Dirty hotel rooms: Hidden camera shows what really gets cleaned (CBC Marketplace)

(♪♪)>>Erica: this is Carol Ann Dennis. She’s a “Marketplace” viewer.>>This is your pen camera.>>Erica: Today, we’re rigging her up with hidden cameras.>>I think we’re going to have a good day.>>Erica: so now she’s a “Marketplace” detective. With her help, we’re going undercover to test just how clean hotels actually are.>>When I saw your program last year, I was horrified!>>Erica: Because last year, we all saw things we’d rather forget.>>One scene that especially was when the woman washed the toilet.>>Erica: Remember this housekeeper we caught on camera? She swirled the toilet brush in the toilet, then the sink and faucet.>>I couldn’t believe my eyes, that that was happening.>>Erica: It got Carol Ann and lots of you asking, have hotels shaped up?>>Erica: You’re about to find out.>>We’re back!>>Erica: Because this week on “Marketplace” …>>Erica:: I wonder what we’ll find this time. We’re checking in again. Have hotels cleaned up their act?>>Wow, that doesn’t look good, does it?>>Erica: Look at that! We showed them the problems. Could this be the same stain 2 as last year?>>It’s possible.>>Erica: Have they found solutions?>>Absolutely cross- contamination city, isn’t it?>>Erica: Find out how to protect yourself with our hotel survival guide. It works! (♪♪) (♪♪)>>We’re in Toronto with nurse Carol Ann Dennis.>>Hotels… Should be offering a clean environment to a traveller.>>Erica: She loves to travel and knows how picking up a bug can ruin a trip.>>So important that I stay in a clean room so that I don’t get sick.>>Erica: So she’s heading into six Toronto hotels with a “Marketplace” producer to see how clean hotels claim to be.>>Erica: A top priority, hotels tell her.>>Erica: Now, that’s assurance. (♪♪)>>Erica: She’s convinced so far.>>I believe if I booked a room here, that I would get a clean room.>>Erica: But should you believe what you’re being told? Last year, “Marketplace” put six hotel chains to the test across the country and uncovered some grimy facts. Hotels can be pretty dirty, could even make you sick. (♪♪)>>Erica: After our story aired, hotel chains told us they were addressing test results, retraining staff on proper cleaning procedures and doing increased inspections. So have those promises made any difference? While Carol Ann sleuths at the front desk… (♪♪)>>Erica: Upstairs, I’m attempting a disguise. Well, sort of. Along with partner in grime Keith Warriner. Remember him? He’s one of Canada’s top microbiologists and a prof at the University of Guelph. This suitcase holds all the tools to measure germs. Our get-up might be overkill, but we’re trying to keep our cover, because the hotel industry sure saw our show. At Super 8, listen to what Carol Ann hears…>>Erica: Problem solved, says the Sheraton. And at Econolodge, he passes the buck.>>Erica: Actually, you’re about to find out it was. In Toronto, we’re checking back in to every chain. Three rooms for hotels. Our first stop? Econolodge. Last year, the chain ranked lowest on our cleanliness scale. So the only way to go is up. Right?>>Oh, there’s that smell again.>>Yeah, it smells familiar, doesn’t it?>>Erica: Familiar smell. Familiar room. It’s one of the same rooms we originally tested.>>Let’s just close the curtains.>>Erica: Out comes the black light. It an covers what you can’t normally see.>>Inside the coffee filters, it looks quite clean, so –>>Erica: It looks better than last year.>>Erica: But it doesn’t take long to notice something Econolodge didn’t.>>So what we also noticed last time was the walls were notoriously, um, shall we say stained?>>Erica: Remember that urine stain? The stain we pointed out to Econolodge last year.>>Erica: See those streaks? That’s likely urine going down the wall. Does that look like it would be meeting a guest’s expectation of a clean room?>>It wouldn’t look like it’s meeting my expectation of the standards we set as an organization.>>Erica: So what about those standards? Finding it once, bad enough. But still there…?>>Exactly the same, doesn’t it?>>Erica: That looks like another waterfall. Oh, all the way dripping down.>>Looks like, nothing’s changed, has it? We highlighted this, I believe it was unacceptable then. It’s not good. (♪♪)>>Erica: We share our findings with Carol Ann.>>That’s unacceptable. Something should be done about that.>>Erica: And something should be done, too, about beds. If hotels learned anything from our test, Keith says, it should have been to focus on cleaner beds. After all, when we checked into the Best Western last year, our findings were pretty gross. (squealing)>>Erica: Geez, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry! It’s a nail!>>it is a nail.>>Erica: Nail clippings!>>One, two, three, four, five.>>Erica: All over the bed. How were they missed? So, we head back to Best Western’s scene of the grime. (♪♪)>>Erica: Last year, it said it would continue to train and educate housekeeping teams with inspection black lights.>>So, coming on to the throw then, well, the first thing you notice is a really heavy dusting.>>Erica: You hardly need a black light to spot the dust. It’s all over.>>Last time we found nail clippings, she we don’t see those this time around.>>No, no, that’s for sure.>>Erica: Slight improvement.>>I think I’d prefer the clippings to all this dust to be honest.>>Erica: Seems like Best Western’s not off to a good start.>>Ah there, look at that! Erica: Dirty pillowcases. Yuck!>>Drool, maybe?>>Ah, yes. I think at the best, you could say it’s drool.>>Erica: Suddenly…>>We’ve just discovered a bedbug.>>Erica: We’ve got company.>>I think it’s just a fly.>>Erica: Okay. It’s not a bedbug, but…>>I do know this should not be on a comforter.>>No. Oh, dear.>>Erica: How about under the comforter?>>Wow, that doesn’t look good, does it? Um…>>Erica: Look at that!>>Well, definitely some sort of — it’s definitely liquid of some kind. It’s not tissue.>>Erica: Why are we still seeing this kind of shoddy cleaning?>>Well I think with this company, it’s obviously said, it might have listened to the program, might have heard the evidence, but there’s no real difference. If anything, I think the company’s gone backwards, rather than forwards, on the cleaning.>>Erica: And not just the Best Western. We find dirty bedding at every single hotel we test. Coming up…>>The bottom line is money in a lot of places.>>Ah, in goes the sponge. She just put the sponge in with that wet toilet brush!>>Erica: Wait until we reveal this big “ick” factor. How good a job can a cleaner do if this is what they’re given. And… What did they do better this time?>>Erica: find out how hotels rank, from worst to best. (♪♪) (♪♪)>>Erica: I’m undercover in Toronto with microbiologist Keith Warriner. A year after we first headed in, we’re checking in again to six of Canada’s top hotel chains. (♪♪)>>Erica: Our mission? Find out if hotels are living up to promises of clean rooms. Like last year, Keith pulls out his germ meter. It measures how clean or germy a surface is. Anything under 300 is a pass. Between 300 and a thousand, a caution. Anything over a thousand… A fail. In all six Toronto hotels, like this Holiday Inn, we find some low readings.>>The toilet seat seemed to be much more improved. (♪♪)>>Erica: But we’re still finding lots of cautions.>>Oh, this score for the faucet is 657.>>Erica: And fails.>>The telephone, 5,656. That’s very high.>>Erica: And as we inspect upstairs, downstairs, Carol Ann’s being sold assurances.>>Erica: Hmm, have they been taking care? Another obvious hot spot to test? Remote controls. How will this Sheraton remote do?>>Look at, 3,258.>>Erica: That’s even worse than the last time we tested remotes.>>it’s a hundred times more than you would expect from a clean surface.>>Erica: And the highest count of all six hotels we test. At the Best Western, even this remote, designed for easy cleaning, fails. It earns over 2600.>>Unbelievable, isn’t it?>>Erica: That is ridiculously high.>>The frustrating thing, I think, when people see this is that they have invested a lot of these money on these nice designed remotes, but people don’t clean them.>>Erica: They sure don’t. Last year, we watched this housekeeper clean the room, but ignore the remote. So, we give it a try.>>If they’re not going a clean the remote control…>>Be proactive.>>Erica: We wipe it down and swab again.>>Let’s just see how a ten-second wipe will affect it.>>Erica: The result this time? 530.>>That is right down. Over 2,000 reduction.>>Erica: You’re welcome, future customer. (♪♪) Bottom line for these gadgets? We find filthy remotes at every hotel we test, except for Super 8. And, hey, we’re not expecting rooms to be sterile. We just want ’em to actually be clean. (♪♪)>>Erica: Especially when we’re talking bathrooms. Another area Keith says hotels should be focusing on. Because last year, we found some really high counts, like at the Fairmont hotel Vancouver.>>Wow! Look at that. 6,524.>>Erica: Same deal this year.>>You can see things growing–>>Erica: At the Fairmont Royal York, the highest count on any high-touch surface we test.>>Well, you know, that’s amazing, isn’t it? 30,604. Poor design. How can you clean that and it’s impossible.>>Erica: But the germ meter can only tell so much. Keith applies what’s called contact plates. They pick up bacteria, help it grow, so we can find out what’s hiding. (♪♪)>>Erica: Last time around, we found super bugs, antibiotic resistant bacteria, in every hotel we tested. At Toronto’s Fairmont Royal York, MRSA was growing on the faucet.>>You found a super bug, a bug that can kill people in a high-end hotel room?>>Exactly. And as I said, it’s not so unexpected because MRSA is widespread, but to find it on a faucet, which should have been cleaned, was very alarming.>>Erica: In response to our findings, the Royal York tweeted us, saying they were taking our report seriously and that many measures are in place. So how’s that working out?>>Erica: Do you think we might find that again?>>It wouldn’t surprise me if we find MRSA again, but time will tell. We’ll definitely find something. Let’s put it that way.>>Erica: And we do. Not on the faucet, but other places, like this comforter. There’s lots at other hotels, too. Some hot spots? At the Holiday Inn, it’s on a lamp. This Econolodge bed cover. MRSA is also on a Best Western telephone.>>It will be interesting to see this one.>>Erica: And a Sheraton Centre countertop. If you’re healthy, you’re probably okay, but if not, that super bug could be a big problem. Notice the only hotel we didn’t mention? No super bugs at Super 8.>>the bottom line is money in a lot of places where these rooms need to be cleaned. They’re understaffed, and they do what they need to get done at the expense of the customer.>>Erica: What comes at the expense of the customer? As part of our test…>>Everything’s rolling, right John?>>Mm-hmm.>>Erica: We’re setting up hidden cameras again.>>I was just wondering if someone could come clean my room.>>Erica: So we can see what’s going on when we’re not there. Because last year, there were some surprises. Like this glass being washed with dirty gloves and placed back in the room. That was the Sheraton. What’s going on this year? More washing in the sink. This time, at the Royal York, another higher-end hotel. (♪♪) I head to the University of Guelph.>>We’re back!>>Erica: To show Keith our new hidden camera footage.>>Starting with the Royal York.>>It just makes even me cringe as a microbiologist.>>Erica: At the Sheraton, watch how this housekeeper wipes the toilet from inside-out, and on a toilet seat, we find c-difficile, a dangerous super bug.>>Erica: Is anything you see here a possible explanation?>>The fact c-difficile was there just illustrates she wasn’t sanitizing. She was just wiping. So it’s just putting it from one place to another place. Cross contaminating, not decontaminating.>>One big spread-fest.>>Exactly.>>Erica: Same poor cleaning at the Holiday Inn, and the Super 8. But Keith has a theory about what else is causing high contamination counts. The containers hotels supply housekeepers.>>What do you think about all of the supplies being in one container?>>Well, that’s slightly concerning, because obviously if they’re in the same container, they’re going to be cross contaminating.>>Erica: And after cleaning out this toilet bowl, the brush gets put back in the caddy on the counter. Imagine, each drop of water can have about a billion bacteria.>>You’re just transferring them, and the results indicate that was happening big-time.>>Erica: And at the Super 8, a different container altogether.>>She’s got a milk jug with a toilet brush and a sponge in the same container.>>Absolutely cross- contamination city, isn’t it? This is notorious as a sort of attractant for contamination, spreading contamination. You should never use a sponge.>>Oh, in goes the sponge. She just put the sponge in with that wet toilet brush!>>Erica: And squirting sanitizer here and there. It’s not enough to be effective.>>How can you clean something if you’re not going to use sanitizer?>>Erica: Do you think the cleaners are being given proper equipment to prevent cross-contamination?>>They’ve got given the equipment, they’re not given the training. Without those two, all they can give you is their sort of spirit and hard work. (♪♪)>>Erica: Coming up… We reveal our hotel rankings.>>Well, the Best Western seems to have gone to the worse western.>>Erica: And high survival guide to help protect you. Okay, here’s what I do. (♪♪) (♪♪)>>Erica: We’ve been dropping in on big hotel chains to find out if they kept their promises to clean up their act.>>Wow!>>There you go, 6,152.>>Erica: 6,000. Over 6,000 on a bedside lamp. Not what you’d hoped, huh?>>Wow. Look at that, it’s like a constellation of stars, isn’t it total dusted up.>>Erica: “Marketplace” was here. I guess nobody else was. (♪♪)>>Erica: We’ve crunched our test results and ranked Toronto hotels from least improved to most. Who comes in last?>>So, we’ve done all of our testing. What’s the big picture here?>>Well, the Best Western seems to have gone to the worst western. Certainly, microbiological counts look fine, although overall, they’ve taken a big step backwards.>>Erica: So the Best Western earns the worst spot?>>Probably fair to say.>>Erica: Which one’s next? The hotel that still has urine on its walls.>>Econolodge.>>Erica: They’ve made some improvements with fresh bath mats.>>It’s very pristine. There’s no mold on it at all.>>Erica: But beds still weren’t clean and there were high counts of bacteria everywhere. So Econolodge doesn’t do well. But who’s almost tied? (♪♪) The Holiday Inn.>>So, Keith, what do you think?>>This is another hotel that’s gone backwards on their cleaning standards.>>Erica: Yikes! In the middle of the pack, the Sheraton Centre. It had the highest number of super bugs. But when we found e-coli in an ice machine last year, the Sheraton stepped-up its cleaning sched, so now they’re clean as a whistle. What’s “Marketplace” viewer Carol Ann think?>>When you present to them the areas of a problem and they do something about it, it makes people want to come and stay with them.>>Erica: Slightly better in our rankings? The Royal York. They washed a glass in the sink and had some really high bacterial counts. But we did see improvements.>>Absolutely no dust whatsoever. Amazing.>>Erica: Spotless.>>It is.>>Erica: So, which hotel ranks the cleanest and most improved of all the hotels we test? Drum roll, please.>>Super 8!>>Erica: Yup, one of the no-frills chains.>>What did they do better this time?>>Well, the decor could be improved, and there were issues with the bathroom cleaning, but overall, it was one of the best hotels visited from a sanitary point of view.>>Erica: But big picture? The hotel industry has a ways to go to clean up its act. We asked all the chains for interviews. We also asked the Hotel Association of Canada. They all say “no.” Guess they have reservations? So, when I travel, I take things into my own hands.>>Erica: Okay. Here’s what I do… First thing: out come the alcohol wipes for light switches, door handles, the phone and clock radio. The taps and toilet seat. I put a toil down for my toiletries and my own cup means I don’t have to hope hotel glasses are clean. When it comes to the notorious remote control, I put it in a baggie. It works! Lastly, I keep a pair of slippers just for hotels.>>It all sounds like a lot but it takes two minutes. (♪♪)>>Erica: Worth it once you know the dirt on hotels. (♪♪)>>Erica: So, how clean was your room? Go to cbc.ca/marketplace now and fill out our hotel guest comment card. (♪♪)

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  15. I was working at the hotel. When we did not have enough sheets, the boss told us to leave old one where someone had slept a week ago if they did not have any visible flecks. With one sponge we cleaned the toilets and glasses from which guests were drinking. Curtains never washed, unless they were noticeably dirty. Sometimes when we didnt have enough bedding, we would just drop out old one,on wich people was already slept and stime it. Pillows are never washed . When you go to the room, remove the bedding from the bed and pillow and see how much it is that disgusting.If everything is perfectly clean this is probably because it was a hotel inspection recently.I did not work only in one hotel.I did a lot of them with different stars.They are all the same.

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