'Dixie' the Kitten, CATS are Better then People

we're here that flag rustle in the breeze therefore turkey day Brady using the other one up there Oh Dixie Dixie Dixie Dixie Dixie you don't like being inside do you huh come outside here this morning and uh he's like he can run by me but somehow this guy don't like it inside he's doing that you don't like it inside did you go in there five minutes and also you're by the door do you want to he's a little he's a tame guy man but he just likes it outside and his brother Onix he just came out so they were he was in so it was a feather mama cat well last night big bad raccoon was coming by here eating up all the cat food and I was like I chased him away but he came back again came back I seen him on a security camera I came right out here so do it so one raccoon bring his buddies over next you you happy to see me this morning huh you just got I just don't like it inside he just doesn't like it inside he doesn't like it aside at all man can't figure this guy out but he's worried champ I could pick him up he's worried calm when I pick him up paid him ring but the big thing is I could pick him up and he runs away as soon he tries to fight him so it's a little Dixie he's not like his daddy boots he's small he's just smallest one the litter by far and two bad boys wasn't around pause is a big one in the litter he was dick I got big man he's probably bigger now probably way down there someplace a little man but she's out of your figure out well I figured Steve being taken care of bud was gonna show up my kid I want it you know I don't even care too much the people had them but as long as he killed visit his brothers and his mommy and his daddy you know take that combine visit Dixie and the arnux drank this sweetheart Nuala boo boo boy he still got to get fixed but you know why I've been pulling off getting a fix cuz I was hoping he's gonna grow a little bit bigger and maybe needs that – that's toss wrong but it looks like that's about it for him man and the other thing is he's going to be checked petrified terrified when I put him in that cage and I take me to get fixed they don't have to keep her in the house for 24 hours you know like it being inside sound like ain't no need keys gonna have a heart attack when the freaking taking to get fixed where's your ring coming down right you'd have a heart attack when I give you see some two cats can handle it better gold is another one man take him back then the gold cat take him back here and uh Suzy sort of how she was like back home again God something happens to me these cats gonna be like yeah yeah it's one resides you want to stay alive – because you know these cats need me man they need me they need me man you guys easy man he's definitely need me you know a guy we're protecting you right yeah I'm the Kepler character right he likes this stuff for perfectly chicken but he gets the add white vitamins and stuff and you know of course we got the Florida monsoon season this is a typical time arrange the most easy like really June it's gonna rain every day you know that's a rain barrel over here by the way that they're gonna want to if I ran out of water something just tear nights pick it get it over in there and fill it up but I got plenty of other water barrels out here actually even got a well disconnect foot no wrecks we if you if you were inside you could have had food all night you know that look at that food all night little Bluebird predict if that raccoon out here once suni walked over here at still – security cameras like Jason wavelet I didn't catch him a second time you need someone to fill these up again he ate – I know this guy wouldn't eat that much snow away right anyway and I still been working out in the gym every day um yesterday I was a little bit more tired out it was only like an hour to an actual heart activity thought I was out there mowing a lawn yesterday so that took some out of me to you know do that for a couple hours you know a little hand more it's not a ride on another self-propelled or 21 inch hand mower and that'll they'll take so Mady so I don't feel like doing too much yesterday put a doughnut foot I was like me that's enough usually I've been doing an hour and a half funny-looking machine and some weights after that that's not too bad that's the claustrum I'm gonna be taking something that colostrum right now here pretty soon the other advantage of using this colostrum is that on 40 plug you only you got it you got to take it on an empty stomach so and you can't eat nothing for you know a couple hours or something till after you take it well that's another incentive to uh basically go more hours without eating so I'm pretty much down to like a Vivian before to six hour window when asked to eat food that long helps you out a lot too you know but colostrum seems to be giving me it's not that itself but guess I get more energy because it's lost in the self and your bile gut floor and then then you digest the food better to gets the nutrients and stuff getting you better and he's got more energy right yeah anyway alright little fish sweet pain whoa oh you know him and his brother pause who ever seen since well except for that one time we kink may let's see what know I was April April Kenny vample so one time around 5:30 didn't warning out there and he left actually February 2nd so now it's been more than six months that's bad because I've only had pause since say June and and I guess he's only friendly with me for maybe a few months so now he's probably forgetting me that's why he probably forgot me when he was out there you know their car didn't pull out over this way he probably would have walked over here and I would have been fine that's what scared him rather the guy we steer around you received brother tell them come over all right the big brother Tamez you got any litter comes out so different I mean this one well he came out a little looking one more like his dad dad's more like this calling like that dad's got more off browning him though got wait feet boys come out like a mixture of dad and mom's got the white seen the black top top on him like a tuxedo that's what he stole is he gonna tuxedo look and onyx looks very much like his mom he's got the long black fur stuff he's a fluffy black cat so sweet or to man that's the guy usually friendly once the day one so anyway sorry Boober see if your mom is in here probably not no that's Mitchell Mitchell Bucky sees red for the door is mama right there come on come on mama go on out she wrecked you knows nothing come out there's another one terrified of him he's one terrified of being picked up and going to the vent but he's good for everything else he's a good guy right here's your boo-boo son see room sleep bookends I mean there's a little difference but you know at night you really get the one from the other I mean I could tell you know she's got a little longer fur a little bit different shape head but little fluffier tail pretty different a damn close you want to come inside again he goes in a lot yeah come on boo boo come on inside he goes in a line he's inside a largest pool everyone's standing on the cafeteria here is anyway typical Florida weather 30 minutes for now if I'd be sunny how right Great Father get your green eyes anyway all right just got a little mahogany color in her to do that a little bit nice she's a very nice she's you can pick her up real easy she's like real calm but you still kidding – man I love these little catch man are you they do depend on people say the truth probably people can learn a few things from catch right I mean they're not looking on you know the entire city they just want some cat food that's all they're looking for so anyway I think Mark Twain said that once about squirrels and animals to give an example about squirrels right this is it oh look a squirrel doesn't go out and try to gather all the acorns he whored him for himself and then charge other squirrels more money and interest so they can they have enough for acorns to eat during the winter well you would do that type of stuff the squirrel just takes off enough acorns the briquette survive the winter and that's it let's go how these guys are man great good the old school right rake your jig see right there little sweetheart you guys you begin some colostrum here I go order some more of it I'm gonna get a little I'm gonna make a sprinkler maybe something like this people use one of these old ones like this make a sprinkler so I could sprinkle colostrum under foods cuz that stuff definitely is hands down the best supplement I've ever hit friggin Adam a lot that's something right now and it's video went longer and I thought well you know I was just thinking about Dixie out here and I was like your needs okay he's okay you don't really look at this boy yeah so anyway just a little quick update let me put some other stuff out here that's more sensible I'm gonna go fix that those headlights on that car buts ran out right now it's just gonna polish them up with clear coat them and change the bulbs and stuff it now so the win on that but I got an old reliable Suzuki over there had that thing since 1987 it's at 85 aboard September 1987 so it's almost 28 years I've owned that thing drive it every day every single just well say six days out of the week six days out of the week I Drive that thing I picked it out last alixus huh outlasted Mercedes that's for sure anyway you tell me that's called redneck smart she did that's a good old freakin boy truck that's a Japanese but I'll tell you what those guys are freaking country bumpkins two up there in Japan so blue you're not you got you got two in Japan they also got the little conflict between the country bumpkins in the city folk – there you have that up there – I'll get you set up from up in New Jersey originally near the city but and I never really liked it up that way so I'm down here in this area used to be real open nothing but farms so we might be moving out of here someday

14 thoughts on “'Dixie' the Kitten, CATS are Better then People

  1. You sound like me, we are currently helping out two momma cats and their kittens so I watch the security cam now dubbed 'kitten cam' and I scare off any "intruders" that come to close to our babies LOL ??

  2. I think when you take Dixie to the vet to take away his manhood you'd better keep him inside for a while when you get him home or he'll take a powder like Onyx did when he was fixed for a few days. Too bad kitties and other animals don't realize that we're just trying to help them.
    The cats are adorable…so cute it's almost criminal.

  3. Should I trust a cat when I wake up a 3am and her cat is laying right between us ,and all I see is a cat stareing at me like he's going to suck the air out my lungs or eat my face off?

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