Dinosaur Escape Plan! Giant Life Size Dinosaurs & Secret Life of Pets 2 – Chase and Cole Adventures

– [Dad] Cole-man, what're you doin'? – I'm playing with Thomas minis. – [Dad] You're playing with Thomas minis? You eating ravioli? – Yeah. – [Dad] What're you watchin'? – Max, the dog. – [Dad] Max, the dog? You're watching the Secret Life of Pets? The new Secret Life of
Pets movie is coming out? – Yeah. I have an idea. – What? – What is it Daddy? – [Dad] Do you guys wanna
go to the movie theater and see the new Secret Life of Pets? – Bring our dinosaur friends? – [Dad] You want our dinosaur friends to come with us to see
Secret Life of Pets 2? – Yeah. – [Dad] Well, if you want
your dinosaur friends to come to the movies with us to see Secret Life of Pets Two, you gotta do the dino call. – [Both] (roars) – [Dad] One more time. – [Both] (roars) (stomping)
– [Dad] I hear giant footsteps (stomping)
I hear giant footsteps! What dino you think is at the door? – James the T-Rex and
Bobby the Brontosaurus. (door bell) – [Dad] There's the doorbell, let me see. What dino is at the door today? Who's gonna come to the movies with us? Could be. (upbeat ukulele) (dinosaur roar) (upbeat jingle) – [Chase and Cole] Welcome
to Chase and Cole Adventures. – [Dad] Chase-man, Cole-man! All of our dinosaur friends are outside. They wanna go to the movies with us to see the Secret Life of Pets Two. All right they're gonna follow us. They can't fit in the car, so let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go! (upbeat jingle) All right guys, everybody ready to go see Secret Life of Pets Two? James, the T-rex, you ready? (Dinosaur roar) Chase-man, Cole-man, you ready to go see The Secret Life of Pets Two? – [Both] Yeah. – [Dad] Our dinosaur friends are comin'? – Yeah. – [Dad] Where are they? There they are! Look out your window, Chase-man! Look at them run! – [Chase] Wow! – [Dad] Look at them run, they're fast! They might beat us to the movie theater! (quirky music) – Let's beat them, Dad. – [Dad] You're right, Chase-man, we are gonna beat 'em. Let's go, let's go, let's go! (quirky music) We are here at the movies! What's up dinosaur friends? Let's go see The Secret Life of Pets Two? (quirky music) (dinosaur roar) – [Dad] Come on, let's get in. Let's go see the movie! Let's go see some stuff! (quirky music) Where is it? Where? There it is, Secret Life of Pets! (cheering) (dog bark) – [Dad] Is that Max? – Max. – [Dad] Max, what about Duke? (dog bark) Max. Come on, let's go check out more stuff. Whoa! – [Cole] Whoa! – [Dad] Is it Bruce? – Yeah! – [Dad] That is Bruce! – Toy Story! – [Dad] Where's Toy Story? There it is! Go! Toy Story Four! (Cheering) Couple of weeks, guys. Check it out! We got Woody, Buzz Lightyear, Bo Peep, new character, Forky! – Forky! – Big Kaboom! – [Dad] It is Big Kaboom! Look at that guys, our dinosaur
friends made it inside. You guys wanna go see Secret Life of Pets, or you wanna get some food first? Let's go get some food first. Go, go, go, go, go! – M&Ms! – [Dad] You want M&Ms, can you reach them? (triumphant music) You got your M&Ms? (triumphant music) What do you got, Chase-man? – M&Ms. – [Dad] Let me see, whoa, M&Ms. Cole-man, chase-man, what
movie are we about to go see? – Max the dog. – [Dad] Huh? I know it's Max the dog,
but what's the movie? – Secret Life of Pets! – [Dad] Secret Life of Pets Two! – Yeah, Max the dog. – Secret Life of Pets Two! – [Dad] Secret Life of Pets Two? – Secrets of Max the dog. – [Dad] Do you guys wanna come in and watch the movies with us? (loud stomps) (dinosaur roar) – [Dad] All right, let's do it. I think we're number two, wanna find it? – Two! – [Dad] Where's number two? – It's – [Dad] Cole-man, what
movie theater is it? – It's the Dolby! – [Dad] That's right! Dolby cinema AMC. – [Dad] All right guys
– The Dolby cinema! – [Dad] Let's go in and watch the movie. – [Cole] Are you can't wait? – [Dad] I can't wait. – [Cole] Come on!
– [Dad] Okay guys, – [Dad] follow us into the movie theater, but you gotta be quiet, no growling or yelling in the movies. (upbeat music) – [Dad] Chase-man, Cole-man,
did you like the movie? – Yes. – [Dad] What's your favorite part? – My favorite part is the Max. – [Dad] Your favorite part was Max? How about you Cole-man? – Um, Duke. – [Dad] Duke was your favorite part? – Yeah. – [Dad] That was a good movie right? That was really cool. – So cool. – It was so cool! – [Dad] It was so cool. You think our dinosaur friends liked it? – Yeah. – [Dad] Let's ask them. Did you guys like the movie too? (dinosaur roar) (laughing) – [Dad] Yeah. (barking) – Hi everyone, welcome to our next video. – Hi friends, come to our next video. – [Dad] Say, "Watch our next video." – Watch our next video. – [Dad] Thanks for watching, everybody! Tap that little box below
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