Dirt Devil M100 Vacuum Cleaner Review | AAAA TV Electronics & Vacuum

Hi, this is Joe, this is the Dirt Devil vacuum
demonstration. Designed specifically for pets. One of the great options on this is the twenty-foot
cord, allows you reach those areas where you normally have to carry that upright vacuum
to, up and down the stairs. With this you don’t have to do that, it’s
very portable, it has a 7 amp motor, the same motor you are going to have in your upright
vacuum. Five easy steps takes that pet hair right
up. One, two, three, four, five, and off, with
the easy access bagless dirt cup empties right out, also inside you have a HEPA filtration
system which is easy to clean out, let us see here how it absorbs the pet hair and it
has a reminder on here to change every six months. Easy to take out you just twists and turn
and pop it out and pop a new one right back in. Portable design. The charger is not going to go bad–not one
of those chargers that come with most cordless units. This keeps full power 100% of the time. With a five piece tool set included with this
is the upholstery tool which is great for couches and such for chairs. It comes with a complete two year warranty
we have them on sale today, come on in and take one home today.

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