridget (19yo), but Bridget passed away in July. Since then, 2D has gotten much louder. Even though Bridget didn’t like him much, he’s lived his whole life with other cats, so now he’s alone for the first time. Hopefully this video will convince my mom to not rehome him (she’s really actually considering that) and, like, pick up a goddamn toy.

  25. Having lost several kitties over the is never easy. My last one…Tenchi…would be 22 now had a stroke September last and loathe that I am to do it…I put him down because he was already gone..but his little body did not know it.

    We had gotten him a new friend when he lost his last buddy about 10 months before…and spent three nights yeowling. (At 21 his little mind was abit fuzzy) And we got a young gray shorthair from local rescue place. It made his remaining time pretty good…but when he went..our little girl was heartbroken…and though we mulled over the thought of another cat…I realized that Tenchi was gone…after having full and happy life. His little soul was at peace but thankful for his parents….and I knew there was another little soul out tgere who needed the love we gave Tenchi. We need kitties in our life…just as Truffles..our little gray did too.

    We got a pair of 6 month old brothers for Truffles…who in her youth was an abandoned cat and did not have much of a childhood. The boys..Jonah and Jackson..are long hair black…affer some adjusting are the perfect fit. They love their big sister…and her…with some exasperation of tgeir bolsterousness..loves them too. Our family is more complete…and my wife and I feel very fortunate to have got all three from the same rescue group.

  26. Yes, cats do experience grief!!!! Pageant my neighbor's cat!!! His brother Rudy had to be put to sleep last year due to illness!!!! Pageant gets upset and cries!!! He misses his brother very much!!!!

  27. I have 2 cat, one of them is stolen about 2 week ago, and the other is griefing to the point she got an athsma we went to hospital, after 8 days, just last night she died.

  28. Cats do grieve.

    Two of our Cats, Sarah and Lola, we're there when my sister was sick, died and was found a couple days later after she passed away. They came to us traumatized and grieving. That was 15 years ago and they ended up fine, but at first anything that smelled like my sister had them very confused. They had spent time at a foster home before we got them so I have no clue how they were there.

    Our other 2 cats, Casey and zoey, they were kept alone for 6 months or more from my brother in laws hospitalization and death. When we got them they exhibited stress and abandonment and very needy. They have calmed down in the last couple years we have had them and no longer show the stress/neediness. Some neediness at times, but nothing abnormal now.

  29. I have a cat, Nina, she gave birth to 5 kittens, one died the next day, but one little kitty, like her, black and beautiful, Ellie, she was the only who has name at the beginning, she lived like two weeks and then a night she got sick, Nina, my mother and I were with her until Ellie dies after cry all the night, we can't did anything. Nina is not the same after Ellie's death. She play sometimes, she's cute with us sometimes, but is not like before.

  30. My cat Taz and his brother Joey were like peanut butter and jelly. They loved each other. Joey ended up getting a rare blood disease and was in pain, so the vet suggested we end his suffering. It was so hard for me, because Joey was my cuddle buddy, but I never thought Taz would be so heart-broken. For MONTHS he was depressed and would hardly eat, curled up in his brother's favorite napping spots and was the total opposite of his normal energetic self. He's doing better now, but he still misses his bro.
    And sorry for any typoes. Thinking about Joey made me tear up again. ?

  31. When I was a kid, my family had a beagle and a Tabby cat, which were bffs. One day the dog was missing and Tigger the cat wouldn't eat and he was losing fur. He would go lay on the dog bed that she slept on for hours. We got home some friends to help him. It was sad.

  32. I had a cat as a kid who had only two kittens in her litter and they both died. She refused to eat. You could see it in her eyes she was grieving.

  33. My cat Neelix lived through 3 dog buddies in his 19 years. But when his dog sister died in June of this year, it was the final straw. 1 week to the day we lost Neelix too. He was so lonely, he basically died of a broken heart. Bellas spirit stayed here until Neelix joined her. He had the most mournful meows after his pals left him, it was heartbreaking. ??

  34. We adopted a 2 yr old cat that has recently lost her entire litter of kittens (they were all adopted and she wasn't) and I was watching a animal compilation and that video were the kitten crawls up the guy's leg played, almost immediately she ran into the room and started searching around, I thought this was a coincidence but I wanted to be sure, so I pulled up more kitten videos and she kept running around looking, she eventually found out the speaker was emitting the noise, and she left. She then proceeded to just lay down and not do anything (which is actually really unusual for her). I think she misses her kittens so I will defiantly say they do feel some kind of grief.

  35. My cat is very depressed since her sister died.
    It is heartbreaking as she is losing weight and just crying constantly.
    I have tried everything to cheer her up.
    Breaks my heart.

  36. Years ago, my cat Rosie was hit by a car and my cat Smitty witnessed it. They loved each other! It was horrible to see Smitty literally howling and crying over her body trying to get her to wake up. He wouldn't leave her alone which made it very difficult to bury her because he kept trying to jump in after her. It was heartbreaking to watch but also quite amazing to see how deep their relationships can actually be.

  37. My cat is acting out by pooping in weird places. I understand he is grieving the loss of our older cat, and I want him to grieve, I just wish he didn't include poop into the bargain.

  38. i lost my cat Shawn last year some time but i can not remember want he had to be put down and my other cat Supernatural is acting craz

  39. My cat DeeDee cried (eyes watered) when we showed her Dexter who got run over the night before. She even sat over his grave for weeks after.

  40. My dad was a cat person. He had a cat in the last few years of his life that he brought inside my grandma's house almost every morning during breakfast and for supper. They tell me that after my dad passed, the cat would wait at the front door for him as he always did. After several weeks, I think he realized my dad wasn't coming back. They tell me he had been getting more and more depressed, and wouldn't eat much. Then he just vanished one day, never to return.

  41. We just lost a family member and our kittens are still looking for her, and on occasion they come in and look for the fish tank that held their fishy brother who swam across the rainbow bridge in November.

  42. My cat chased away my other cat..he was happy when he left. Luckily he came back and now my other tom is annoyed but he got used to it!

  43. I worked with this idiot years ago that bragged about killing dogs and cats. He said they were useless after he saw a pic on my monitor of my dog. I went ape ship, I have no respect for people who treat mistreat animals. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats each have their own personality and ways of giving affection. I love my pets. I dispise people, when I'm off work I at home with my wife and critters.

  44. I lost one of my 3 cats his name was Onyx back at the end of January. I am so thankful for our youngest and newest cat Izzy. We have an older cat, Mama. Her and Onyx were inseparable and I think losing him would have been a lot tougher for her if she didn't have Izzy.

  45. I remember when one of my cats died. His buddy used to cry at midnight. I used to sit out with him and give him cuddles to settle him down until he was satisfied. He used to knead into my thoughts which hurt helped him

  46. My cat Cu was a white and grey Caton and he was a devil but he cared and now I don’t know what he feels my profile pic is of a cat saying without my heart aches when your not with me I’ve been hopping that is what he feels to

  47. Cats and dogs are too good for us, they love us no matter what and they feel our pain as well as their own, yet we repay them for their friendship by abusing and neglecting them. Not all of us of course, but many humans do, sadly. I love both dogs and cats but there's something very special about cats and how therapeutic their companionship can be. And I do believe they experience grief and many other emotions just like we do, because you can look into their eyes and see that they have a soul, if not that then something's definitely there. They aren't just mindless shells of flesh, bone, and fur. I also believe they have conscious thought, not to the extent humans do since they don't have an ego or a sense of morality, but they are capable of a special kind of affection because of it. They act solely on instinct so we know their intent is pure, and that's something you can't get from humans because we are too complicated.

  48. A bitch stole my 2 kittens from my house and killed one of them … goldie. She was a 3 weeks old kitten,beautiful and golden with big round eyes. We rescued the elder kitten who was kept in a box and being troubled by 5 people and they just were laughing at our loss and said "breaking news! A kitten died!!" Inspite of knowing that they were our pets,they just threw her body in the dustbin and we dint even get to say goodbye to her. We are still thinking that someone sold her off or so. Hate humans!!!

  49. January 2 of this year I had to put down my 18 year old cat, Skittles, who we have had sense he was a kitten. He had a tumor in his bladder that couldn't be helped. With medication he was able to live two extra months but in the end he knew it was time. He had stopped eating and drinking. Ever sense we put Skittles down my other cats have been acting strange. The older one 16 year old Harpy, who only knew Skittles for six years has become more attached to me and meows a lot more then normal. Where as the younger 9 year old Amber who was a kitten with Skittles has become totally attached to us. She has always been a loving cat but now she has to be with us at all times right next to us or on our laps. She will check under my bed where he use to hide and meow into the closet which was a common place for him to sleep. I have no clue what to do in this. I miss my little man every day but I feel as if Amber's pain is more so. I want to help her but I don't know how. If anyone has any ideas I would be very thankful.

  50. Get THEM through it? I can't even get through what happened.. Back when this was happening I was having a hard time believing he was truly gone bc there were no earthly remains to prove it. There still aren't. You don't want to know about the deal with the remains business.

  51. I know they do. My female kitty never stopped calling for her brother after he passed. To the day she died herself a few years later she’d go into a kind of fit of searching and calling for him. It absolutely broke my heart each time she’d do that. The only way she got through is when we’d comfort her when she’d get like that.

  52. My cat had 3 babies yesterday and today they all died idk what was the reason. Can u all suggest me some tips i can do for her to stay calm ????

  53. I lost my best friend of 12 years together, my companion, my comfort to my anxiety, depression, loneliness, just 5 days ago suddenly at home on my couch in front of my three children and I. My heart hurts so bad, the pain is unbearable. Lucky was named after we rescued her and her litter from a cold snowy wooded countryside and was the runt of the litter struggling the most to keep warm and hungry. She nearly didn’t make it as a kitten so we named her Lucky because she was lucky to survive. I was lucky to call her mine. ??? the day she passed she laid herself against me for awhile then stood up and turned and laid down so she could see my face. I have one regret, had I know she would pass hours later I would’ve put my addicting phone down. I did acknowledge these moments and give her my attention just not fully like I would at times. She knows how much I loved her and I felt her love back. Those little head nudges, soft licks, meows when I’d talk to her. Her soft eyes blinking at me. I’ll never forget you baby girl. Your ashes will be buried with me someday.

  54. I recommend the book 'I will See you In Heaven' by Jack Wintz Cat lovers edition or dog lovers edition, for anyone grieving a lost of a pet family member. It helped me be stronger believing In the hope that I'll be reunited with my feline kids. My babies.

  55. I remember when i took care of my aunts pets, one of them died, i was so sad that i wanted to sleep outside and blamed myself for everything, i was just 8 years old.

  56. I think the worse is not actually knowing what happened to your lost pet. Like my cat. He just went missing and no didn't run away. I think my neighbors did something. Its been 3 years.

  57. I had a brother sister cat I was gone overnight the cats were 20 and were always together. Tippy was a neutered male and was always scared and touchy of things and hard to cuddle pet only. His sister super affectionate. He died when I was gone over night his sister was frantic and screaming and made me follow her I knew something was wrong as she only makes a fuss for food. Boy was that sad Fluffy was sad and clingy. I know have a new kitten and after a week the old gal is being very kind to the little things. It’s been YEars since I’ve had a young one they have all been foundlings.

  58. Many yrs ago I bought a very independent horse wanting a buddy. He was 12 and a stud at the time. I had him gelded and spent hours and literally yrs he is now 38. As a non affectionate animal when my mother died I cried and cried everyday. It was winter and I just sobbed on a grain bucket do you know that horse came over to me and wrapped his neck around my shoulders. I cry thinking about it. This horse would run like the wind I could fall off and he would keep running the eyes glazed in his glory. One of the few moments but he loves me. Even if he acts like he doesn’t so of course hey have feelings.

    A young one bit me when I didn’t feed him quick enough and I spun and you only get 10 seconds for them to be corrected. All 7 of the others watched as I did my best to catch and murder the 900# beast. It’s like they laughed. Animals are so much more interesting than some people realize.

  59. So my brothers cat moved owners to my sister for a year what does he need to be comfortable in this process

  60. I had a Kitten that ran away 4 months ago… We were just to celebrate his 1st birthday the day after..:(

  61. Yes they do. My brother in law had a cat but they had to not only move out of their home but away from each other. Charlie the cat was gone within a month grieving for his home and human

  62. i was watching video of my cat that died 3 years ago and bodhi y other cat who lived with her put his paw on the screen to pet her

  63. I don't think they're grieving because of these two reasons:

    1. They don't understand the concept of death.

    2. They don't care for others as individuals. Your cat may love his owner because the owner provides him with food and shelter, but he doesn't love YOU. If someone else replaced you as his owner, the cat would love him just as much. And the same's true for a cat's feline companions, I guess. They love to hang around with other cats, but they don't love the specific individuals.

    And don't forget: your cat (and your dog) will eat you when you die.

  64. He nailed it with this one . They DO in fact grieve just as much as we do but in their own way . I recall a few years ago when one of my rescue cats that I had bottle-fed raised went missing after a few feral dogs came through the neighborhood causing chaos and destruction wherever they went .

    I called animal control but they told me there weren't any leash laws for my area and they wouldn't do anything about it .

    One day my best bud (Sharpie) didn't come home which was right after those dogs came through my neighborhood and tried to attack me in my own backyard .

    For several weeks I searched high and low looking for him but without success .I posted signs all over and went door to door asking if anyone saw him .I went to the humane society and checked all the ads on various local websites but nothing .

    I would go through the woods looking for him but nothing was found ,not even his break away collar .Every time I would go looking for him ,his litter mates would join me . Several times they would call out to him loudly just as I would or they would disappear for awhile looking for him which would scare me when they did but I also knew they could navigate places I couldn't because of the thickness of the underbrush .

    Cats and dogs are every bit as emotional as we but they show it in their own way but much of it is familiar to us . After all they're mammals like us and we share much more than people seem to realize sometimes .

    I often see stories about our desire to want to know if there's life out amongst the stars and how we've been trying to communicate with extraterrestrial life but yet what about the intelligence right here beside us here on Earth ? We have yet to learn the languages of our cousins who share this planet with us but yet we think we can communicate with another intelligent civilization out there ?

    How can we possibly understand another intelligent race of beings if we can't even understand our own species sometimes or our furry cousins ?
    I recall as a kid I was so excited about this idea about alien life forms and being able to understand them ,but then it occurred to me that we already have several intelligent creatures right beside us that we have no idea of what they are saying to us .

    Animals communication is variable and complex . Cats in particular have several ways they use communication with each other and only recently have we understood what some of those ways are or what they mean .

    It's my belief that the more we understand the animal kingdom the better we'll be able to understand another alien civilization who may have traits similar to us or any number of creatures here on Earth but I digress .

    My mom passed away this last March and it's been hard because we were so close to each other .Our cats have shown their grief as well . The three other litter mates who are now 3 years old were raised with the assistance of my mother as well and so they were close to her as much as I . If they weren't with me they were sleeping on her bed or wheelchair .She was an amputee and after several surgeries developed what is commonly known as post operative dementia or POD for short. She was my biggest influence in my life and I got most of the animal skills from her .I was always around animals all my life . She used to be a veterinarian and used to breed and show German Shepherds and Smooth hair Fox Terriers . So I was always exposed to animals but cats came later in life for me . I was always interested in their behavior and how different they were from dogs plus I liked how clean they were in comparison . After years of keeping dogs she followed my interest in cats and took a keen interest in them .
    We used to talk about cats and animals in general a lot when she was in better health.

    Even though she wasn't able to verbalize things like she used to be able to,she still was able to find comfort in our cats and could communicate with them in ways I hadn't seen before or even heard about . She was an amazing person who taught me much about life and about our connection to the animal kingdom . I miss her terribly ?

    Months later our cats still find some sort of comfort in sleeping where she had been and sometimes they see things I can't and act as if they're being petted by someone . One of those cats (Cleo) likes to stand up and go into love mode nudging against my hand whenever I hold it up for her so she can mark me as hers
    and will be on her hind feet for quite some time until he's satisfied with the loving she's given.

    Lately out of nowhere I saw her do this several times and it spooked me and my son .There was nobody else nearby and she was clearly meowing at something or someone or receiving affection from someone we couldn't see.
    I really don't think that she's doing that for no reason at all .

    Jackson is correct when he says they're misunderstood and often thought of as bad or even evil by some . I don't understand how people can think of them as evil at all . I've met people who have that belief and it always strikes me as total ignorance and some sort of religious indoctrination but I digress in that one .

    We have a lot in common with our feline friends but a lot to learn about our animal relatives in general I think .
    Some of my closest friends in life have been animals and especially with regards to cats . Also cats do in fact cry . Maybe they don't like we do but they do cry and shed tears .??
    Speaking of which the natives are getting restless and I have been reminded that it's time for breakfast .. LoL ?
    Peace to all and have a great day .? ?

  65. I've seen cats mourn for pets that aren't even feline–aren't even mammals. I once had a chameleon named Daedalus who was best friends with my cat Paul. Daedalus got a tumor, and he passed away (there was nothing anyone could do about it). Paul first went to his enclosure and looked around it–like he was searching for him, then started running around my house, from room to room, meowing. Eventually, he just stopped and came to sit on my lap. You can laugh all you want, be we cried together. I loved that lizard and, apparently, so did Paul.

  66. One of my 3 cats has been missing for 6 days (Someone saw him this morning, so we know he's alive) and the other 2 have been acting out. I've definitely attributed it to them missing Dory. Hopefully he'll come home soon. We're moving in 4 days. We definitelt all miss him, but hearing that someone saw him today and he wasn't eaten by coyotes is a huge weight off my heart and a huge answered prayer.

  67. my black and white cat "yaps" passed away today. we don't know what caused it but i think that the fleas made him weaker and weaker to the point where he couldn't eat anymore. we'll miss you yaps. he's in heaven now with his brother "kasey".

  68. Can cats sense when we are sad ? My kitten curls up on my chest when I’m sad and I don’t know if it’s coincidence or not.

  69. My cat as to be put to sleep today it's suprising how it effects you don't think my other cats will be to bothered because they didn't get on but I will miss him.

  70. This video is very helpful to me, because my cat Butterscotch is loosing her marbles running around looking for my other cat Jasmine which unfortunately I had to have her put to asleep tonight she was very sick

  71. Well we adopted the Twins because Fritz the First wasn't OK with his bro's passing. He wasn't thrilled with the demonic duo at first, but he was grooming them within a week.

  72. Yes. My Labrador retriever mourned his older brother. My cats comforted him for 6 months. He then went to live with my son and his wife and he’s like a puppy again. I love him.

  73. When my puppy Mona was killed, my other dog laid in the chair they shared as a bed and made this heartbreaking moaning sound I've never heard a dog make. All we could do is hold her and cry with her. They were so deeply bonded. I am crying as I type this because I still cant think of her 8 years later without choking up.

  74. We just had to take our cat of 18yrs old to the vet to help her have a peaceful end after illness.We were very sad and so was our other younger cat ? this video has been incredibly useful after we have all felt very sad.Thank you

  75. My best friend cola passed away a few days ago. He had kittens and we kept one of the sons (name is teddy) and he seems REALLY upset. They had a very special bond. As cola was crossing the bridge I assured him teddy will be okay

  76. my cat Frodo, died today. we came home in tears with his carrier/box empty. my other cat Bilbo instantly looked at the empty carrier, looked at me and just followed me for the rest of the day. they were always fed together so at dinner i only placed Bilbo's bowl down of food, he looked at it, looked up at the counter where Frodo's bowl was sat and walked off refusing to eat. occasionally throughout the night he would wander all throughout the house searching for his brother and when he couldn't find him he just plonked on my lap and did a really sad mew, it broke my heart to see him lost without his buddy.

  77. I lost one of my fur babies last year. All three had been together ten years. Is it a good or bad thing to let her watch videos of him? Sometimes gives her comfort, other times reactivates her grief

  78. Just lost my cat today after 14 years and I’m worried that my other cat is now going to grieve so bad ?

  79. We just lost our oldest boy this morning. Rusty was 17. I am here now trying to get educated on what our remaining cat may be going through and how to help him. His eyes are as wide as saucers and he's walking around the whole place caterwauling and… almost calling out. We NEED Jackson's advice on this so I'll be up tonight looking for everything I can find.

  80. My cat keeps looking for our other cat that we just gave to a friend and she is acting playful I guess it’s because she’s trying to make him come out and she usually is under my sisters bed and never comes out but now she is everywhere and I don’t know what to do… 🙁

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