DIY PVC Pinterest Bird

Quack quack wet & Forget fans! Today we’re making birds out of PVC. This is a longer project so we’re going to grab our gloves and get right into it. First you want to sand down the PVC to remove markings. Next rubberband your template to the pipe, make sure it’s straight and begin to trace. Onto cutting. Using a jigsaw carefully cut along the lines of the template. Toss the remains like a champion. Looking good! Now find your middle and cut straight down the pipe to for the legs. Sand the body down for smooth edges. Flip the body over and cut to separate the wings. This next part requires a vice, heat gun, and pliers. Heat the beak and give it the perfect squeeze to form the head. A nice dip in water will finish the job. Bend those legs! With a heat gun warm up the legs and bend the PVC to give your bird a sweet pair of tibiotarses’. Cool down with a cannonball. After bending each leg form the essential curved neck using a heat gun. Put a bend in your bird! Feel free to mimic the eastern long-necked turtle for the classic egret. Now spread those wings! Using two pairs of pliers, heat up the body and pull from each side. Keep a good grip to prevent premature flight. After a final dip and sanding, you’re onto the feet. This parts easy. Simply heat up the tips of the legs and bend them flat. Finish up with a little dip in the water. Mark the best spot on your brick using the feet and then drill through. Trace your feathers and use the jigsaw to give your bird some bravado. If your bird turns into a teenager and starts arguing about cleaning the room, trim down those feathers to relieve some tude. You want to then grab the heat gun and fluff the feathers by pulling and shaping using pliers. When you’re done, grab a drill and make an eye hole or two and get ready to paint. we left our bird bolted and used tape to cover our brick from spray paint. If you’ve never seen a blue duck before now’s your chance! When spray painting you want to be six inches away and spray in short bursts. Allow to fully dry. Finish up by driving to a friend or family members home in the middle of the night and leaving multiple birds all over their lawn & driveway, they’ll thank you later, trust us!

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  1. I couldn’t get the link for the pattern to work. Please let me know how to obtain the template.

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