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(upbeat music) – Hey guys, how’s it going? Welcome back to another
one of my weekend DIYs. Today is a highly-requested DIY. You guys requested for
me to make a doggy bed, ever since I’d introduced you guys to Harley, my little pomeranian. So today I will be transforming this crate into a doggy bed for Harley. Let’s go ahead and get
started on this project. For materials, you will need
craft paint, wood knobs, paint brushes, wood glue and a crate. If you’re wondering where
I got all these items from, you can check out my blog For the first step, I’m going to knock out two panels of wood so
that way I can create a nice open area for the puppy bed. Now take out a pair of pliers and pull out any sharp staples that
are stuck and left behind. After doing so, wipe the
crate of any chipped wood or any dust and then paint
it on with craft paint. Paint on your first layer, let that dry, for a good 30 minutes to one hour, and then paint on your second layer. You can also paint your
wood knobs the same color, this is optional, you
don’t have to use it, but I like to give this
a nice elegant look, so therefore, I am using the knobs as foot stands for this dog bed. After everything is nicely dry and set, you can take out the
wood glue, or hot glue, and glue each knob onto the corners of the crate, just like so. Here is an extra throw pillow that I will not be using any more. I’m going to cut out one
side of the throw pillow and take out some of the stuffing to make this a little smaller. So that way, it can
fit inside the dog bed. So here’s some extra fabric
that I have stored left, and I’m going to wrap
this around the pillow. Notice that I’m not sewing a pillowcase because I want to be able
to switch this afterward, and throw it in the
washing machine later on. So you can use an old
blanket, a throw, or fabric. For decoration, I’m
going to spray paint this wood plate with a chalkboard paint, and then write the name
Harley with my chalk marker. After that, with my hot glue gun, I’m just going to stick that
to the front of the bed, and that is it, now time to test it out. (calm instrumental music) Alright guys, so that is it for today, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Harley really likes the bed. If you guys enjoyed this don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up, I would really appreciate it. Also, comment below, let us know what other doggy DIYs you would like to see, and follow me on Facebook,
Twitter or Instagram if you want to reconnect with me. And subscribe if you haven’t, I will talk to you guys in my next video, Mwah, ciao. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “DIY Super Easy Mini Dog & Cat Bed | ANN LE

  1. I want1 I have two dogs one is a Pomeranian and the other one is a pitbull German Shepherd the Pomeranian would probably like that bed I probably couldn't Make It or afford it they are still puppy's they aren't even 1 yet the Pomeranian is jealous when she lays in his bed could you make me 1 please I don't I want to see them fight the Pomeranian name is Prince the pitbull German Shepherds name is Bella so I wood love it if you could send me one for both of my dogs pretty please

  2. I love your dog she or he is so cute l also love the bed????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  3. please can you tell me the size of that wooden crate???? I am about to buy one for my Yorkie and other for my little schnauzer

  4. so going to make something like this for my lil pepper cat
    maybe put it on a stand for in front of the window

  5. day 1 with the bed:My cat sniffs it and runs away

    day 2 with the bed: My cat hisses then some stray cats come into my yard and they all attack it.

    wtf my cat. LOLOL. just saying this is a joke it's just how I'll imagine it

  6. Im the kind of Dog mom Who pampers there dog XD I made him a Cupcake (with SUBSITUTE Chocolate) he loved it

  7. I love this idea it turned out so pretty and my fur baby loves it.Since she's a girl we added on some flowers and it is adorable.we also didn't have an extra pillows so we had to make one.But the point is I love this diy and thank you for putting it on youtube

  8. Omg love your dog this helped so much iI have a Pomeranian too, her names Angel. All the other videos I saw were for bigger dogs thanks, I will definitely try this bed. ♥️ your channel!

  9. Omggggggggggggggggg it’s so cute I’m getting a kitten and I want his bed to match my room so this is perfect SOOOOO MANY THX

  10. I might do a pet bed diy video too, if I get a pet because I love how you did the dog bed for your dog. The bed is so cute!!!!!

  11. How can I make sure my puppy goes to the bed though? Like will she know right away that it's for her?

  12. ~I can definitely do that especially with my dad's help he's always been very good at building a bunch of stuff with wood.~

  13. I'm your biggest fan now because I love what you did to that like I love it I just got a puppy and I'm like 11 years old and I'm like I'm so happy and like stinking so Sankey or I can like this three times I would I should I will do it for anything but if I think

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