DIY Edible School Supplies!!! *FUNNY PRANKS* Back To School! Learn How To Prank using Candy & Food

– [Both] Oh my gosh! – Well you challenged us
to turn school supplies into DIY edible candy treats. – You need to learn
how to open a bag, bro. – Dude, it’s still spinning! – To make an edible marker,
we need a microwave. – What? – Boom, there we go.
– How did that happen? – Now it’s time to melt
down some chocolate. Here we go. – Alright! – Oh no. You’re kidding me. – Again. (ding) – Well now we’ve got that cleaned up we’ve got one more bag over here. – Oh no, no, no. You cannot do that, no. I will do this. – So here we got some, we’re gonna put it on top of here. Dump it in. Alright, now it’s time to roast ’em. Now that it’s all heated
up we gotta grab it out. Where’s it at? Here we go. Oh, that’s a little bit hot. That’s hot, that’s hot, that’s hot. – You can take three– One. – No! – This is time sensitive! (fastforwarding) Alright, now we take off your cups, and now it’s time to get
rid of this microwave. – Alright! – Yo, there we go! – Alright, cool.
– Perfect. Now we gotta get some color
and we gotta do this quick, so where’s the food coloring? Boom! There we go! Add a whole bunch of green into this one. – Purple– – Now I’m gonna add a whole
bunch of orange over here– (Groans loudly) – Yo, we are almost out of
blue, like this is not good. Alright, got the red,
here we have this one. – Oh no, oh no. – Oh man, there’s a lot
of food coloring in here. Dude, you gotta go quick because
otherwise it’ll coagulate! (pop) – Oh, okay!
– I have big words. Got some straws! – What! Really? We needed those straws–oh! We have these over here. We’re all good. – Alright, here we go. I’m gonna get up some of the blue stuff– (groans) Woahhhh, that’s crazy! – Nice. – We’ve now filled up all the straws. We’ve actually cut them, that
way they’re closer in size to a marker. And now, it’s time to refrigerate them. We’ve now peeled off the
straws and this is what it looks like. It doesn’t look as much like a marker – No.
– as we would have hoped… – But actually, it looks a lot like chalk. So you’re in class, you’re
writing with your marker or your chalk and then you’re like, huh! I’m kind of hungry. So let’s give this a shot. You ready?
– All right. – Three– – (Together) Two, one– – Wait, wait, first: 5 Second Subscribe Challenge. We want to see if you can
subscribe to this channel and turn on the channel’s
post notifications in five seconds. Are you ready? – – [Collin and Devin] Five,
four, three, two, one, done! – Now if you can do
that, comment down below. Keyper Squad, right now. So let’s try this, here we go. Three, two, one. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. It’s so good–oh my god. – It melts in your mouth. – Listen guys, we’re on to the next round. So, step number one! – Oh, dude.
– Cheese! Is we gotta grab these
things and open ’em up. – Bro. – Yee! So the first thing you have
to do is remove the chapstick from the container. So you get a screwdriver like this. You just kinda gotta pop it in. – Wait, where is my screwdriver, bro? – Uh, well we only have one Devi–owww! Dude, that made a huge mark on the table. – Oh really? (groans) Oh! I did it! (groans loudly) – Don’t cut my fingers. Can you please do it? (groans) Yeah, got it.
– Wow! So now we gotta clear out the chapstick, kinda gotta push down. – What? – Oh, man. And then now you’ve gotta
clear out this kind of like, bottom part here. – So why would you go
through the extra steps if you can just poke it from
the back and then you just pop it out like that? And then boom! There you go. Already cleaned and everything, man. – This is ri-donk-ulous. – Alright! What’s the next step? – Devin, I’m still finishing this! (beep) Whoa, my gosh. So now I guess we’ve gotta
pop open a bag of Skittles. Where did that come from? And for this, it’s very important– Oh, I gotta be careful. Gotta be careful. We’ve already had one accident! (slow motion gasping) So now we need to be very
careful because we only want to get 12 red, and 12 yellow. Dump ’em! That’s too many! Now we gotta pop these in
the microwave for 20 seconds. You gonna help me get the
microwave here, Devin? – No–oh. – Oh, my gosh, there we go! The power is in the hand,
it’s all in the slap. High-five me. (slap) Oh man, alright Devin… (slap) Whoa! – Wait, bro, what? – Where’d you get the glasses? – Wait, send me back! – That was like, two seconds! – Send me back! – No! – We need to finish this DIY so… – I was at the beach! – Alright, time to
microwave some Skittles. Can’t see what I’m doing. Alright, now it’s time
to heat it up, so… I think it’s broken. It’s not working. Oh. – There we go. We hear beeps, boops. – All the boops. Now we’re gonna hit start, nope, potato? Oh, 2:22! – What, why? – There’s a lot of numbers,
you’re asking for a lot of numbers, I don’t know what to do! – You’re adjusting the clock! – Oh! Geez it’s on. (beep) Now it has been cooked,
and time to grab it out. Here we go! We have to get rid of
this thing, so here we go. Three, two, one. (loud smack) Bam, there we go! Now you take the top of your
lip balm, grab some olive oil, pop the top, ow! How did it go that way? You gotta put a little bit of
olive oil in it, here we go. Ahh! (laughs) – That scared you? – Dude, you didn’t see how much I put in. So now what you’re gonna
do is you’re gonna place your Skittles in, and
this is really important. As you’re putting them in there
you need to push them down and make sure that they’re breaking. Ahhh, my thumbs! – Alright, so you should be
able to peel this top part out and have a little dome, look at that. – These are gonna be so cool! So now we take this other part here, we’re gonna screw this on. Take your two remaining Skittles,
and you’re gonna push them in the top here and
make them kind of like, spread out on the bottom. For this next part you
need to get 12 more yellow and 12 more red Skittles. Whoop-ah! And there we go! – Really? – Here we go, we gotta smash these in–yo! This screwdriver is
fantastic for this purpose. Okay, so now we’re gonna push our, ow! Oh, I would let them
cool down a little bit. And the final step now is
you’re gonna pop the bottom on. Ohhhh, no no no no no no… – What? – I broke mine! Oh, oh, dude. Phew, thank God it twists. – My fingers are too oily! – And now we recommend that
you pop this in the fridge for a short period of time,
and then you can eat it. Now that it’s cooled off, it’s time to see what it actually looks like. So if you walk into class,
pull this out, no one will have any idea that you’re
about to eat some candy. So here it is, the big reveal. Three, two, one, yuuuuuuuum! This looks like it’s
gonna taste incredible. I can’t wait to eat it. And we’ll be doing that
at the end of the video And right now we are on to the next round. For this round here, we’ve got
some tortillas, so right now let’s make a notebook you can eat. (slap) (whoosh) My bad! So right now, here we go,
I’m gonna grab a notebook. First off, we’ve gotta take
out these spirally thingies. This is like a safe lock… – OW! – Are you okay?
– Ow! (groans) – Man that’s tough. – Bro, you’re scaring me. – Oh my gosh. Okay, well I’m taking the cover off. Wheeee! (cheering) (blows raspberry) (laughs) – Ow, ow, ow! See, I finished it! Dude look, look! It’s done. – For this part here we have our base. This stuff here, that’s
what we’re gonna be using. – That’s mine! – Now it’s time to open
up the bag of tortillas. Okay, great. – Is that seriously the most
efficient way to do that? – These are like little ears! – Are these Dumbo cones? – Yeah, dude! – Oh no! I fell over. I have the tortilla though. – Yay! (beep) – All right, I am back! – You’re like the juggler,
Devin, I can juggle these. You ready? – You can do what now? – Moving on. – Aw, nuts. – Excuse me, sir? I’ve got a hat. – I think you just smacked
yourself in the face. All right, Collin, stay focused, let’s go. – I’m focused. So now we gotta place
our paper on top of it, so now I’m just gonna slice
it, so we go like this. Oh my gosh, this is… – Nice! – Very sharp! – Whoa, oh my God, you’re
really fast with that, bro. You might wanna slow down. – That’s not bad. Definitely not good,
but definitely not bad. Your elbow’s close to me, Devin. Go back that way. I am feeling so confident, your
boy’s about to freehand it. Nothing to give me any idea
of what I’m doing, here we go. One… – Whoa whoa whoa. Are these the pieces of paper? – Two, yep. – Oh, OK.
– Three. Oh my gosh, am I not great, dude? I found my true calling. Well because Devin is
hogging the pizza cutter, I’m gonna have to use this here. – And done. Now you tell me? – Dude, why would you use scissors? Jeeze, amateur move. It just needs one or two more cuts. Maybe five. – Look at my paper! I nailed it. (blows) – I will be so kind as to share
with you my perfect pages. – Oh, thanks man. – Why are you messing up my pages? I gave those to you. – Well, that did not
quite work, so actually I have a different idea. I’m actually gonna make three big holes. We got uno, two, and three. We got some of this stuff
here, some stringiness, ’cause I want my whole
notebook to be edible. Devin’s got some metal in the top of it, would you bite into that you might, ahhh. Here we go, we’ll pull it through. – Oh no!
– Mess it up? – My pages are breaking! – And now it’s time to
get our break thabobs up. Mmmmmm. – What are you doing? And done. So now what you can do is, you
can take these edible markers right here…
– That’s not edible! No no no, that’s not edible, Devin! That’s a regular marker! – Oh, oh, you’re right. Really? – Yeet! – I interfered with your yeet. – So guys, this is literally
an edible notebook, and these are edible
markers, and we’ve actually got a part two for this,
where we’re about to turn this into something absolutely
crazy, so right now we are on to the next round. This is probably the
easiest, ow, and quickest way to sneak a sweet treat into class. You’re gonna take a glue container, and you’re gonna empty it out, kinda like you’re making slime. Once you’ve emptied all the glue out, it’s super easy to wash it
out with some soap and water, and make sure you get
everything out of it. Time to add whipped cream into the glue! Ahhhh! – Whoa! Oh no! – I lost my top! – Dude, look at that! Oh, oh, oh, oh no! – Aaaah! Aaaah! Aaaah! Dude, it literally shot at me. What are you doing? – I feel like it’s all
coming out the side. Why is this not working? – I think I got it. – Totally. – Definitely not messing this up at all. And done.
– Is it full yet? – It’s not even that full. I really got nothing in there. Well, you get the idea, and in hindsight, I will probably put it in a Ziploc bag, cut a little hole and then
squeeze it in from there. There’s the other way too, if you just cover your
glue with whipped cream, your teacher will never know
where it’s at, life hack. – Doesn’t this look good? Totally convincing, right? – You see this calculator? – No! – You can’t eat it, which is terrible! So right now, we’re gonna
show you how to make a calculator that you can eat. So Dev, we only need one bar
of the chocolate and now, – Well that worked, nice. – I think we’ll start
here in the bottom corner. – There we go, there we go, first to fit. – Nice, here we go, one more here. – Boop. – And then a
– Boop. – I’m better than one of those… – Ha ha ha! – So this next part, yeet! We got some edible paper. As you guys know, this stuff is crazy. Yeet! So we only need a little bit of it, Devin, so Devin, Devin, Devin,
Devin, Devin, Devin, Devin I would like you to do the honors – Yes, whoa, OK – And I would like you to make enough ’cause we gotta basically put it on here, so I’m gonna hold it this
way, and just kinda cut enough so that way we can fill the top of it. I gotta figure out the
right proportions for this, so oh, oh no, OK. – Done. What are you doing? No, that is not the way. Actually, that kinda worked. – Oooooh, I nailed it. – Yay! – Got it on the top! – Got it peeled, now we put this on there. – I think you’ve got
too much paper, Devin. – Yes, excuse me real quick. – Yo, would you chill? – I’ve gotta get the perfect cut angle. – I’m gonna tickle your armpit. – You better not. Oh no! You messed it up! Oh man! This was your calculator too, dude! – So you fill in the numbers, I’m gonna fill in the screen here. The big reveal on the
calculator, you ready? – [Collin and Devin]
Three, two, one, tada! Dude, my equation, if
you can figure it out, let me know in the comments down below. I can’t wait to eat it, we’ll be doing that at
the end of the video. – But we don’t even have those
buttons on the calculator. How did you make this equation? No! – Why?
– For the next one, guys We are making edible erasers out of gum. First things first, Devin,
we got to loosen up the gum. If you know what I mean, aah. – Oh, oh, oh, ow! – Oh, three pieces of bubble gum, and what you’re gonna do is, you’re gonna smush them together. So yeah, it helps if
you chew ’em up first, but if you wanna keep it kinda sanitary, and you wanna have a friend try it too, I would not recommend
doing that technique. – Yeah, no. (playful flute music) All right, I have finished
the shape of mine, and now it’s time to write eraser on it, so everybody knows it’s an eraser. – Yeah, mine didn’t
really turn out that well, so instead of trying to
make it into an eraser, (squeaks) I’m gonna eat it. – All right, done. (Collin claps) – For this round, we’re gonna teach you how to sneak some sauces into class. And also, we’re gonna have
a painting competition with these sauces, on our paper. So right now, let’s
make some edible paint. There’s two way…ow! There’s two ways to do this. So the first way, is
you add mustard, ketchup and a whole bunch of
different individual colors. The other way, if you
wanna be really sneaky, you can add mayo, and then
add food coloring to it. I am, of course, not
that interested in that, as we’ll see some ketchup. Oh, geeze, it juiced on me, man. What the heck? Oh, wow, that’s a lot. We got some hot sauce, kids
you wanna roast your friends, oh geeze! – You good over there, bro? I just hear a lot of exclamations, dude. – All right, we’re gonna, oh no! You know this queso’s gonna
go so good with my tortillas. Ummm, that’s good. – Wow. – It works. Here we go, boom, ranch. Perfect, ugh, you got
mayonnaise all over me. – You got, no! I liked this shirt. All right, I have finished adding the mayo into these little buckets,
or whatever they’re called, little tube-lets? Next up, what you got to do
is you take food coloring and you mix it in with a little toothpick. – Oooh, that does look really cool. It’s time to have a paint off, and because I’m feeling nice, Devin, you get to choose what it is we paint. – Oh, cool. Let’s do a sunset. – So right now, begin. First things first, we
gotta get the queso. Ooh! My sun is looking flab-u-lous. – What? – We’re gonna need some
ketchup here, whee! Whee! My planet has two suns. – Yours is a planet? – Yes, Devin! You know what, I’m actually going to go for a different change of plans, ’cause this is not
looking like another sun. It’s going to be a shooting star! – Great! – I’ve gotta get some
of my barbecue sauce, and some hot sauce, we’ll
just kinda spread that around. – And done! – You had a color palette? – I did, ready for the big reveal? – [Collin and Devin]
Three, two, one, tada! – Basically, you get to comment down below who won this round. Mine’s got hot sauce on it, so
I really don’t wanna eat it. Now’s the moment you’ve
all been waiting for. Time to eat these edible school supplies. So Devin, which one do
you wanna eat first? – Let’s go with the calculator first. – OK, so how about this? I’ll take a bite from here and here, and then you take a
bite from here and here. You ready?
– Sounds good. – I’ll go first. Older brother first. OK, here we go. (cracks) All right, all right. – That looks pleasant,
all right, all right. Is it good? – Whoa, whoa. – Oh, mmmm. This paper, not so good. – Why it worked, is ’cause when you add all those things together it equals deliciousness. – Oh, snap! – For this next one, it’s time
to eat the edible notebook. Mine has got some spiciness on it, I’m not excited about that. So, I’m gonna do it this way,
I’m gonna fold mine in half – OK – And then I’m going to try to get some of the Red Vines in it. – I’m gonna take off the unedibleness. – All right, so time to eat some more. – Mmmmm, aaah. It’s spicy, and it’s really
sweet ’cause of this stuff, this is horrible. – It looks cool, but… – Dude, this is really hot. Time to eat the markers. – Oh, I can’t wait. – Or the chalk, so I guess, cheers! All right, here we go! Yo! – Mmmm. – Oh my god. – Mmmm, so good. I’m gonna be like a chipmunk. – Time to see how these taste. – Oh my gosh, they look so good. – I can’t wait. – [Collin and Devin] Cheers! – Oh, are you biting it? – What, are we not supposed to bite it? – Oh, and it’s like a lip balm. – Oh my god, it’s so good! That was absolutely incredible. Chapstick will never be the same. This is, oh my god, I’m
freaking out right now, guys. If you wanna see another
video, click right over here. You have five seconds, ready for this? Here we go. – [Collin and Devin] Five,
four, three, two, one. Done. We love you guys so much,
we’ll see you again soon. – [Collin and Devin] Bye! (beep) – Wanna play chubby bunny? – Sure. – Chubby bunny.
– Chubby bunny. – Chubby bunny.
– Chubby bunny. – Chubby bunny.
– Chubby bunny. – Chubby bunny.
– Chubby bunny. – Chubby bunny.
– Chubby bunny. – Mmmm, my gosh. – It’s all in one cheek. – Chubby bunny. – Chubby bunny. – Chubby bunny. – Did I win? Did I win? Yay!

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