DIY Custom Hamster Platform!

hey guys it’s me and so in today’s video
I’m going to be showing you how to make your own customizable platform for your
small animal so the first thing you are going to need is some wood I got mine
from Michaels the craft store they have pre-cut pieces of wood that are perfect
sizes for making platforms and they have a bunch of different cool shapes and
sizes so you can honestly go crazy in there and pick whatever sizes and shapes
you want you’re also going to want to pick up something for the legs I chose
these wooden spools they’re perfect height in my opinion and also I got
little spools as well so I can have different a variety of heights you’re also going to need some glue I like using Elmer’s glue because it is non-toxic and
safe next thing is optional and that is paint
if you are going to be using paint you need to make sure that it is non-toxic
and water-based and if you’re not comfortable using paint for your small
animal you don’t have to, use it at your own risk
and you’re gonna need some paint brushes so the first thing I did was start off
by figuring out how I wanted it and then I started to glue on the legs now when
you’re using Elmer’s glue it glues super good of course you’re gonna need to let
it dry for at least thirty minutes every single time you glue something on but
this glue really holds it then I moved on to gluing the legs on to
the extra platforms I decided that I wanted to have it kind of like a
multi-tiered platform and a tip to make sure it glues nice and
secure I recommend putting something heavy such as a pumpkin or something of
the sort on top so that it can weigh it down once those pieces have dried then
I’m going to go ahead and decide where I want those other levels to be on the
platform and then I am going to glue those down and then we have the fun part and that
is painting the whole thing the best part about this type of platform is you
can make it totally customizable to you and your hamster you can make it any
type of design you want you can paint it however you want so it’s perfect for
themed cages and everything like that I’m also going to go a little extra and
put on some stars so I’m gonna paint those yellow and then I’m going to
attach them to my platform and then you are done of course you are
gonna want to let this dry for at least 24 hours before giving it to your
hamster just to ensure everything is dry but then after that you are done and you
have an awesome hamster platform that is totally customizable to you and your
hamster so I hope you guys enjoyed this video thank you for watching bye

100 thoughts on “DIY Custom Hamster Platform!

  1. I haven't done a DIY video in ages and I know people often enjoy them so I finally made one! This is how I make my hamster's platforms! It's actually super easy and very sturdy and once again SO customizable so it's great for creating different themes! ?

  2. I think I'm supposed to leave an angry comment here critiquing you about something because I have no life and get upset when other people are having fun.

  3. I am totally doing this. Just wondering if i chould feature this on my youtube channel hamster hands and maybe you could subscribe anyways in a testing out internet diys for rabbits hamsters and dogs

  4. Hi I’m Audrey Miller I am 13 years old i live in Maine I have a hamster she is Campbell Russian dwarf her name is gum drop I love your channel so so so much Lola and Cleo are so adorable bumble is such a little princess and you are gorgeous I luv u bye!!! Please reply thanks

  5. I would love to make one for my guinea pigs maybe with a little ramp since they love getting on top of there hides! Thank you for this video it gave me lots of creative ideas ?

  6. OMG those are so cute! I got a robot hamster today can you do a video on gator got and tips for handling and supplies for them?

  7. So i got a hamster 2 days ago, today i noticed that the hamster has bumble foot(its not extremely bad) but i want to have it treated. Its on all paws, and im not sure what to do , any suggestions? Because many things i have seen suggested honey on their paws everyday but I haven’t started taming the hamster because i want him to settle in for 5 days. Help!

  8. So I have acrylic paint but I’m not sure if it is pet safe. Is it ok if I used that paint but then put mod podge on top

  9. This is SOOOOO CUTEEEE! Ive been looking to build something like this for SOOOO long, just because I cant find a fun toy for my lil hammy to keep him busy at night other than this wheel! This is on my MUST list 🙂

  10. I don’t have a hamster but I may get one so yay.Not so sure if I feel comfortable putting something that has paint where an animal would live in but idk

  11. I just adopted a female, shorthaired syrian hamster with a few tiny white patches, and as soon as i saw her, i knew her name would be Honey. Then I realized, Victoria has a female syrian hamster named Honey!

  12. Yesterday I bought two hamsters from the same cage and I realised they were different genders. Should I separate them cuz they are really close

  13. Victoria I’m your biggest fan I watch all your vids I’m so sorry that you had to go thro hamster death I loved sugar and spice I really wanna meet you someday but I live in idaho

  14. I thought of some extra things to try out! ^^
    You can also add ladders/ramps if you make a taller shelf! Not to mention a taller shelf means more room to add hanging toys on the underside! A hamster 'swing' perhaps? ^^ (Be sure to add safety rails on anything too tall!) This might take a bit more work and a bit more hardware but, hey, the sky's the limit~ XD
    You might also be able to stain the wood with food dye/natural dyes~
    If you ever have trouble with the wood slipping and not wanting to stick together, try giving it a light sanding. This can sometimes help give the wood a bit more to grip on to~
    Lastly, if you have more destructive critters, you could also place/glue a clear acrylic sheet over the wood for easy clean up! It'll prevent the wood from being stained and smelling due to being peed/pooed on. ^^

  15. i love this Video! i am super excited also because i'm getting 2 gray robo Hamsters, and your videos really help me out! i will also be getting a big enough hamster cage becaue you are really big on that!

  16. I made a wooden platform for my gerbil a while ago and I have to throw it out because he kept peeing on it and now it just stinks. If your small animal won’t chew on it, the lid of a plastic shoebox works well too. It doesn’t look nearly as good but it’s cleanable lol. Yours is adorable!!

  17. I had a question so I’m watching your videos to do some research on getting a hamster and I was wondering is it okay to put a dog pee pad at the bottom under the bedding or would they tear it up ?

  18. Hi! Im new to your channel. I'm planning on adopting a hamster soon and I'm currently educating myself through your videos! I'm curious to know your opinion on hamster balls; what you would place your hamster in to roam about the house. Do you agree with them or would you advise against them completely? Do you personally use them or have you used them in the past? Thanks! x

  19. My hamster escaped im panicking I tried trapping her with a cage but she just took the food and left without stepping on the pressure pad any tips cause I'm freeking
    out ?

  20. i wish you have a million subscribers because you are so good at taking care for tiny pets! like hamster…….oh i have something to tell you my hamster is labor on october 20 …and i want u to answer my question……how many days baby hamster can open there eyes???????

  21. Hey, i had a hamster before, and recently got 2 new tiny roborovski hamsters after he passed away. I was just wondering does the amount of food they need differ from bigger hamsters, and also do i have to get 2 hamster wheels or will they both use the one? I love your vids btw

  22. I always have this question
    If your hamster peed on the wood, what should I do?
    I heard that wood is hard to clean so please help!

  23. Hi can you please help me. All day I’ve been trying to find a hamster wheel for the Syrian I want. I CANT find any that are the right size and don’t squeak. Can you PLEASE help me find a good one for a Syrian or can you make a video of the hamster wheels you use. Please Respond ASAP

  24. Did you get the paint you used from Micheals craft store also? I’m going to try and make this but want to buy the right paint

  25. I want to make this but I have a question,if my hammy chews on the paint will it harm him? (I’m using the same paint as you,craftsmart brand)

  26. I tried this out! It's turning out really good and right now i am putting a glass bowl to weigh it down. I suck at painting but i tried my best!???

  27. I love this idea!! I might try this out when my parents say yes to a hamster but since I'm going for a natural themed cage, I just wouldn't paint it. Also I like how the platform isn't too tall, so that your hamster doesn't fall and hurt itself.?

  28. I LOVE this idea but I just have one question, if the hamster pees on the wood would that be a problem? If so, how would you prevent that? ??

  29. Hey Victoria,I want to make a popsicle stick house for my hamster.I want to make it waterproof,but they don’t sell Plastikote where I live (Even online!Unless I get it shipped from half the globe away 🙁 ) Is there any other way to make it waterproof?Thanks!

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