Discipline and horses – breaking spirit vs teaching manners. Naughty horse or poor handling?

sheesh all cheer he's supposed to be commercials and doing this job I don't know the woman's edit a few months so I don't know it's not for me to judge anybody else I'm really saying this is a commercial all right if you got the daughter company and the first thing you do is always Tony's call was to order yeah when you go in there with me to see this don't touch me leave me alone yeah I'm not doing that these advantages he's in a stable we've just put them in a stable to show you right so what a lady's been doing if you don't mind she keeps him inside so to get him she feeds him over the door inputs a lead rope on him and does what she's got to do lead him out muck him out do ever she's got to do but you see this that's threatening that's a frightening attitude that's shaking him so he is back everything look that's right man got money food I'm coming in to feed him and and like that or to you know to bribe him he won't keep me Christian he's been disciplined a bit but he's not been here long enough that this is plenty happy she's going to go out of sight and is stable just you're going to take a few steps back and unless he's just going to come to the door right a little less this no glass he's not stupid all right she's been here with me your ceiling of whom she's only spent 15 days with me so fast but in 20 in all our work experience she's already driving pairs unicorn singles all different stages of training with the authors we've got in at the moment so we just step back over it I'm not going to let her go in the stable should have the door to shut I don't want to put her in danger but this is supposed to be a commercials you sure he just wanted import that yeah yeah there's a mission now never thinks he takes a food for years the warning years back but where we've been used to being fed now with proof you know what we're shy no take the bucket to the door oh no spread noodles now no trouble at all you can get old women and catch him yeah but look at it look look at the attitude eels look easy is he'll pull back in a minute when he knows there's no bucket to ever be might nip and boy yeah and this is an ill man adults in my opinion some people would tolerate that and say that's fine you see the ears the mouth going yeah and you can say well we're tormenting him because we just talked about it well if you've got to take all set and stable and you need a bucket of food to get into the door to click a lead robe on so that you can get in a state with diabolically stupid with any ox let alone one you want to use for commercial work you've got to feed it or it turns his quote was to you that's our lead dangerous now one day I promise you don't want it to happen I do not want to kick somebody there if he happens to be you just got your head down yeah and he ain't quite when the admin or we could kick you straight need he behaves exactly like a stallion you see him up here trying to smell the always next door behaves you're not worried but it behaves exactly that way what it is it's too full of you so much confident he shall with me he ain't so keen you know you do being sealed up now see the attitude and that's with me you see what he's like with a little girl worse and with the owner if she's got a feeling we get mad and stable this is just ridiculous that is not these are not safe for them two reasons they've come here for me to do the best I can with and which I've done in the time I've been allocated to do it that's it that's all I can say yeah you do stand still for all the time we can push the boundaries another one is back turn these are stored you threatening yeah that's it exactly the same as you see behavior in a filled with office one or put in his back turn his ass keep away from me I'm eating this I you stay away he thinks he's in charge but if this also size and this will Shetland pony virgin but if it kicks your butt cross it kill you catch you right you're dead what it's not a bad orcs really but it's just he's led to have this attitude look you want to learn a read on shooting if you can breed auction understand watch all she's going to feel the best place to learn is the best encyclopedia will ever get to behavior of all she's the point I'm trying to make you're doing a wedding that's what this lady does is wedding so you go to a location and you put your horses together that might be in a quite often is in a public space wherever you can do it you know is what you do so what is you're in a public space you bring me all soft and lonely time up on the side and eat won't tolerate people beyond him whilst you're getting the honest or you're doing something you've got your back term for a second and you get somebody come up behind and it kicks them we're going to do what are you going to do I'm going to claim off the insurance and that's why insurance cost so much money these days what are going to stop driving on the road one day because people the standards are falling all the time because the old Altman and people who knew what they were doing are not around anymore understandings are dropping and there's no different they also ain't changed mister people who have changed haven't got the ability or to know how anymore not saying I'm the best man in the world we wolves but you know and I'm not lecturing anybody would you say unless we keep these standards they'll stop this driving keep saying this discipline in this day and age is a dirty word discipline is nothing to do with smacking hitting with a piece of that blue plastic pipe I've seen of it with Kickham beat them it's nothing to do with that that that's it's far from there's a million motion that's not discipline that's probably what you need to do is to say to us that is your place that is what I want you to do and you will do it never ours dogs to do more than yours can do because it's ridiculous you can do if I'm a lawyer if I've got it wrong if I don't know what I'm talking about how do all my officers do what they do in the films you see 150 films on YouTube people all over the world you know asking me would I go out there break horses you know that always be a place for you it will pay your flights and all that constantly all the time I'll show you the emails you know I'm not interested I'm the only person not interesting people I'm interested in offices and then I'm having a good start and being happy and what they don't smack him or stand there until he does it yeah and then he's happy because he knows his place like any also knows their place in the hood it's not old it's not rocket science I'm not a genius with all she's or any nonsense like that anybody can do it but look at it from the right way there's always hierarchy I've got to be at the top so they do what I asked them to do right no you know you haven't got to hit him kick them or hurt them but you've got to be brave enough to do it and the standards are falling all the time we'll say or it said you know break this nothing to do with breaking this I want my officers to have as much spirit as they could you know much spirit as they want to out but that wants to be tempered and controlled when you see my officers going down the road there is a prickling these are up there enjoying it going out doing their job I'd only to me never see me use it with I might have one on there occasionally to tap one or something like that but 90% of time I don't use a whip when I Drive them in a piece of soft rubber I'm not gotten down on a bit pulling their heads off and they're doing what I say not because I could stop them with a big armored metal because I asked them to that's discipline

30 thoughts on “Discipline and horses – breaking spirit vs teaching manners. Naughty horse or poor handling?

  1. Only horse I ever trained, I picked him up and carried him around the day he was born. I think he thought from then on I was stronger than him. 😀

  2. The horse is disrespecting you. You can see a mistrusting attitude in his body and his stance, although I’m a novice I can tell that. I can totally understand when you talk about gaining his trust, and I know that working with any trained animal, or training one from the beginning (I’ve only ridden horses twice in my life), I know that when animals learn to trust you, they then respect you. Keep up the good training, and you will hit the nail on the head with that horse. He’ll certainly be a great riding companion. I live in a rural area with my parents and we always slow down in the car whenever we pass someone on a horse so as not to startle the horse. Not many people care about that these days, and what people also lack is common courtesy for people who have animals or livestock.

  3. Dead right that the standards are dropping . To many owners these days giving the horse everything it doesn't need and little or nothing of what it really needs . They are all worried about feeding it up on grains and poking all sorts of garbage supplements down its throat ,riding them on an arena for 30 minutes and calling it work , more interested in pulling up to an event with a truck ,car or float that they think makes them look impressive , they over feed and under work the horse and then when they can't ride it they get its back looked at because apparently it must be sore or they change the bit or maybe it's not shod right .They take advice from snake oil salesmen selling all sorts of homeopathic remedies and other quackery for the horse that they have been easily convinced the horse can't live without .They trailer the horse an hour down the road for a lesson but grizzle that it's to far to go to take it to a farrier to be shod .They tie their horses up to string and wonder why it doesn't tie up .apparently if they pull back and can't get away they put their poll out lol ! Go into a tack shed of most of them and you will find a thousand different bits etc . The bottom line is that horsemanship is long gone out the window and what you have now is a bunch of horse hobbyists who are uneducated on the things that really matter . They don't require a horse to be well mannered and behaved because they aren't working with it for 8 hours a day ,they feed it up to look good and have a shinny coat so that they can lead it around in a ring for a 2 dollar ribbon and then run home to post about the win on social media and have it varyified by all followers that they did so well ! What ? In many many cases they are flat out making a fool of an animal that has a proud history and is so much better than what they force it to be . Go to a horse show and watch kids getting towed around by their disrespectful ponies ,neurotic parents all up tight , horses with face hoods etc and covered from head to tail ,they take horse off the float and immediately chuck a hay net under its nose so it don't starve . It's all about the look these days and in order to achieve the look you need zero horsemanship .

  4. This horse is doing what he's been taught. Unless the owner/trainer has taken the time to learn the horse's language he can't hope to teach the horse the trainers' language. And that language must be clear.

  5. Some people just should NEVER own horse period!! Too many horses are being deemed aggressive or dangerous b/c of the incompetent owner & the horse pays the price! Question though; why in the world put a blanket & keep a halter on a horse while they're locked in a stall. Being trapped in a stall is bad enough as it is. He definitely wasn't started properly & learned he can push his weight around from a very early age. She (the owner) honestly shouldn't get him back or have any other horse for that matter!! B/c of her (the owner) incompetence someone will end up seriously hurt or even killed & the horse will pay for it while she gets off scott free!!

  6. This horse is not a good match for its owner, she is terribly afraid of him. I hope this poor animal didn't have a sad life of being stalled all the time. He wants/needs to move his feet. Poor horse! Take the damn halter off when he's in the stall.

  7. I was looking at him I think he's a stomic horse, så pain in stomic
    Moves him, aggressively tense, nervy his attitudes its not only
    Behavior its in a stable, all the horses sleeping safe one steps nervy
    Around the stomic, so more and more horses stomic some dies in
    Bledding, stomic, check vetenany if any chances,

  8. It's great learning about horses through your videos as I currently know nothing about horses. I was wondering how you discipline a horse and teach it – exactly like you do a dog. Just they weigh a few tonnes more.

  9. Calm and care, his overworked so proberly had muscles pain, massage work
    After time off, he hurt his head too,

  10. I cannot believe the thumbs down on this video! Barry is telling the truth! Animals are NOT people! Even human children require clear boundaries or they become a burden to others and sabotage their own well-being!

  11. A horse has two options, just like a dog. Either he is above you, or he is below you in status. They have that attitude because they are herd animals and the herd simply needs a leader to make everybody else feel safe. They need a Daddy, basically. Strict but fair and loving. No hitting or beating. So if you're not the leader they need, they feel they will have to rise to the occasion. Now you as a human have two options. Be a great father, or be the boogyman. The first option will keep everybody happy, the second is abusive and dysfunctional and actually quite dangerous. Unfortunately, too many people choose option number 2 and their horses are paying the price. They get the blame and the abuse and the slaughterhouse. So, if you don't know how to handle a horse like a good father, don't get a horse.

  12. One problem could be in dence populated areas, the horse can have a secret owner.
    I have find carrots where my stallion lives, and also he got a very strange behavior, when i get a stick or somthing from the ground, he is scared and run away.
    He was not like this before.
    So i can suspect he is visited when i am at work, by somebody.

  13. Beautiful Friesian.

    But yes, he needs to learn his place. He is not the herd leader… the human should always be seen as the herd learder.

    That requires strength of character and consistency.

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