Disney Princess Palace Pets Cinderella Dog vs. FurReal Friends Puppy Kids Toys

Hello this is Sandra with the DisneyCarToys
channel and today we are going to play with this adorable Palace Pets Puppy. This cute
little dog is the Magic Dance Pumpkin and you can tell from the picture also from the clothes
that this is Cinderella’s puppy. You can magically control this puppy using this beautiful
wand. And Pumpkin can do more then your normal puppy. She can wag her tail, curtsy
and dance. Alright here is our lovely Pumpkin out of the box and here is everything
she comes with. It came with this really cute little pamphlet all about Palace Pets like
every single Disney Princesses pets, their names and basically like their back-stories. Like
Rapunzel’s little pony, Belle has a puppy, aw Aurora has a kitty. This is really cool and
it has really good information too. Aw and look here is Cinderella’s little Pumpkin. You
might not notice it at first but Pumpkins got really cool accessories like right here is the jewel
from her collar but also activates her on. She also has this cute little tutu skirt. And
the cool thing is you can actually remove it, you can take it off and this little bow on her tail
is removable and I didn’t even realize this at first but the little fury pieces on her legs come
off too. So it’s more like decoration so you can totally remove everything and get her down
to a bare little puppy if you want. Pumpkin has a lot of phrases too so let’s turn her on
and see what she says. I’m Pumpkin, its so nice to meet you, I love to twirl and whirl. A tiara
is a pup’s best friend, lets get home before midnight. I can’t wait to dance at the ball,
I look Princess perfect. I live the glamorous life, La la la la la la la. Do I have enough shimmer
and shine. Jewels and bedazzles are my kind of life. I’m waiting for my fairy god mother.
You can also just wave the wand and she talks. I’m waiting for my fairy god mother. A tiara is
a pups best friend, lets get home before midnight. He wands got a lot of buttons to
control where she go’s and different commands. And when you turn her on it makes a pretty
sound. And see how it lit up right here too, that’s awesome. So lets see what these little
commands do. Let me try the first button and wa la. Wow she is really excited let me try
the second button. I can’t wait to dance at the ball. Your wish is my command. And for the
third button I think she is going to need a lot of space so I put her down on this big puppy
play pin. Now lets work some magic. Nd if you want Pumpkin to sit you don’t have to tell
her to sit, all you have to do is press her crown down. And now I think it’s time now for
a little friendly competition I’ve got Pumpkin here against the Fur Real Friends puppy. Let’s
see who wins. Alright puppies on your mark get set go go go. Okay Pumpkin is in the lead
come on Fur Real Friend puppy, go go go go. Man they are both actually pretty slow. And it
looks like Pumpkin won. Wow Pumpkin is one amazing puppy. If you enjoyed this video press
like and subscribe also in the comments let us know what kind of pet you would like to
have if you were a Disney Princess. Click on a picture to watch another fun toy video and
click on the question mark to watch a surprise video. Thanks for watching and have a great

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