Discovering PetSmart

*birds chirping* *baby excited* *baby screaming* Hi, my name’s Jorden but they call me Nano I’m Melia Or Mia and this is our baby Jaxen Join three Smartypants kids their mommy and daddy Making memories as a family Good morning princess morning how do you feel baby? little good, but a little bit bad yeah? still not so good? I’m sorry you need to get better soon! I’m sick of you being sick! and my lips are a little bit pink I know, they look pretty too bad your nose is runny… or you would look beautiful! *laughing* wah wah and I have a rainbow dress and I want to change clothes so, I don’t want to change clothes anymore I want to wear this forever! it looks so pretty! you like your rainbow dress? it does look pretty not really the best weather for that but I guess with a fever its okay yeah you like it? because it’s got hearts on it? and I…. heart. mommy. awwwww *laughing* love you baby girl! I love you. feel better soon, okay? I love you. I love you too, feel better soon, okay? okay. Good Morning! Good morning! Hi baby! mm! Hi baby! ooh, you’ve got a shoe? that’s very cool aa ball! that’s not a ball! a shoe? put it on your foot! good boy! there you go! that’s better! *laughing* you’re silly! alright guys.. we’ve got to get this house cleaned today… Because it’s been like this since we’ve been working on our CVX stuff and we haven’t really been paying attention so today… it’s time to clean the house got it? alright! Can I not clean up, because I don’t feel very good yeah, you can have a relax day, because you don’t feel very good. that’s okay with me daddy is full of baloney. Good morning Daddy. I have a cold. Daddy is full of baloney, he is just trying to get out of chores — soo….. not gonna work daddy! hey baby! mmmm good morning! mmmmm nano no, that’s Mia that’s your Mia. hey. can you say Mia? oops. woops. did he fall on a pillow? yeah hey, can you say Mia? mmmm mmmmMia. can you say Mia? hey. say Mia. *complaining* can you say Mia? aww, do you need mom? are you going to throw a fit if you can’t have your mom? alright, come here. have your mom come here need mom? come here… need to have a nite nite? Hello Princess! how are you feeling? a little good.. good. She just woke up from another nap maybe she feels just a little bit better. We need to run to Walmart… is that okay with you? yeah. alright. lets do it hi baby. where’s your shoe? you lost a shoe! go get it! go get your shoe. Mommy will do it whoop. *laughing* did you fall down sweetie? are you okay? go get your shoe! mommy get it mommy will put it on you ooh, there’s your shoe hi baby boy! can I have a snack? a snack? here baby. ready? lets see if I can hold the phone… aaah I know.. how come I didn’t get like 4 or 5 arms!? hi sweetie pie! hey, I remember cleaning this up this morning and …. I’m not sure why it’s not clean anymore do you have any answers to that? did you put it back are you cleaning up? Oh, fish? I wish we could set that up. yeah. fishies! I know, we need to finish our project so we can put our fish tank up! huh? we want our fish tank! it’s been sitting there for months and months! it’s such a waste, it makes me crazy! hey baby… did you make a mess? did you make a mess? did you make a mess? youuuu mmmm? oh are you going to explain it to me? oh, because of in there? oh. okay alright I understand. You ready to go? Nano!!! Nano is already here you goober! *laughing* Nano!! Nano!! *laughing* he knows the drill! it’s Nano time! but it’s not Nano time today! *laughing* Look, Nano is here! There’s your Nano! yaay! you silly goose! awwww you got your Nano! push! SQUISH! squish I’ll get the baby! okay, lets go! tell daddy, lets go dad! awwww where are you going? you going shopping? our favorite! yaay! *laughing* not. not our favorite! huh baby. not our favorite! maybe it’ll be a fast trip… lets do it fast. ready? set. go. well that didn’t go well. they didn’t have the transparencies that we are looking for so that we can print our design on the transparency and then put the transparency onto our screens so that we can make our shirts. so. we are going to head to Office Max, Office Depot, something like that… right? yeah. so, that’s where we are going. Dog dogs? Look, it’s a dog dog! see him? we are going to go see some Dog Dogs! hi cutey pie! hi.. hi sweetie pet my bum! *laughing* Hi silly oh, you want some tummy action there? oohhh yeah want to rub her tummy? you can do it! you want to pet it Mia? no, okay did you find a puppy honey? did you find a puppy? dog dog? cookies and cream fish! these ones are like, tiny fish! itty bitty fish! and I like the black ones. Oh those are cool! those are cool! those black ones are neat. they’re called black molly My favorites are these ones over here… they glow, look these cool ones.. these are cool…. you cant see it very good on the camera, but they are very cool glowy fish look at those! hey, look at those! those have big brains! I bet their names are Jorden… look there’s a Mia fish! look, there’s a big brained Mia, right there! heey!!! *laughing* I don’t really have anything there’s a Mia and a Jorden big brained fish Hey! oh, look! are you a big brained fish Mia no? I’m in preschool. yeah, but you’re still a big brain aren’t you? well I am In preschool, and I’m 4 that’s true *birds chirping* *baby excited* you like them? what about you? do you like the birdies? ooh, look at these little ones here. did you see these little tiny ones? ooh, little Mias.. they’ve got little fuzzy ones in there. where’s the mommy? right there on the limb in the nest little bitty ones little bitty guys *baby excited* it looks like there’s candy in there mommy, it looks like there’s candy in there! oohhh! *baby excited* *baby screaming* dad, this one sounds like a robot when it flaps its wings do you see the dog dog? see that dog dog? say bye bye dog dog! bye bye dog dog Mia is sick again, so she is already sleeping but I’ll see you TO-MA-TO … good night!!

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