DIY No Sew Fleece Dog Bed Tutorial

Hi, this is Jen from Online Fabric Store. Today I’m going to make a dog bed out of fleece that involves no sewing. So let’s get started. The materials you’ll need are: 4 yards of coordinating fleece fabrics, I’m using 2 yards of brown fleece and 2 yards of Puppies fleece fabric, an invisible marker, fabric scissors, 2 pounds or more of stuffing, and a ruler. Fold the brown fleece in half. Measure and mark 36 inches on the fold line, and mark the center at 18 inches. From the center, measure out 27 inches and mark. For a middle point on each side, measure out 21 inches from the center and mark. Connect the points to make a half circle and cut along the line. Other materials that will be more durable than fleece are outdoor fabrics and medium to heavyweight cottons. These fabrics will require sewing because they don’t tie well and fray more easily. Fold the second fleece in half and use the half circle as a template to cut the second piece. Take one of the pieces and cut 3 inch long strips about an inch wide along the half circle. Repeat this for the second piece. Unfold both pieces and place them together with the wrong sides facing each other. Double knot the strips diagonal from each other. Take the strips next to these and double knot over the first knot. Continue to do this around the dog bed leaving about a foot open at the end. Fill the dog bed with the stuffing until you’ve reached your desired fullness. Once it’s full, tie the opening closed. Fluff the bed to even out the stuffing. This size dog bed is made for a small to medium sized dog. You can also use pillow inserts instead of stuffing. Thanks for watching this OFS project.

28 thoughts on “DIY No Sew Fleece Dog Bed Tutorial

  1. Hi I Have A Tiny Dog I Don't Know If U Already Did A Dog Outfit No Sew Vid But If U Did That Be Awesome With Diffrent Dogs Outfits And Sizes Thanks!

  2. Brilliant! Easybway to use some left iver fabrics and make removable covers for a (very messy) dog bed. Thank you for sharing this. Alfie and Bae will be very pleased

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  4. Thanks for the clear concise video. The dimensions you've laid out are pretty much what I need for my project too, as I'm making a cushion to fit inside a hard plastic dog bed and also matching cushion-style cat beds. I have fleece and plan to cut old duvets into four layers and stitch/velcro them together in a few spots so they don't shift and clump. I don't think these beds will be too easy to wash and air dry (due to fleece) as one piece but at least if it's in layers it could be dismantled.

  5. this is great. has anyone washed theirs yet. I'm curious if the filling stays in place or if it gets some what wonky. thanks  for sharing. I love this idea. so easy.

  6. Very hard instructions to follow, just FYI. When uou know what you're doing it's harder to think how someone who has no idea what you're doing is receiving it. This isn't meant as a slam, just feedback.

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